Endive braisée au fenouil | Plat aigre-doux et hypocalorique

Hello everyone. Braised endives are a popular dish. Let’s braise fennel as well. Fennel will enhance the flavor. Cut the endives in half. Clean the fennel. Cut it into quarters. Carefully wash the vegetables. Add olive oil in a pan. The endives. Fennel. Fennel will allow you to achieve full flavor in your dish. Put the endives on top of the fennel when they start to brown. It takes a little longer to cook fennel. The vegetables are now cooked. Add coconut milk into the pan. Add the vegetables. Cook over low heat for a few more seconds. Fennel makes every dish sweeter. Fennel is called “finocchio” in Italian. The word “infinocchiare” means “to trick”. Restaurant owners used fennel to cover the bad taste of wine and other dishes. What a delicious dish! You are welcome to support my project on Tipeee. Have a good meal!

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