(ENG)미나리로 감싼 두부 부침 / Tofu fried be with Water parsley/How to make a gold bar

To day COOKING is Tofu fried be with Water parsley. ※ We used paper cups and adult spoons for measuring.

– 1/2 head of tofu / – 1/5 spoons of salt.
– 1/2 cup flour / – 1 spoon of starch.
– 4 egg yolks / – 1/4 spoon of salt.
– 1 tablespoon cooking oil.
– 20 streams of water parsley.
– 1 tablespoon thick salt
– 1/5 spoons of salt. / – 1/3 spoon of sesame oil. Tofu is vegetable meat.
It doesn’t taste like meat. That’s why it’s healthy. Cut tofu like this. I used half the tofu. We dance with knives. Line it up. be ready. 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step done. Sprinkle a pinch of salt to marinate for 20 minutes.
(This salt is the salt I made. so it is not white color
I mixed Saliconia herbacea with salt.) Only water parsley stems will be used.
Remove the leaves. (This is double speed.) Rinse water parsley.
(This is not double speed.) Put salt in the pot. water parsley is parboil the stems. Parboil : Put it in hot water and pull it out. Put it in cold water. Squeeze with your hands. Mix water parsley with salt and sesame oil. Mix flour with a spoonful of starch. I will use only the egg yolks.
Because the color is pretty. Mix salt in the yolks.
It’s just the feeling that the whites are visible. Sprinkle cooking oil on the pan. One lap, one turn. Spread flour on tofu.
Make tofu white No make tofu yellow. We’ll make a gold bar.
be edible gold bar. Lift up a gold bar. Smelting. I’m making a lot of gold bars. I’m rich. All smelting. Tempering. cast Completion. Tie water parsley. If you follow you can develop small muscles Tie it up well.
Think of yourself. tufu a person you hate
Then it can be done easily. Repetition Ta-da! D☆o☆n☆e! Have a delicious meal with my recipe! -The good things you can do this year-
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