French Fries Recipe | Crispy Potato Fingers | French Fries – Quick And Easy Snack Recipe

Hello and welcome to Kissan tiffin timetable. This is chef Ajay Chopra and I’m here to solve your tiffin worries. Well I know that every morning the same question comes up, what’s for tiffin? That’s why India’s most favorite chefs have come together to create 200 new recipes for 200 school days but today we have a different twist, we have a Children’s Day twist, well the children’s twist is that all of us are going to get a little helper and my little helper is also here. Hello! What are we making today? I’m making, you know what I’m making I’m making a very beautiful crunchy potato finger Ashish you love potato fingers, don’t you? Yesssssssssssss!!! This is my son Ashish and we’re here to create ” Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin ” So little helper, you’re ready to make this crusty potato fingers? Yessssss. Wow! that’s so much of energy. So now Ashish What we’re going to do is, we’re going to make a small paste. Paste? So for the paste, we need pepper, green chillies and onions and carrots. Ginger gives great flavour. Ashu you want ginger? He likes ginger. Okay, ginger goes in. Pepper, Lovely yellow peppers. Onions Yummy carrot gone in and with it a little water. Just a little bit of water. Okay this is done. Now, we’re going to add this paste into the bowl. Before whisking, we’re going to add some lovely oats. Also I’m going to add some flour, which is maida, gently. And then we add cornflour to it. Now I’m going to add some salt for seasoning and some water. You can whisk it, till then I’ll get your favourite ketchup. So the tomato ketchup in this is going to give this a nice tanginess and a beautiful orangish-red colour. A little more water. Here you go. What we’ll do is, we’ll this on to the plate and then you take this cornflakes and you crush them. Now what we’re going to do is. French fries are going to be dipped in the batter first to make them crunchy fries. What we’re gonna do is, I’m going to give this one by one, you can coat it in this cornflakes and oats mixture. Now these are coated nicely and now we are going to take it to the hot oil. Lovely, crispy ketchupy fries into the hot oil. There you go. Lovely, crispy french fries with cornflakes. Wow! This is absolutely ready. Well, we’re going to add little bit pepper Ashish on top Tiffin is ready. Ashish’s fries are ready. You wanna pack the tiffin box? Yes please. It’s hot Ashish you have to be little careful. Hummus is made with amazing chickpeas You love vegetables

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  1. Very interesting recipe, but looks like it will take more than 30mins to make it. Mornings are always busy, so I don’t think it will fit the morning schedule.
    Saying said so, will give it a try on a rainy day ?

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