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Hey Food Tubers, what’s up? I’m Alex the French Guy Cooking and today we are making canapes. As known as a small bite of delicious goodness they will be perfect to start the party Let me show you three different canapes that stay off the beaten track first, a colourful twist on fresh spring rolls Then a cheat on temari sushi as known as mini sushi balls and last, the most amazing pork belly ball You want it to be small and fresh but also you want it to be easy to prepare in batches, right? let’s do it So first up a twist on a fresh spring roll, which is the most easy recipe ever. Start by chopping a few colourful vegetables into thin strips You can also use a speed peeler It’s brilliant on the top of one I went for celery, red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, mango for some good sweetness of course any vegetable in your fridge
will fit perfectly make sure you have some cooked rice noodles and a few mint leaves nearby Grab a sheet of rice paper, soak it briefly in water and place it in front of you Fill it horizontally with some veg, rice noodle and fresh mint leaves. Just don’t overload it, because this has to stay small at the end. Gently roll it up, making it as tight as possible Then slice this roll into small bites to make loads of mini fresh spring rolls. Serve them with a spicy sauce on the side Quick, easy vegetarian and gluten free canapes, done! So the second recipe definitely has that wow effect on the eyes, yet you won’t believe how easy it is to make those mini sushi balls Mix three tablespoons of rice vinegar. One Tablespoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt. Pop it in the microwave to dissolve the sugar all that over a cup of cooked rice and stir gently I’m using short grain rice because it
gives that soft and fluffy texture at the end Let the rice cool down to room temperature on a plate So for the fish I’m using cured salmon and Rollmops as known as pickled herring fillets. Well of course you could use raw fish, but you gotta be sure It’s extra, mega fresh. So please ask your fishmonger about it. Cut out small circles in the fish, using a small circle as a guide Now take a sheet of clingfilm and fold it on itself to make it more tough Place a bit of Salmon first then with wet hands Grab a ball of rice and place it on top Lift the corner of the film and pinch right under the rice Now tighten that by gently twisting the ball You will feel the film stretching as the ball is forming Open it up and there you have it a mini sushi ball For a fancy look you can take a small square of seaweed under the salmon slice before you form the ball Also for a very cool finishing touch, you can top them up So at the end the visual is amazing and also it’s a great dish to make with your kids around the table Food Fight! The third recipe is massive These pork belly buns are inspired by Taiwan street food And called there Gwa Bow The dough to make the buns is so easy because you don’t have to let it rise Mix, steam, done In a bowl go three quarter cup of flour with half a tablespoon of baking powder Add a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt Then a quarter cup of milk and a drizzle of oil Mix it well and divide into 16 equal balls Flatten them down Brush them with oil… and fold them in half Now steam those for about 12 minutes In the meantime, cut bits of pre-cooked pork belly You could also use bacon bits if you like Place them in a pan over a medium high heat along with a good drizzle of honey a splash of soy sauce and another of vinegar They should caramelize nicely When the steamed bun is properly cooked and nicely puffed up It’s time to build up the sandwhiches Grab a bun and open it up… spread some hoisin sauce Now place a good chunk of caramelized pork belly Add a few pickles … and loads of coriander. You can also use mint if you like spring onions and chillis and finishing with a sprinkle of peanut powder It’s fluffy and sticky, with a good kick from the pickles and the chillis My word on it, you will love those buns So guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed those recipes. Give them a go because they are really amazing and so easy to make in batches If you want more canapes recipes then check out this video on my channel So like this video if you did, share it on your social media with your friends and also comment down below with your favourite canapes recipes Subscribe to Food Tube and to my own channel for many more delicious recipes Bye, bye… Salut


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