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Hello BeautyBeasts, This is Youngguk Your old friend. Today, I’m going to make a really delicious Jjimdak with cheese on the top. This is really good for this weather right now, it’s really chilly outside you know. So.. Let’s get on to making it! So, first of all, let’s have this huge chicken here I’m going to cut it into pieces like this First of all, what you have to do is put the chicken laid here, like this, facing you Hello! Hello 🙂 But don’t worry, it’s already dead He is not going to jump into you lol So, you cut like this, first There you go
That was easy, right? The legs are off So, you cut like this I know how there is bone in our meat today But it’s fine I’m going to get to the end and then you cut down Do you hear that sound? that’s the sound of wishbone breaking which means you’re doing a good job But, of course, you can buy already cut off chicken in the market But I’m a chef So I’m gonna cut it myself Why do I have to ask for peoples’ help, right? I rely on myself You should do it too We have a whole tray of chicken ready for you to cook This is the bones of all the left overs of the chicken Save this for the chicken broth, okay? I’m going to cut my veggies I have one onion here Let’s chop it up (chop chop) That’s it This is Korean dang-myeon (glass noodle) What you have to do is before you make this dish, you grab some dang-myeon
and then what you do is soak them into water to soften them Later on we are going to use this softened dang-myeon and put them into our delicious jjimdak And this pan… I’m going to add some water I’m gonna add in the grilled green onion in there And the grilled ginger in there as well and my lovely chicken I’m going to take some water out
because I think I put too much water You only need just enough water to cover the chicken don’t put too much water I’m sorry But hey, I learn from my mistake
Next time I won’t put as much water Inside the chicken, I’m going to put Not necessarily.. You don’t need this brand I’m not endorsing it, even though I like it This is black coffee, do not put like latte mix I don’t know.. Cool Aid or anything weird
ONLY amcericano mix, okay? This will get rid of that poultry smell that nobody wants in our dish I’m gonna add one stick In goes the coffee mix
There you go That was easy And inside of this, I’m gonna put in some soy sauce God, it’s never coming out it’s like taking like forever to come out from the bottle But it’s okay, as long as you have patience There you go Put that in And next step I’m gonna put in some sugar Let it boil Doesn’t it look good already? I think it looks really nice The coffee gives a really deep color The color will tint the chicken and make it look more unctuous and delicious Smells good already There you go And while the chicken is cooking
I’m gonna chop some garlic Like this, smash smash smash! If you have a garlic press that would really help Make sure to spend extra money on unnecessary gadget just so your life will be easier For example, garlic press (gasp) Be aware of all the spilling! Okay? The sound might intimidate you but I won’t kill you In this pan, I’m going to add chopped green chilies and red chilies I’m only going to add two chilies just becasue I’m afraid that some people in our crew They are afraid of too spiciness But I like spicy food so I’m going to add two But I’m a really thoughtful person
so I’m only gonna add two instead of three still that’s a lot of chili But Korean people like chili So when your pan is really really hot I’m going to add some chili oil into this and the pan is hot enough right now pour chili oil add your chopped onion like this Your armoatics And some normal oil Make sure the heat is.. (cough) Okay, make sure you have your fan on because I don’t have the luxury of the fan, so I have to cough right here Poor me, but I look like those Chinese restaurant chef This is my fried rice (crew members coughing) I’m sorry T.T So everyone is coughing right now
It’s all my fault They’ll be like, OMG Youngguk stop frying that shit you’re making everyone cough!! I’m coughing as well
I need to go to the hospital I’m gonna stop (cough) normally (cough) you’ll (cough) fry this (cough) for longer but (cough) my life is in danger so as everyone else
(poor Youngguk) So I’m gonna stop frying
but normally at home you fry for longer Today I have no fan, so I’m gonna stop right now (don’t die on us!!!!) So it’s gonna be delicious, trust me It’s very nice, but it needs a hint of spiciness that’s why you need this So I’m going to add all of this in All these aromatics gonna make this jjimdak really really delicious so make sure you put all them in I can already see they’re getting more and more delicious duhhhh I’m just kidding LOL So while my chicken is cooking, I’m going to add two potatoes in it like to really round, cute potatoes
I’ve already pilled them so what you do is you cut the potatoes into half, first
I am gonna add them inside inside my chicken, I think I’m gonna cut it smaller Just so it cooks better and faster If you have the time, it does not matter the potato size So I just add all my potatoes inside along with my carrots So I’m gonna cook this for 20 minutes without the lid on so please do not put the lid on otherwise the flavor will go off
That’s what the person who taught me this recipe said I just follow is recipe…¯_(ツ)_/¯ please do not cover it with lid and let this go for 20 minutes until the potatoes perfectly cooked I will see very soon, okay? So after the potatoes are cooked I’m going to let this rest for at least 20 minutes to let it cool just so all the yang-nyeom which is like the jjimdak sauce, will go in two sides of the chicken and make it really really delicious so make sure you do this extra step to actually elevate this dish on to the next level so I’m gonna wait for 20 minutes and I’ll come back, okay? After 20 minutes we’ll turn on the fire again It’s time to put our dang-myeon, remember? The dang-myeon that we soaked earlier I’m going to put this in and finish the whole dish altogether boiling vigorously right now Add this dang-myeon Which is like the highlight of this dish A lot of people order this dish only to eat dang-myeon even though I don’t understand i will go for the chicken But, you know, dang-myeon is loved by a lot of people So put that in Oh yeah, now dang-myeon will soak up all the delicious juice, let it cook in there for 5 to 6 minutes
I’m gonna add my chopped onion in there and mix I’m gonna put this on to my baking pan On top of that I’m gonna put on everyone’s favorite mozzarella cheese put it in hot oven for five minutes This delicious jjimdak is done Cheese jjimdak, I should say It looks really nice, right? I think I’m going to try it, because I’m really hungry I’m really tired AND HUNGRY So before I enjoy this really nice jjimdak, i’m gonna have to say goodbye to you guys And if you have anything that you want to see in the future If you have any suggestions please leave a comment down down below because I really want to know and I will read all of them for you I will see you next time
Thank you for watching BeautyBeasts Have a very nice day
Thank you! Bye! An-nyeong! This is SOOOO hot It’s better than any other restaurant’s Really? No… You are just messing with me just because I’m on YouTube LOL


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