FB Solution welcomes Chef M.O.F. Frederic Lalos in Beijing

FRENCH EMBASSY IN CHINA – Beijing Meeting with Chef Frederic Lalos / M.O.F. Baker Chef Julien: Mr. Lalos, Anne, welcome to the French Embassy in China! Here you are ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’. Since when? And what knowledge is required to become a ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’? Chef F. Lalos: It’s true I had this great honor to be awarded M.O.F. in 1997, more than 20 years already. I am really proud of this great award because many opportunities came along with it to promote this incredible know-how to promote France also because French gastronomy and French bakery whether you want it or not they are loved worldwide! Chef Anne: Mr. Lalos I imagine that you work exclusively with French flours. What are the features of good flour? Indeed I work with French flours only, French butters, sometimes being even a little chauvinistic – I can go a little further: I come from Normandy so I will tend to use Normandy-origin butter for my Viennese pastries and my flours come from Auvergne region. So it’s really really important the very classic French baguette MUST be made out of French flours. Chef Julien: ‘French Baguette’ at UNESCO.. When? That would be just exceptional that this product can be recognized as part of the French heritage. I wish and I hope for it dearly, I do! After ‘French cooking’, we expect ‘Bread’ at UNESCO then! That would be amazing.. That would be amazing! | Bread tasting by Beijing Executive Chefs | – with FB Solution and Bridor partners – Chef Julien: Welcome to my kitchen at the Residence of the French Embassy What should we prepare, Mr. Lalos, to make our Chef guests crave? Canapes, … made with your bread? Anne, a little challenge? Would you be able to make a little Asian canape with this beautiful bread? Well, we are in Beijing, so I would suggest using Beijing duck! It will pair beautifully, especially if that bread is a little sweet Beijing duck’s dressing is a little sweet too I think it would be perfect. Perfect. So I will act as “the Frenchie” French inspiration as we are in the French Embassy I will prepare a pan-roasted duck liver piece some fig jam and as it’s fig season now in Beijing some fresh figs for decoration. And Mr. Lalos let’s work together with Anne some fusion, half way between French and Chinese cuisine a low-temperature egg for the French side and for the Asian touch I’d like to add some shrimps slightly lemony, slightly acid, Perfect, let’s go! Let’s go! Great! Our greetings to Mr. Frederic Lalos and his partners

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