Dude Perfect: Bad Joke Telling

What did the excited gardener do when spring finally came? What? He wet his plants What do ghosts ride in an amusement park? A Roller-Ghoster. Where Would You Find Flying Rabbits? In The Hare-Force What Happens When Frogs Parked Illegally? They Get Toad What Would You Call Two Spiders That Just Got Married? Newly-Webs What Do You Call a Pig That Does Karate? A Porkchop What’s Brown and sticky? A stick. PFFFFF HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA [Wheezing] Got ’em GOT ‘EM Oh, that is funny. Well done, Congrats. Hey, just one more for the Giggles. Yeah Did you hear? Did you hear about the circus fire? It was in tents. What Fish Taste Best With Peanut Butter? Jelly Fish What do you call a Jacket… Hold on… What Do You Call A Jacket That Goes Up In Flames? A Blazer. Why Can’t A Nose Be Twelve Inches Long? Because It Would Be A Foot. What’s An Astronaut’s Favourite Board Game? Moon-opoly When Is A Cigar Like Fish? When It’s Smoked I Have Six Eyes, Two Mouths And Three Ears, What Am I Ugly Hahahaha. THAT IS HILARIOUS. What’s Brown, Hariry And Wears Sunglasses? A Coconut On A Vacation Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs Of Pants? In Case They Get A Hole-In-One What Does A Painter Do When He Gets Cold? I dunno. He Puts On Another Coat. If Fish Lived On Land, Where Would They Live? In Finland. (My Next One Is Amazing.) What Kind Of Pictures Do Turtles Take? Shelfies. On Which Side Do Chickens Have The Most Feathers? The Outside. Yes, Oh Classic Chicken Joke. Hey, Oh Man, Hey Sir, Sorry About That. How Come Oysters Never Give A Lot Of Their Money? Because They’re Shellfish. What Do You Call A Lazy Dinosaur? A Stega-Snorous. What Do You Call A Man Who Never Toots In Public? He’s A Private Tutor How Do You Cut An Ocean Into Two? You use a sea-saw. What Does A Grape Say When Its Stepped On? Nothing, It Just Lets Out A Little Wine. Why Don’t Melons Get Married? Because They Cantaloupe. Knock Knock, Who’s There, Who, Who? you sound like an Owl. Good Effort. HAHAHA That’s Amazing! That is amazing. Oh, you know what I’ll let you go for it.


  1. Nobody:
    Ty: s t i c k
    Garret: WHEEZE

  2. They’re trying so hard not to laugh.

  3. Why did the boy drop his ice cream?

    Because his mum threw a fridge at him.

  4. Best DP video yet

  5. Hey here’s a car joke for you people!

    What did the car do after his wife said she was pregnant?

    He went vroom

  6. 1:52 'laughs internally' 😀

  7. Can u speak dutch

  8. That Got'em on 1:19…

  9. Where do we bury mathematicians?

    in a symmetry

  10. Suomi mainittu. Torille

  11. Turtles are shellfish??

  12. Bro vs bro

  13. Why couldn’t the skeleton play the piano

    Cause he’s dead

  14. What is Kim Jong Un’s favorite NBA basketball team?

    The Rockets 🚀

  15. So scripted

  16. The actual answer to a man who doesn’t toot in public? A woman! Duhh

  17. Why did I lose this challenge also?

    I don't know actually , so i'm going to an a-LOSE-mentpark.

  18. I have a weed joke

    But I'm too high to tell it

  19. Why did the gator cross the road

    Because they couldn’t cross the goal Line.

    Sorry gator fans

  20. My grandfather has the heart of a lion …

    And a life time band from the New York City zoo

  21. Hey I'm gonna tell you a joke about construction

    Can't I'm still working on it

  22. I played Truth Hurts alot.
    My grandfather said that it was getting old.

  23. Garrett seemed invincible until Tyler got him

  24. No one:

    Tyler: Godeem GODEEM!

  25. Like si eres Español y no entendiste ningún chiste porque son todos juegos de palabras :v

  26. 5:30 HOW?

  27. Ok but why is it called BAD joke telling

  28. I love ty he is what I strive to be

  29. Cody tried so hard not to laugh 1:45


  31. Hi

  32. What’s brown and sticky?

    A Stick

  33. What do you call a deer with know eyes?

    Know eye deer

  34. Good morning

  35. .Good

  36. 2:31 lol 😆

  37. How they can taje it so seriusly? I'm crying!

  38. What's brown and sticky?

    A stick.. Now I use that all the time to my friends. 🤣

  39. Ribbit…. 0:36

  40. I laughed hard at the stick joke 😂😂😂

  41. A yo momma so fat joke you’re momma so fat that when she jumped in the pool she made a tsunami

  42. Jokes u want one

    Read more

  43. Garrets first laugh sounded so fake

  44. Seeing people tell cheesy jokes and then solemnly nodding as if it's a serious discussion is really strange.

  45. When life gives you melons you have dyslexia

  46. I have a construction joke.

    Nevermind, im working on it

  47. bank robbers : nobody move!
    guy named nobody : dances

  48. Q:What did the numb princess say to the price who brought her presents?


  49. Leave a like if you are watching in 2019.

  50. Tyler you could also say knock knock do you know who is it ? Ans : Captain Underpants

  51. It was awkward wen no one laughed

  52. Garett’s laugh sounds so fake

  53. My friend decided to set up an egg shop. I congratulated him on his'egg'cellent adventure.

  54. If you spent a whole day in a well can you say that your day was well-spent?

  55. I did not laugh once those jokes were horrendous

  56. Wanna hear a construction joke? Sorry, I'm still working on it.

  57. Why wont they play poker in the jungle?

    Answer: too many cheet – ahs

  58. Why does a chicken coop only have two doors?

    Answer:because if it had four it would be a chicken sedan.

  59. I heard a rumour about butter…. Oh wait I shouldn't spread it

  60. part 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssse

  61. What's the difference between a dirty bus station and a lobster with breast implants?
    – A crusty bus station and a busty crustacean.

  62. I will answer the question what is brown and sticky answer: poop

  63. a s t i c k

  64. Is Cody chewing tabocco

  65. Coby Cotton congratulations


  67. 1:13 when someone fart

  68. Why do cow milking stools only have 3 legs?

    Answer: Because the cow has the udder

  69. What do you call someone with 4 arms, 1 eye and NO brain…Jo mama!

  70. What type of apple falls from a tree?

    All of them

  71. How do you get someone curious?

    I’ll tell you later

  72. What do you call a didgeridoo that doesn’t work?

    A log

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  74. did u here about the light bulb party it was pretty lit

  75. What will teacher do when you don't read the book

    Read more

  76. Only the ugly joke was funny

  77. I was at the bank today and a old lady asked me to check her balance so I pushed her over

  78. That stick joke gets them every time

  79. Cody looks pissed off 😂

  80. What do you call a Mexican who lost his car

    CARLOS 🧑

  81. Awful jokes

  82. Do u want yo hear a paper joke nah it's tearabale

  83. Do you know why you should not write with a blunt pencil.Because it's pointless

  84. Gmoney has a great laugh. Cool dude!

  85. .

  86. Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!

  87. How about a joke about Paul

    What Happens to Paul When he has to much garbage inside him?

    He Gets Paul-luted

    Wow Thats Corny

  88. ok

  89. For the one that’s brown and stick I thought it was poop not being racist

  90. Huh i guess i lost…

  91. Who else watching this in 2020

  92. I am from Finland

  93. Knock knock

  94. what's brown and sticky

    a stick


  95. Make viet sub pleasssss

  96. Love this vid

  97. YEET

  98. Where is the tallest part of the space

    There’s none, cuz it’s infinite.

  99. Lol take the L 😂

  100. When your gen z depressed and don’t ever laugh

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