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The Grill Girl Drip pan liners are a new product we research
and sourced to provide our customers with a cost-effective
solution for rusted-out drip pans and grease trays. Hey Y’all, Grill Girl here. I have this brand new Dyna-Glo gas grill and
I wanted to show you how you can use one of our new drip pans liners on it. So this is a four-burner gas grill. It has four heat plates and three cooking
grids.This specific model is a DGF493BNP but there’s also a DGF493PNP and you can see here
that sadly, it already has some signs of rust on the grill. This Dyna-Glo model has a lot of problems with
rusting out of the grease pan or drip tray. So I wanted to show you today how you could
easily replace that with one of our liners we just got available. So I’m here at the back of the grill. You’re going to see me actually replace the
entire pan with my drip tray liner. However, if you have an existing pan that
is either smaller or larger than this, you can get a different size of the drip pan liner
and just place it in the bottom of your grill to cover up the holes and give you a little
bit more cooking life with the current pan that you have. So this is a propane grill and we have right
here the drip pan. This is the original drip pan so it’s brand
new, it still looks like it’s in really good shape. It just slides out here. It has this little tray at the bottom that
catches the grease. You can remove that and clean it out. You’ll also see here that even as I’m pushing
down on this with my thumb, you can see it’s a pretty thin piece of sheet metal. That’s why it’s rusting out so quickly. We have so many calls about this. Okay so here is the drip tray liner and I’ve
bent out the side a little bit just to make it catch in the current slot for the original
pan. I’m just going to place it right in here like
that. So it’s just covering the entire bottom of
the grill. It was really nice that these fit so well
in the Dyna-Glos. But all the grease will catch onto here. Obviously, it doesn’t have a hole like the
original one did. You can cut a hole in the bottom of it if
you want, but you could also just choose to take it out every so often, every couple of
times you cook and clean it out and then put it back in again. So, we’re hoping that this will provide a
good solution at an affordable cost. As the drip pans get old or corroded or filled
with grease, you can easily just switch them out for a new one. That way you don’t have to throw out your
whole grill just because of one part. Alright y’all. Hope this helps. Leave any questions in the comments. Have a good one. Find Drip pans liners and other parts at GrillPartsSearch.com


  1. What size is the drip pan you used in this video? I have the grill but threw away the drip pan and didn't measure it.

  2. Where can I buy this liner?

  3. Your solution is a bit more economical than the $50 replacement part, but $30 for three aluminum pans is still steep when the entire grill only costs $159. I bought my dynaglo (same one in your video) two years ago and the grease pan is completely rusted out. The porcelain coated grates are also flaking and worthless now. Those are $60 to replace ($20×3). That's $90-$110 to keep a two-year-old grill working. Time to suck it up and buy a better grill instead.

  4. Not a helpful solution if your drip tray has corroded to the point that it would not even support your tray. I need an actual replacement that fits the dimensions exactly. 🙁

  5. Line them with tin foil and throw away dirty foil and put new stuff on. No cleaning.

  6. No it's not the thin sheet metal that's causing it to rust out so quickly the reason is rusting out so quickly is people salt their meat before they cook it and the meat juices drip down on the pan with all that salt. Salt your meat after you cook it believe it or not it tastes better because most of the salt you put on it before you cook it just Cooks right off it doesn't go down into the meat it has nothing to do with that metal it's the salt

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