Famous Chefs You Wouldn’t Want To Know In Real Life

Many famous TV chefs are known for their fiery
personalities, but at the end of the day, they’re presented as fascinating people with
a million culinary stories to tell – the kind of person you’d love to be friends with offscreen. But some famous chefs aren’t exactly chummy. Here are a few celebrated TV cooks you probably
wouldn’t want to know in real life. Anthony Bourdain Whether he’s mocking his fellow chefs or trashing
the Food Network, Anthony Bourdain does not hold back. His profanity-laced insults range from mild
to downright nasty. He has “naked contempt” for Emeril Lagassse
who he calls “Ewok-like.” When it comes to Alain Ducasse, Bourdain has
harsher words, calling the French chef an “arrogant f—wit.” But Bourdain isn’t beyond redemption. After frequently insulting Rachael Ray, calling
her a “bobblehead” and a “freakazoid,” she reportedly sent him a fruit basket and he
backed off. Gordon Ramsay His on-screen anger is well-known, but Gordon
Ramsay can also be pretty harsh in real life – especially on social media. Sometimes it’s obvious his fans on Twitter
hope he’ll say something snarky. But in other instances, it’s clear he’s dashing
someone’s culinary dreams, Hell’s Kitchen-style “It’s the kind of s— you’d expect Tiger
Woods to tee off with. Look at it, rubber, rubber, rubber!” Sometimes Ramsay actually offers constructive
criticism, but many Twitter users get totally destroyed, like the person who was told that
his breakfast concoction “looks like the inside of my grand dads colostomy bag.” It may all just be an act, but tell that to
the thin-skinned young chefs looking for actual feedback. Rachael Ray She seems so sweet and cheerful on TV, but
Rachael Ray is allegedly not always so nice when the cameras go off. She reportedly planned a trip to Italy for
her 10th wedding anniversary with family and friends, and didn’t invite her own father
– a move dear old dad called “disappointing.” Ray is also rumored to have quite the potty
mouth, unleashing her temper when the cameras aren’t rolling. She has also allegedly made disparaging remarks
about other celebrities, according to TMZ, including some racially-charged comments about
Oprah. Ree Drummond Most celebs who get called out for allegedly
racist remarks make them in private, but Ree Drummond actually went on the air with hers. In an obviously scripted Season 2 episode
of her hit show, The Pioneer Woman, Drummond decided to prank her family by serving them
up a tray of “Asian hot wings.” “I don’t trust ’em.” “They smell good, though.” “I’m just kidding, guys. I wouldn’t do that to you. Ha ha.” Drummond revealed that she had actually prepared
a tray of American Buffalo wings and that the Asian wings, which she knew her family
would find revolting, were just a joke. The Asian-American culinary community online
was offended by the joke, calling it racist and xenophobic. Geoffrey Zakarian Chopped star Geoffrey Zakarian is not only
a television personality but also a restaurateur. He might have serious cooking skills, but
he’s also had serious problems running a business. He filed for bankruptcy in 2011, after facing
lawsuits from his former employees at his now-closed restaurant, Country. According to the class action lawsuit brought
against Zakarian and his management firm, Zakarian failed to properly compensate his
staff for overtime and falsified pay records. Not cool, chef. Bobby Flay Food Network star Bobby Flay’s crumbling marriage,
at least as it played out in the tabloids, did not paint him in a good light. In 2014, Flay’s then-wife, actress Stephanie
March, was rushed to the hospital. Instead of hurrying to her side, Flay reportedly
offered to have assistants stay with her since he was busy at work. On top of that, Flay allegedly cheated on
March – his wife of ten years – with his assistant, though he has denied these allegations. Regardless, March asked Flay to move out of
their apartment. Flay quickly filed for divorce and cancelled
March’s credit cards in a move that her lawyer called … ” … bullying through economic warfare.” ”Nuff said.” [Nervous laughter.] Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Have you ever met any of these chefs? What did you think of them?

  2. Can't stand Gordon Ramsey and the pioneer woman. I bet she is a real bitch in real life

  3. This is a stupid petty video!

  4. This kind of video is worthless.  People who try to stir shit up are of no use to me.  Couldn't care less about your gossip.  I have better things to worry about.  But glad to give my opinion of the authors of bullshit!  Get a life!

  5. I have seen the wings episode – I thought it was pretty weird ….

  6. All cringeworthy.

  7. The pioneer woman thing is such bull shit, so what if she cooked Asian wings?? Why does anyone care. any one of any race can cook food from another culture last I checked that wasn't racist or at least it's not suppose to be

  8. I like Ree Drummond’s show, just wish she wouldn’t put ie after her kids names. Who calls their kid Paige?

  9. Wow – according to this video, nobody is allowed to be themselves, have an opinion or act like a normal person. This video makes it clear that we're all supposed to be plastic pod people devoid of any opinions or regular human emotions or traits unless it's sickeningly sweetness and light. The narrator/writer of this video is about as annoyingly vanilla as it gets. Fuck off with this goody two shoes vanilla shit and go back to the plastic planet from whence you came.

  10. No desire to meet Bobby Flay – I think he is condescending as hell – and I don't care for his recipes. I would LOVE to meet Gordon Ramsey – I've heard that he is nothing like his Hell's Kitchen persona. Ree Drummond and Rachel Ray also.

  11. How is not liking a flavor racist?

  12. Snowflake Libtards wrote this!

  13. Not liking Asian chicken wings is racist. Got it.

  14. I don't find me Asian Wings thing racist at all. I am from the south and would not want the Asian Wings either because my taste, if I liked spices would go toward the buffalo chicken which as I'm sure the way out was there.

  15. Spoiled, wealthy, celebrities.,horrible personalities.

  16. You are ignorant, progressive, junk producing fool

  17. I love Bourdain, and Pioneer Woman is a Texas slapper.

  18. Why would I want to know "famous chefs" AT ALL?

  19. Anyone else NOT miss Anthony Bourdain??

  20. Get over it. Not liking Asian wings is in fact not racists……

  21. I don't really believe the Pioneer Woman was being racist. everyone doesn't like each ethnic food. doesn't mean they're racist. wow everybody has such a thin skin.😒 I really thought I was going to hear something racist.😕😑 chicken wings really…

  22. Its all a bunch of phony's for lame TV…"some" real chefs may be assholes because someone has to be..but its not all of them ANYTHING you see on TV is always MANIPULATED beyond belief ..ANYTHING to make a BUCK

  23. So choosing a Spicy Buffalo wing over a Sweet Tangy Teriyaki wing is Racist? People are Fd….

  24. This red haired bitch i cannot stand her fake personality. She's gross.

  25. This is b.s. Preferring Buffalo Wings over Asian wings IS NOT RACIST. All you are doing is purposefully causing division with your fakery. You ask what I think of them??? I'll tell you what I think of you: I THINK YOU SUCK.

  26. The person who made this video is a bigger douche bag than everyone mentioned.

  27. Ree Drummond…🤔Shocked but not. She's in the South

  28. This is ridiculous and highly opinionated. Can't believe I watched it, but won't make that mistake again.

  29. rr pots and pans are junk mine wharped with in a year the lids wont ceal up on my frying pan or pot junk junk junk ill never buy those celebrities junk ever again bout the only thing her cookware is good for is feeding the dogs food in.ill stick to my cast iron .

  30. HEHE old boby flay got his arse kicked in a show down by a chuck wagon cook hehe cant handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  31. Bourdain is gone, ha ha. Gordon Ramsay ugly fart. Rachel Ray is a bloated alligator.

  32. I love Ree Drummond's cooking show —-Good recipes

  33. I coun't stand watching Rachel Ray. She always interrupts or finishes her guests sentences, even if it was a doctor on the show. She just acts like a now it all. Just plan rude!

  34. Some friends of mine went to Racheal Ray show said she was really rude the audience at commercials 😯

  35. shut up about this stupid comments i like aisian chicken wings and american buffalo wings there is no comparism or is there i make them both yummy

  36. Let's face it. Most celebrities have huge egos and tempers of spoiled children!

  37. So why is Ree Drummond plastered on the front page here? Not of the disparaging was about her.
    Click bait…

  38. I saw that Pioneer Woman ep and thought, oh snap, the PC police are gonna be all over her. As long as they don't pull a Paula Deen, it's ok in my book.

  39. Ron Jeremy


  41. Ever watch the episode with Rachel and her mom🤣 HILARIOUS, her mom was so obviously annoyed with her, can't believe they didn't edit that out.

  42. I've watched a few episodes of The Pioneer Woman, didnt think u were racist again the Asian community Bree Larson, that's so sad. Believe it or not, Asian food is more healthier and tastier than the shit u cook! I ain't watching any more shows of urs. U should be ashamed of yourself!

  43. these world famous chefs are not answering your questions on social media. do you honestly think that after a full day doing what they do that they are seriously coming home to scan your questions and help you out? f-tard

  44. she looks like a fucking PIG

  45. i like watching maangchi ill watch her any day over rae the clown even IT wont watch her….

  46. They're ALL WEIRD……

  47. Flay always came off as a punk ass bitch, arrogant and a prick. And that is only his good qualities !

  48. Gordon ramsay shouldent be here UNSUBSCRIBE

  49. Pioneer Woman, not TV my favorite person. Somehow, I feel as though she is about the fakest of all. She's a fake.

  50. I like Gordon and Bobby. Sometimes the truth hurts. As for Bobby, he should have cut that spending! LOL

  51. What a load of crock, your'e just pushing your views onto the public, do you even know any of these chefs. Wont be logging onto this site again. Rubbish

  52. “You don’t like Asian style food!? Your racist!”… fuck off, lol.

  53. Don't much care for Ree Drummond. I've made a number of her recipes and they are mediocre at best, but then many of these tv cooking shows have little to do with good food and more to do with the personality of the cook. As far as the accusations of racism? C'mon. She was just making a comment that her family would find the asian wings disgusting compared to American wings. Has nothing to do with race and everything to do with personal food likes.


  55. Assholes good to know

  56. Mashed I could tell I don’t need to know them you could see thru them n there all assholes I don’t blame them make money n ur charities are they companies just to show ur name n there’s n there’s already something for u in return that is not helping n doing cause u want to from ur heart

  57. pretty much sums up everything stupid about Mashed…so much disinformation.

  58. If I had had the chance, you bet your butt I'd like to have met Anthony Bourdain. He was smart, interesting and didn't suffer fools and was more than just about food.

  59. I thought the one lady was going to squint her eyes and ramble on with "chin chank chow!!!"! But then I was confused that because her family didn't care for the Asian style wings that you labeled her a racist.

  60. This is the most useless video ever made

  61. Gordon Ramsay is nice to children.
    He's okay by me.

  62. I don't like Asian food 🍥 I didn't realize that made me a racist 🤔

  63. Rest in Peace Anthony

  64. See you later Bourdain you fucken junkie

  65. Ramsy attitude is fake it's just for tv

  66. Maybe Rachel's dad is a jerk off

  67. That's why I don't watch any of them!!😞

  68. How Stupid for Asians to get Angry..its just the name of Chicken Wings!! So weird to call Rees..Asian wings Racist!! Look at Blackened Chicken!! NOBODY SAYS ITS RACIST GROW UP…

  69. These AssHoles should be happy they got a chance to make it big. Don't forget where you came from, most times you will wind up going back there! Rachel Ray is a Loser Chubby Fat Bitch! She has a Marriage that is a Joke just like she is! Most of these Cooks are like the Old Comedians, they Rip off other Recipes and try to make them out to be their own! Losers all of them!

  70. I've noticed that MOST Chefs NOT ALL..Are pretty ANAL & opinionated on other Chefs Cooking Technics & Styles…

  71. Young chefs looking for props on their cooking should probably be smart enough to NOT send their pics to Gordon Ramsay.

  72. Didn’t Bourdain commit suicide??

  73. Asian or creol…..we can cook what WE please people.. get over it

  74. Bourdain was a a reformed drug addict who could never cook. Caught on because of a book. And yes, I knew him. A cooking joke.

  75. #1. jeffrey dahmer

  76. Watching Ree cook is like watching Sara Sanders give a press conference. It takes my appetite away.

  77. Never could stand that bitch

  78. This world is so sensitive these days you could say I don't like black beans and you would be called a racist! It's pathetic.

  79. Ree Drummond is married to one of the top land owners in the country. Almost half a million acres. Quaint.

  80. I loved Anthony Bourdain. He could keep your interest in a show. He also never hid his past. I found that the very best part about him. No holds bared

  81. Ree Drummond's voice alone disqualifies her from my presence.

  82. Gordan Ramsey's behavior toward younger chefs and it takes my appetite.

  83. I can't stand rhee Drummond..her face looks like a claymation ventriloquist doll that got smashed by an 18 Wheeler

  84. Have never liked Bobby Flay, Always thought that he was a POS.

  85. Screw you guys for dissing Anthony Bourdain. Thumbs down.

  86. That's the best you can do on Ree Drummond? That was not racist. She and her cool cowboy husband are great humble people.

  87. Rachael Ray seems very bossy in her personality

  88. Rachel Ray and Ree Dummond are not chefs, they are home cooks!!!

  89. Gee, lets just rush out and find Anthony Bourdain! DEAD. And Re Drummond.. fake as a 97.00 bill, including that hair… red, my backdoor.Phony.

  90. I don't like Ramsey at all.

  91. I never liked her.

  92. I greatly dislike the pioneer woman, but that one is bullshit. Her family is dumb and doesn’t like Asian wings and she used that as a bit, so what? I’d also argue that the Gordon Ramsay one is bullshit. That chicken was fucked and that breakfast looked like shit dragged through a swamp. Those people deserved that criticism, and hopefully learned from it.

  93. Gordon raw salt and pepper Ramsay

  94. Well, I know what channel NOT to trust

  95. I didnt realize a joke about wings would make someone a racist… grow the fuck people

  96. What kind of person creates a video just to character assassinate a bunch of people they’ve never met, you need help, sort your life out. You’re just jealous of successful people.

  97. What's so Pioneering about Pioneer woman? It's like if all foods in America was created by Europeans only, bullshit series with a bullshit title.

  98. Top Females Chefs Who Made Their Name In Food Industry

    While giving an interview to Irish Independent, the British chef Marco Pierre White made some sexist remarks. According to his opinion, women are not physically and emotionally equipped to be chefs. 

    Coming from a former three Michelin star chef who trained notable chefs of the industry including Mario Batali, Curtis Stone, Shannon Bennett, and Gordon Ramsay, his remarks considered to be highly objectionable. 

    This is not the first time White has made controversial remarks. But he managed to up his game this time around. 



  99. Top Females Chefs Who Made Their Name In Food Industry

    While giving an interview to Irish Independent, the British chef Marco Pierre White made some sexist remarks. According to his opinion, women are not physically and emotionally equipped to be chefs. 

    Coming from a former three Michelin star chef who trained notable chefs of the industry including Mario Batali, Curtis Stone, Shannon Bennett, and Gordon Ramsay, his remarks considered to be highly objectionable. 

    This is not the first time White has made controversial remarks. But he managed to up his game this time around. 



  100. Her and her husband are narcissistics that will raise a bunch of narcissistic assholes

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