Dom’s Cooler Cuisine: Tandy Peterson of Mowry & Cotton braises pork belly with wild sumac

Hey everybody, I’m Dominic Armato dining critic for azcentral and you’re watching Dom’s Cooler Cuisine. We got a whole bunch of talented chefs who are going to choose from a diminishing list of local ingredients that they’re going to use to develop interesting creative dishes. So you’ll get to see which ingredients the first few choose and which ingredients the last few get stuck with. Check it out. (fun music) This is some seriously good stuff.
(fun music) Hey everybody. This is Dominic Armato, dining critic for azcentral. I’m here at the Phoenician Resort at Mowry and Cotton with chef Tandy Peterson. Thank you so much for joining us here. Absolutely. Unfortunately if you had your heart set on sour cherries… Chef Cullen already took those. But, but you’re early in the running here. So there’s still five ingredients left to choose from. So, would you like to have a look and choose your ingredients? Absolutely. Alright, here we go. We have some wild sumac. We have some fresh cactus. We have some mesquite flour. We’ve got goat’s milk. And we have some I’itoi onions. Oooooh. I’m gonna use fresh sumac. The sumac! She’s going for the sumac! (door clicks open) Alright. (sumac crunches and is dropped in pan) (pan rubs on cooktop) (fun music) (peach crunches as pit is removed) (fun music) (meat sizzles in pot) (fun music) (meat sizzles in pot) (fun music) (meat sizzles) (fun music) Well, I’ve been smelling this for about the past hour, and I’m very excited to get into this. So, tell me… tell me what we’ve got here, as I jump in here. We have a buttermilk-braised pork belly with a little sumac hot sauce, and some peach compote that also has some sumac in it. But we have some blood oranges and a little bit of the sumac that got cooked off and then we finished it with peaches, and pureed it, and then added chunks of peaches back into it. Well I mean this is, this is really delicious. So up next we’ve got Gio Osso coming up. He’s down to four ingredients now. So we’re gonna see what he picks. But in the meantime I’m just gonna… Take some of this.
(chef laughs) So, don’t mind me. See ya next time.

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  1. Getting hungry watching this. All I got is an apple… Oh well

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