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Rolling.. And.. Action! So there’s a small, basic, simple dish French Fries! Right? But, most of the times we get insulted the most when we make french fries and serve it to the guest because, it is never like that restaurant french fries Right? So let me show you how to make the restaurant style french fries The most important thing is Potato! As we know there are alot of types of potatoes But, there are primarily 2 kinds of Potatoes! One is a waxy potato which has the texture of wax. When you press it between fingers after its cooked it feels like wax. And the other one That gets the mealy texture after cooking Right So the potato with the mealy texture has to be used for the fries The starch in the mealy potato does not bind and is crisp. Otherwise french fries won’t be crisp And you’ll say, “Ranveer didn’t tell us” And we have to take mealy potatoes, after taking them.. Lets start with this You know the biggest myth about french fries is that It was made in France French fries have nothing to do with France They actually are from Belgium. And in 16th Century, the fishermen of Belgium would fry fish and eat. And during the winters, when the lake would entirely dry up they started frying potatoes instead of fish and eating And it’s said, that is when French fries was invented. The name French fries was given by Americans. Even in that there is no connection of the French So when the American soldiers came to Belgium during the World War They had those fries there and named it French Fries. Because in Belgium, the language spoken was French. So thats how the name French Fries came about Nothing to do with France Nothing at all! Now, this needs to be added to the water and left for atleast 15 minutes. So that as much starch that can be removed from the surface, gets removed. So you see the water is already getting milky See that? It’s visible that the potato is leaving it’s starch. Nice! Now that the water is all milky, we will change this water See that? Now we will remove this water and add fresh water. On the other side, I’ll heat some water. Here goes the salt! And this water just needs to be simmered. So the standard simmering temperature is 80-85. Which means, there should just be slight boils coming. Again, this is just to show you but, whenever you simmer, temperature is 80-82, maximum 85 And, here we go! Now that you see these bubbles coming Do you see the color change? Yellow is now becoming white And the patches that were there, yellow starch and white starch that were separate are now becoming equal So, the shape didn’t spoil.. yeah? The starch is not dissolving Right? You see that? Make sure you don’t over cook and make the starch dissolve. The shape of the French Fry is still firm and sharp. That’s when you remove it. Now this goes into The deep freezer! Deep freezer because, when it goes in the deep freezer the water inside this will become ice and when the water becomes ice, the mealy texture will come out even better So now the story begins about the Science of French Fries. To understand the science behind French Fries It’s important to understand starch. When starch is cooked, it gets hydrolyzed in the water we cook it in or in its own water. After being hydrolyzed, it becomes even and equal. The whole point of french fries is to cook the starch completely, hydrolyze it, so that a texture can be created. Crispy on the outside and soft inside. Now, after this The oil needs to kept on simmer, that is about 130 degree celcius. Right? You can go up to a 140 because once the oil is 140, you’ll add all the fries together that will cool down the oil completely. It will come down to 130 on its own. In general, frying at slow temperature. First frying always at slow temperature. I’ve also seen alot of Chefs, add vinegar when they are boiling potatoes because the natural pectin in potatoes react with vinegar and give a good shape. Which why these days there’s a fashion of sea salt and vinegar chips So the combination of vinegar and potato has always worked for color, shape and crispiness. Done? This is cooked once. Now this way, half done french fries can be kept outside. Nothing will happen to it. It won’t get spoilt. Now, what you have to do is.. heat the oil again. Heat it again to a medium hot temperature. And, here we go! Now what do we need? The potato is cooked. Now we need the crust For the crust, we need hot oil. That is all the science that is there to it. Nice! Look at this! See that? Let me show you! Isn’t it crispy? See that? There’s mike here, I’ll break it here. Salt It’s not like i’m just showing right now for the sound! If you leave them outside, they become even more crispy! Because, the water is already extracted there’s very little water that goes away with the steam. Alright! Let’s plate. Chilli Powder. And cheese I got some fresh herbs Here! Oregano And, here we are! French fries is a very simple dish. If you use little bit science, It becomes a dish to remember. And I’ve made French Fries after a long time. But, 20 years ago from now, I only used to make French Fries. In 20 years, I’ve learnt the science behind it. And today I’ve put forth the entire Science behind it in front of you. Do try it! And ya, do Like, Share and Subscribe!


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