Expat Media’s final 2019 interview with chef Gary Rhodes in Dubai


  1. Rhodes looks very ill here, he might have had something neurological condition or a fast progressing head/ spine cancer. He is slurring his words and his facial movements aren’t coordinating well here.

  2. Great news he died after years of suffering. Now his problems are over.

  3. I’m not great cook
    But loved watching Gary over years
    RIP CHEF 👨‍🍳 💙👏🏼

  4. Shocked at the news RIP. You never know what is round the corner God bless

  5. He does not sound right at all here. He sounded slow and cumbersome. I always remember him having a sharp and snappy delivery.

  6. RIP What a credit to his profession

  7. He looks ill his left eye is weeping and partially closed RIP Gary

  8. Thank you Sir , travel well chef

  9. Legends go to soon

  10. i worked for 1 day in 1996 on board the QE2 when he was a guest chef and i was 1 of his commis chefs great man and a Great CHEF r.i.p

  11. He looked well to me such a shame nice man top chef rip

  12. RIP. Sorry I didn't get to meet u.

  13. I couldn’t believe it RIP Gary

  14. I'm so sad this guy has passed away, I loved his cooking show growing up and loved watching his Xmas shows especially, R. I. P Gary, fond memories, sadly missed

  15. Expat Media's final 2019 interview with chef Gary Rhodes, who died in Dubai on November 26, 2019. Full story here https://bit.ly/2DiHX2h

  16. Rest in peace Gary no one will forget you

  17. RIP Gary!

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