First Perfectly Imperfect Unboxing Video! – Hamilton Beach 5-in-1 Indoor Grill!

Hi family, it’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons. How’s everybody doing today? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas If you do celebrate Christmas. Today, I want you guys to join me on my very first unboxing video. This item was on my Christmas Amazon wishlist. My wonderful husband was sweet enough to buy it for me. Now it’s on my Amazon influencer page. Link down below. It’s also on my list of fantastic finds, of course on my Amazon influencer page. So I’m just having a quick look at the instruction manual. I never really follow the instructions. I just wing it, but I thought you guys would be interested in having a look. Let’s get started so bear with me. This is my very first unboxing video. When I’ve watched other unboxing videos. It always looks so easy. So here we have the Hamilton Beach 5 and 1 grill. Getting the plastic off and of course look it’s upside down. How do you like that for my first unboxing video… me struggling here a little bit. I’m really excited for this grill. The last grill I had was the George Foreman grill, and I did really like that grill. But I found it really hard to clean and it lasted me maybe about a year and then I finally just said you know what I’m done with this grill. The next grill that I’m gonna get it’s gonna be easy to clean. That’s for sure. This grill has adjustable cooking temperatures which I love. And it did say on the website that it’s a hundred square inches. Here we have a drip tray. My George Foreman grill also had a drip tray. I just wanted to give you guys a quick peek at the back of this what it looks like. One of the reasons that I chose that this particular grill was that the website said that it had removable plates. My George Foreman grill did not have removable plates and it made it very difficult to clean. So here we have the griddle side and here is the grilling side. Oh My god, I love that it is adjustable, I love that I can remove those plates. I’m just showing you guys. What it looks like inside here? Now watch me try to put this job put this grill back on. It was actually not too bad to get it on just a bit of a learning curve here. There’s a little button on the side that you push and then it comes out very very easily. I also love that it’s dishwasher safe. It’s nonstick and It did say on the box that it comes with a spatula…. cleaning tool I didn’t get that in my box. So I may contact them about that I’m gonna give the grills a quick rinse and then I’m gonna make some steak. So far very impressed with this grill. I think my steak is a little overcooked, but that’s okay as for the cleanup of this grill. The spatula wasn’t needed at all. I just gave it a quick rinse wiith a sponge in the sink and it was good as new again. Thank you guys so very much for watching please like… please share and please share this video with everyone, you know, and I want you guys to know. I love you all very very much. Bye Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe, please like please share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy. Bye


  1. Hi: Thanks for watching. You can find the grill here: Amazon US- Amazon Canada- (Proctor Silex is the same brand as Hamilton Beach.)
    As mentioned in this video, I have added the grill to my Fantastic Finds list on my Amazon influencer shop:
    Lola oxox

  2. Well done. Great editing, voice overdubbing, and music underlay. I also did MY first unboxing video this week as well. I think it is easy to say that you did a much better job than I did, LOL. Thanks for the info, unboxing, and demonstration. The information on the quick cleanup is ALWAYS a good thing.

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