English Cooking Phrases

Yo what’s up everybody? We are going to be learning some cooking slang
today This is ‘How to Speak American’ I got a lot of requests to have more food
in my videos, of course So today I’m going to be preparing my favorite
dish for you, chicken fried rice And while I’m preparing this dish, I’m
going to be introducing some cool American English cooking slang terms So don’t worry if you don’t understand
everything You can always rewatch the video again to
help you remember Alright, so today, we start with our ‘Mise
en Place’ Actually this is originally a French word It basically means you get all of your ingredients
together to get ready to cook So let’s get started Step 1 is to mince the garlic and the ginger And mince basically means to chop into very
very very tiny pieces Little itty-bitty things This is a super sharp knife Uh yeah be careful Everybody at home, DON’T do what Nick’s
doing, use a SPOON! The most dangerous knife in a kitchen is a dull one I bet you didn’t know that I’ll tell you why Because a dull knife makes the knife slip And then you will actually cut yourself Holy shit this thing is like sharp AF Damn! Alright ready? Wait I’m not ready yet Alright so there, we’ve finished our mincing And now we’re going to move on to the garlic Oh no sorry, And now we’re going to move
onto the onions and the chicken Ok so the next step is to dice the chicken
and the onions Dicing basically means you cut into small
cubes A little bit larger than mincing, but smaller
than slicing And the onion… So there you have diced chicken and onions The third step, you take about three stalks
of green onion And we’re gonna do a nice easy chop So chopping is just a general term for cutting, just simple cuts, just like this So here are some chopped onions as you can
see Pretty simple to do Ok where are the eggs? In the fridge Move these off to the side Alright so you crack three eggs, add a splash
of soy sauce, sesame oil Throw in a handful of green onions And finally, beat well Alright, now for the fun part, the cooking Step 1, you heat up the rice by frying it
in a pan for a bit and then set off to the side for later Step 2, fry the eggs in oil, do a little quick
high temperature fry And then put it off to the side for later Step 3, sauté the onions, ginger, garlic,
and chicken together until cooked Then put it off to the side Step 4, throw everything together and stir
fry it And then finally, drizzle on some soy sauce,
sesame oil, and throw on a handful of green onions And voila, chicken fried rice So there you have it, this is a relatively
simple dish you can get after trying a few times And remember, practice makes perfect I recommend watching this video a few times
to make sure you learn And also so you can remember the cooking slang
I used today And as always I have a neat little quiz to
help you remember the cooking terms we used I realized that a lot of the terms we used
today are originally French But that’s because the French are masters
of cuisine So thanks for watching today guys You guys know the drill Please like and subscribe Leave a comment if you liked today’s cooking
video, if you didn’t like today’s cooking video Please let me know so I can make better videos
in the future Anyway thanks for watching Peace

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  1. Looks like a professional cooking video.

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