English Mums Try Other English Mums’ Roast Potatoes


  1. They all look bad

  2. Roasties are one of the best parts of the roast dinner. I personally like mine light and fluffy and crispy on the outside. They're not a common part of the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal in the states, they prefer mashed potatoes.

  3. Spicy gravy? Get in the bin

  4. They all look abysmal


  6. Lard is better….part boiled ….steamed dry… and roast in a scorching hot pan .

  7. At least they are all nice!
    Not like those other moms …

  8. Theresa’s potatoes look so bland!! I’d take Anne’s

  9. ‘British mum’s’

  10. all these potatoes are anaemic i’m sorry but they are

  11. Nigerian mums taste other nigerian mums jolof rice

  12. Theresa needs to learn how to hold a knife properly.

  13. God this is the most british thing I've ever seen.

  14. Ok but roasties aren’t the best, sweet pesto potatoes are the best for me

  15. We all know Anne potato look so much more better

  16. Ngl at least they give high points unlike the Americans

  17. They all look crap

  18. imagine using olive oil to cook a roast potato

  19. The black lady isn't English .English is an ethnic group descended from northwestern European tribes. She is from African or Afro-Caribbean descent so we would refer to her as British. The same way all Nigerians are black, All English people are white.

  20. producer: so how much british do you want in this?

    buzzfeed: yes.

  21. The English really have no taste in food omg the lack of flavor … I’m screaming. Salt is probably too spicy for them

  22. i don’t like potatoes but i know good potatoes

  23. Anne's are the best

  24. Chilli in gravy? I love chilli but not in gravy

  25. Imagine putting chilli in the gravy

  26. somali mums taste each others food ???

  27. English parent agree a lot more than American parents ??❤

  28. Excuse me! Why weren’t nanas and papas asked? ?

  29. Yes chilli goes in gravy

  30. Okay but Anne’s potatoes look AMAZING

  31. ??‍♀️ definitely so british. The first roast potatoes were perfect in colour and crunch the other two were so pale and looked soggy ? if they aren’t crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle they aren’t decent !

  32. Why do you like yours bigger

    Had me laughing

  33. CHILI IN GRAVY??!(!(!(?!!!(!1&@2/@‘soakso ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT

  34. Anne’s be like ??? oh my dazzzz

  35. Unseasoned edition

  36. The jelly gravy ?

  37. i put chilli in gravy too !

  38. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Anne: I like it a bit more crunchy I’d say

  39. the onscreen comments were so unnecessary tbh

  40. Don't complain about gravy tasting like gravy, you add spice that's fine but traditionally it doesn't ever have spice in it so it's not 'lacking'.

  41. mom with glasses: I'd prefer it to be bigger.

    director: "why do you like yours big?"

    *mom facepalms and laughs

    director: "… potatoes"

  42. I know for a fact just by looking at them my moms are so much better and crunchier

  43. Scrolling through the comments with British folks acting like they know what seasoning is "It's tasteless because I used olive oil." It's tasteless because you don't use salt ?

  44. 0:47

    The secret is that she boils them

  45. What I’ve taken away from this vid is that our mums are really kind.

  46. Loved the little comments floating about on the screen ??

  47. English people are so polite lol

  48. Theresa’s look so dry ?

  49. Am I the only one who doesn't like roast potatoes ?

  50. i swear this editor is just fucking with everyone lmao

  51. jamaicans try each other’s rice and peas

  52. Ngl Anne’s look banging

  53. Anne with her crunchy potatoes ?

  54. The accent ?

  55. They should have got a northern mum on to show them how it’s done!!

  56. 3:37 ???

  57. everyone’s saying Anne’s is the best but personally patty’s looks best

    wait… just got to the part where she said spicy gravy… nonono

  58. Roast potatoes are one of the few things my dad acc cooks, i guess it's his specialty.
    I just assumed it was more common for dads to do roasties I guess

  59. Anne's potatoes are the crispiest so probably the best

  60. Legit Anne’s potatoes look so peng ngl


  62. Its nice to see them actually complementing each others potatoes

  63. Anne's looked decent the others looked too pale and bland, altho potatoes cooked in chicken fat are the best imo. In conclusion my mum's roast potatoes are 10x better than any of those

  64. Is there food in the UK that isn’t plain ass food like sausage, potato with a leaf on it, some bread. But honestly y’all snacks are ass I mean I fw the tea tho. Pls educate me on more foods

  65. Imma be straight up, just make more British videos, I’m sick of the annoying Americans ?

  66. I don’t really like mash potatoes, but I think I would like these

  67. Let’s be honest the 2 most annoying this here was Theresa and the Jazz music ? but big up Patty

  68. They all look unseasoned anyways


  70. Lets be honest we all want Anne's roast potatoes, they look so crispy and good.

  71. Nah my mum’s taters could outclass all of these.

  72. The blond haired one seems to be up her own arse.

  73. Finally one I can relate to

  74. They look anemic ?

  75. I LiKe it
    These will get a 7, a solid 7

  76. The nicest contestants, no one was bitchy

  77. Who puts onions in a roastie

  78. Nope grandmas make the bestroasties

  79. Cassandra still can't taste the flavour…

  80. Anne's are definitely how they should be. lots of colour and crunch. you also don't need any goose fat to achieve that.

  81. sponsored by Waitrose ?

  82. Why am I watching English mums shread eachother up over roast potatoes and gravy?

  83. The title could also be "English Mums Roast Other Mums' Potatoes"

  84. Hahhha wtf is this

  85. Gotta be goose fat. Them using oil aren't living.

    Also chilli gravy? Straight in the bin. Same goes for onion potatoes.

  86. The Irish have the best potatoes ??

  87. Herbs in potatoes what a alien

  88. None of these looked good to me, they all looked like they were reheated in a microwave

  89. None of them look like they've actually been roasted….

  90. Anne is fit

  91. If you're British you already knew who had the best roasties just from looking at them

  92. ‘This potatoes a bit mature for me ‘

  93. Yes Patty !! You know girl !!
    Gotta have some spice in the gravy ??

  94. British food is so bland… I mean even roast potatoes is considered a main dish! No offence btw lol

  95. I don’t like roast potatoes

  96. Theresa talks a big game for somebody who whips out some bland anaemic potatoes when trying to say she's the best smh

  97. Watch out everybody, Nila will come in like a wrecking ball and roast your potatoes. ?

  98. oooh Theresa no, they look anaemic! Saying Patty's could do with 10 minutes more in the oven? I think you could do to learn how to hold a knife Theresa

  99. Is it just me or mums from the uk describe things more calm and nice than people in the us?

  100. My mums roasties are the best.

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