Easy Pizza Dough at Home | Ooniversity ft. Chef Jason

Hey everybody this is Mike Head of
Engineering here at Ooni HQ and we’ve got an esteemed guest today, Chef Jason the
Ace grilling expert. Welcome Chef, thank you. Thanks for having me here to Ooni HQ. How’s your trip been? It’s been awesome. You have to help me answer something. I’m
here for you. So many people say of course you can make dough because you’re a chef and you have a mixer and of course it’s easy for you to make dough. Sure. But you’ve taught me something this week. You taught me how to make dough without a mixer which is so awesome. So I thought
it would be cool to show everyone how to make some pretty awesome Ooni dough. We make awesome pizza ovens you can make awesome pizzas in those pizza ovens but
even going a step further and making your own dough is really great too. Just
four ingredients we’re gonna step through that right now. Four ingredients.
Four simple ingredients simple ingredients to make great pizza dough.
So warm water I’m gonna start with. Yeah. So we’re gonna do our classic pizza dough. This is actually gonna be ready in four hours so some
people ask you “so it doesn’t dough take a long time to make up?“ . Yeah it can, I make dough sometimes I let it go for 72 hours. Right like those cold ferments are long
fermenting. Exactly right I think people get overwhelmed when people start talking
about fermentation all this stuff. Yeah you can jump into the science if you
watch sure, I love that part of it, but for some people they just wanna be able
make dough really quick with their family and they get overwhelmed by all
the math and all the science. So we’re gonna strip that all the way. I’m just
gonna make easiest pizza so you can make ready in like three or four hours and be
good to go. I think this is the gateway to better pizza dough because I
think once you realize like how easy this is
now the sudden you’re like what’s this hydration or what’s this or what’s that
so I love it. All I do is add 300 grams of warm water and to that I’m just gonna
add a little bit of salt so this is 10 grams of salt just like that
cool. And on my little handy dandy scale here I’m gonna measure out seven grams
of active dry yeast so we’re using active dry yeast in this recipe
just because we’re gonna make this really quickly. Yeah but there’s all
other types of stuff you can use you can use a fresh piece which is really popular
in Naples. I prefer sourdough. There’s all kind of stuff you can do but
the easiest, most quickest way to make dough is just using active dried yeast. It”s
already coming alive there you go so I’m just gonna give that a little bit of a
whirl just to dissolve that salt and active dried yeast just a little bit. And then we’re gonna be using some flour. So this flour is double O flour and it
gets the name because it’s really, really finely milled. Really delicate flour.
Yeah, but again you don’t need double O flour. If your grocer doesn’t have it
sure grab some bread flour, grab some all-purpose flour.
Yeah that’s how I started making pizza dough. Cool so we’re just
gonna dump in 500 grams of my double O flour all right. Right on. Cool. And then I’m just gonna mix, without a mixer. Nope I’ll have to make without the mixer But I’ll put the
scraper with a little spatula whatever you want to call it so this is super
easy this is something that you can do. You know, say you want to have pizza
night on Friday night, Friday morning whip this up together and just let it
sit out. I like to do it with just the spatula here without a mixer because I
think it’s really quick and I like to get my hands on the dough. Could
I double this batch and make extra pizza dough and freeze it so literally I could make pizza dough once but use it to cook two or three times. Yes
absolutely. I’ve got I’ve got a friend who just had twins. She makes my pizza
recipe all the time and that’s exactly what she does. She whips the dough
together she’ll make a double or a triple batch. She’ll make the pizzas she
wants to make and then absolutely she’ll ball up the pizza dough and
then she’ll tuck those in little baggies and throw them in the freezer. So we’ve
been this is like seriously like two and a half minutes. Yeah it’s not that much
time and we mixed it. It’s mixed yeah. It’s mixed, so literally I’m gonna yeah
I’m just gonna cover this with the and it’s not gonna look like really go right
now just kind of oh that’s kinda just to make sure that’s fine. We’re gonna let
science and nature do its thing. I’m gonna cover that up with the towel. I’m
just gonna let that sit. How long do we let that sit? Anywhere from like 15
minutes to an hour really. This is stuff that we mixed up about an hour ago, and
what you’re gonna do is you take it out of the bowl and just gonna kind of
give it a good stretch like this. Yep, now there’s a couple things you can do from
here because I said remember we’re gonna let it sit for like three or four hours. And that’s gonna be the rising part. right or the bench proofing or whatever
they call it. Yeah so bulk fermentation, that’s what we’re gonna do. So I’m just gonna
take that I’m just gonna throw that on my bench, well that’s a countertop or
whatever it is. If you don’t have a lot of space you can throw it back in the
bowl and we’re going to cover that back up. Yeah and there you go you’re gonna
let that sit for again three to four hours till it’s done. Say if you
like you go to make this dough and you’re actually making it for tomorrow
because you found time the day before. Do exact same step just throw it into a
container and toss in the fridge. So now after four hours it’s gonna look
something like this and it smells incredible. It’s like you can smell that
yeast coming alive like doing exactly what we want it to do and now this is a
hard part right. Super hard because you have to like
measure and all that, so I’m taking my pizza dough here. Our recipe from ooni.com makes for really good size pizza doughs. Okay so I’m basically just gonna break
this up into four pieces. If you’ve got a bench scraper you, can do
it with a bench scraper, literally you can just do with your hands. There you go, so half and half. So give me one of those guys to come on over here.
Myself a little flour, so this is the balling technique here, yeah so literally
all we’re just going to do is, we’re just gonna, we’ve got a smooth side on the top and your seam side on the bottom so we’re gonna keep that the same. We’re
just gonna press the dough from the top smooth it out and press it up into the
bottom, so keeping that smooth side really smooth and making our seam on the bottom. Then we’re checking the edges of our hands so you seal that
dough up on the bottom. You can use the bench, you can do a little rolling
technique, whatever you want. To get a round pizza you got to start with a
round ball. Alright so now that these are set and ready to go, what do we do
next, how long are we waiting before we’re pizza ready. Give them 15 minutes just to
rest and get warm again let them sit cover them with a wet towel and then
come back to it and then you’re ready to go. Ready to make pizza and it’s
important to have a relaxed room-temperature dough that’s right
because when we were in the kitchen knuckling and stretching yeah, a warm
dough is just so soft and that protein is loose and that gluten is relaxed
and they just pull really beautifully right. So say we did make this on like a
Thursday we want to have it Saturday night for dinner and I pull it out of
the fridge. I would say pull it out four hours before at least before you want to
make pizza. So let’s say though I’m like super busy yeah it’s a busy week for me and I
went to the store and I got some convenience dough, like I can walk in
my grocery store buy this convenience dough. Absolutely yeah. But so here’s my
question right it’s good dough right. Yeah it’s good pizza dough, but it always is a little bit wet so what do I do? Absolutely I can I can help you out with
that Chef. So there’s absolutely no shame in going down to the store and buying
some frozen or some fresh dough. A lot of times you might go to the store
and you might see frozen dough balls maybe look something like that. I mean
they’re hard as a rock right. Let these defrost overnight in the fridge again, or
if you’re like you know what I just want pizza now, and you go down the store and
you get a fresh dough ball like this that’s fine. I can help you out that’s
okay. First thing you don’t want to do is
you’re gonna want to incorporate some flour into this and I still would say at
least give it an hour before you really start wanting to use this. Grab it out of
the fridge, more time the better, grab out of the fridge and you just got it from
that go store like oh this is so wet and it’s sticking to the bag and all the
stuff. That’s fine, open it up okay, get a little flour on your surface yeah thank
you very much Chef and just work out that pizza dough onto the floured
surface. So just pick up a little of that flour into the dough, yeah exactly
okay and then you just do that same balling technique that we just did and
always reball that dough even if it’s this fresh dough that you just got from
the grocery. Always gonna want to reball because, again yeah round pizza is gonna
start with a round dough ball. Okay so we picked up that flour and actually you
folded some of it up under. So you notice that wetness that you talked about, that wetness is coming on yeah
absolutely and it’s coming from that fermentation because that dough
might have been made a few days ago, it’s been sitting out there might be some
water vapor some alcohol vapor in there, and you need to soak that up so before
you go to start and try to make a pizza right out of the bag with that, step back
for a second give it an hour. Work some of the flour into it to take up some of
that wetness, but also reshape it a little bit. Make it a nice round dough
ball and then you’re done and now these dough balls are close to equal and we’re
ready to go. Yeah absolutely it’s great! Awesome well thank you so much like I
said what an awesome trip here to Ooni HQ and sure I’m gonna get rid of my mixer. I’m putting it out, I’m putting it on, I’m selling it online. Yes and I’m gone.
Thanks so much for coming by, I really appreciate it, thanks for making dough with me.
Thank you guys, please go check out the recipe full recipes online.


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    But I do enjoy cooking pizza with my ooni Karu!

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