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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai We shall look into Restaurant Style Egg Fried Recipe This measure can be served to 4 or 5 persons Ingredients for Egg Fried Rice Basmati Rice 1 Tumbler cooked. The rice should be cooled to normal temperature Vegetables for Egg Fried Rice Half Big Onion sliced A small carrot sliced 4 or 5 beans chopped 4 or 5 Green Chilies Pepper 1 spoon Required amount of salt 4 Raw Eggs Liitle Soya Sauce You can even add Spring Onion, Capsicum, etc. 4 spoon of oil heated in a pan First saute’ the beans in the pan in high flame Now add the carrot and saute it well after half min. add Onion and green chilies and saute them Add just 1 pinch of salt Add the pepper Add 1 Tea spoon of Soya Sauce Now add the cooked rice to the saute vegetables Now add some salt as required for the rice Now stir the mixture keeping the flame to medium Stir it well for 1 min until the rice gets heated well Now add Coriander leaves you can even add spring onion if needed Now you need to crumble the eggs Add 2 pinch salt to the raw eggs Beat it or whisk it well Heat 1/2 spoon of oil in a pan Add the whisked egg to the pan Crumble the egg well After the eggs have scrumbled add the fried rice to it and mix well Now you can remove the green chilies out of the fried rice Now the Egg Fried Rice is ready Try this at your home and share your feed backs to Gowri Samayalarai


  1. nice madam.

  2. wow my favorite dish thankyou

  3. super easy and looks yummy

  4. super mam

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  6. Very useful…..if possible can u make video on chicken fried rice as well

  7. thank you

  8. sssuuppeerr

  9. Thanks. For dinner today

  10. mam thanks a lot for this egg fried rice.. today night i try this….

  11. nice mam. thank you. please post fish kuzhambu for me because my husband love to eat that.

  12. Please tell something about meal planning,managing house daily chores. I am always confused . what to prepare? how to do everything. ur videos have helped me alot .Thanks. But please do in English or with subtitles. I don't know tamil..

  13. nice one…

  14. super mam.,kids lunch box food ,thank you As school reopens pls post more kids lunch box ideas .

  15. sis cn you Pl show how to buy vegetables and store it without wasting

  16. Tried egg fried rice today. It was super yummy . Thanks

  17. சூப்பர்

  18. hi mam egg fried rice super. it will make inly basumathi or can also cook seeraga samba rice.

  19. hi mam egg fried rice super. it will make inly basumathi or can also cook seeraga samba rice.

  20. thank u mam.

  21. mam add ginger garlic paste

  22. Super Ms. Gowri .. romba simple-a sonneenga! Thanks

  23. fry rice simple n super. tq.

  24. Looks simple … tastes delicious 😋

  25. I tried it's superb

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  27. It is not nice

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  29. It is very nice mam

  30. Hello Madam, I tried exactly as you made. It came out very well and I cooked it for the first time. Thanks for the video and simple instructions. Keep posting more videos like this.

  31. 1st class tasty egg fried rice. i came very well.. thank you amma

  32. soya sauce ilana yena panrathu mam

  33. Soya sauce Ila ye

  34. soya sauce pathil ena seakalam

  35. Egg fried rice came out well! Thank you 🙂

  36. how to cook u rice beacouse ur rice so yummy n white please share

  37. Egg fried rice came out well. It is very easy and tasty recipe. Thank you.

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  39. nice mam ,I will try

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  42. Soya sauce en veetla illa vera enna podalam mam

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