ENG] 고기대신 스팸넣고 얼큰한 스팸고추장찌개 만드는법 :: 자취요리 간단요리 :: Spam Gochujang Stew #3

Spam Gochujang Stew potato,tofu,spam,onion,pumpkin,Green Onion Cut the potatoes and put them in water Half onion Tofu half hair You don’t have to have a pumpkin main Spam Small size Green Onion I put one pepper Ready Weak fire Cooking oil bits Fry potatoes Kochujang A little water 2 glasses of water 1 Sugar 0.5 chopped garlic 1.5 chili powder All remaining ingredients 1 Fish sauce If it doesn’t suit your taste, salt Boil for 5 minutes Green Onion Last one looks delicious Without salty Spicy taste Wine snacks good I have to eat tomorrow. Remaining tofu Preservation Put tofu in a bucket fill up the water Salt Refrigerator storage 5 days Is it possible


  1. 뼈속까지 얼큰해지는 기분이네요. ^^

  2. 자세한 레시피는 상세보기를 참고해주세요 !

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