[Music] have you ever stuffed your face with so much ice cream that it gave you a brain freeze well today we’re turning just everyday foods into the ultimate brain freeze with liquid nitrogen I asked you guys on the Instagram what are some crazy foods you love to see me freeze and then smash with a hammer so right now let’s do it we’re kicking it off with some peeps y’all let’s just forget I ever did that and how this works there are three steps to it step one we’re gonna place a normal piece down and then smash it step two we’re gonna take another peep deep freeze it and then step three place it down and then smash the deep freeze people let’s peep this out let’s pick some random food channels line no one’s gonna get that reference but Devon let’s go it’s time to choose the sacrificial peep I choose this one right here we go step one smash the normal peep turn it like a Pete pancake let’s see what happens when we deep freeze it alright so I’m using this Dipper right here to get the liquid nitrogen and we’re gonna dump it on the peep to deep freeze it so this we can take some accuracy see if I can get it [Music] it’s like sizzling often it’s cracking all right here we go round tooth this stuff is hitting the table this up is crazy this stuff is super dangerous by the way so if you ever do this make sure you do with parental supervision this looks crazy well I want to touch it it’s seitan you can hear it cracking it is solid right now this it’s great let me do one more round I feel so bad man this beef rest in peace bro no rest in peep but before we smash the frozen one I’ve got a challenge I want to see if you didn’t subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done if you can do that comment down below keeper squad right now we’re smashing it 3 2 1 that was crazy that was so cool I’m lit that was so sick I next one here we go [Music] shoutout to everyone who suggested one of my favorite foods sushi so we’re gonna be freezing this stuff we’re also gonna be smashing regular and then of course gonna be eating the stuff this one hits home I did not expect to blow up all over me it was my friend sushi so this piece here it looks like the most colorful ones so we’re gonna do this one this feels like you’re at an expensive restaurant and like you know what you see them doing crazy things with the food like you can blow towards it and stuff like this feels like something you would see an expensive restaurant they’re like oh you want your sushi a little bit colder and it’s like [Music] let’s make me Smith I’m gonna tilt this back oh my gosh it’s like half frozen the bottom is rock-solid frozen to the top the top is not cooperating come on sushi it was supposed to be my best friend Oh spicy the sushi is proving to be a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated so right now we’re actually gonna take the whole thing and submerge it in the liquid nitrogen no more this fufu little drizzle in you know things are getting extreme when the camo glasses come out well the whole world is very yellow at the moment all right we’re gonna dump this whole thing okay yes have you at all okay I here we go this is super dangerous oh my gosh all right here we go I wouldn’t use chopsticks but you know it now is not a time for tradition coming off it’s frozen we’ll go with this piece it’s in there guys we’re making a delicacy right now the sushi is in there in the liquid nitrogen it’s a frozen blob it’s literally a frozen block all right guys time to smash is three two one oh that one scratch my eye on the way out whoever knew the safety glass would be the most dangerous part of that whole operation right there I’ve been instructed I’m not allowed to touch the donuts because they’re afraid I’m gonna eat it I don’t know why no that’s bad all right now smash a donut let’s do it this one might be kind of graphic you may want to look away okay I thought this one was gonna fall off and go crazy but this little is flattened let’s see what happens with the frozen one all right we’ve got the tongs right now the donut is going into the liquid nitrogen oh my god it’s floating this thing is like floating on it man I got submergence submerge so submarine mode the submarine donut here we go three two one the hammer is like smoking I love this stuff man that sounded like laughs freaky like for a second I was like oh my gosh I’m not gonna heal like a shard of glass gonna make no sense I’m high this is crazy let’s go to the next one next up we are freezing and smashing Oreos here we go I literally just saw a piece of this flew off into the liquid nitrogen container luckily it’s closed we’re all good otherwise you could have erupted I don’t know so let’s now freeze it and see what happens we’re using the dipper technique again for this Oreo like this stuff just sizzles which is the crazy thing about it let’s smash this don’t worry Oh three two one whoa what look at this you didn’t even break what I’m smashing this again fam what is going on attempt number two let’s do this [Music] it’s not a pickle in a bag but it’ll do all right here we go oh no it’s already getting juicy oh I hate the smell of pickles I smell like pickles y’all I don’t you want to do this this feel like a messy challenge all over again a lot here we go three two one Oh No I can’t believe it didn’t do anything I guess we’ll have to freaks it not again do that we got to go for it pick up all over me alright let’s freeze it it looks like just like bird poop dude yeah now this is what you call it juicy pickle here we go oh I need my almost put that in without my glove that would have been very bad okay the juiciest of all pickles yo this is so wild there’s almost like a I don’t know how to describe it there’s like a layer of mist over the top of it but you can’t see it but the moment the pickle gets close to a look at this it like envelops the pickle you see that looking it’s like a layer over the top of it I’m sure there’s like some scientific reason for but that’s why all right here we go gonna plop the pickle in I can’t see the pickle man know what this is not enough liquid nitrogen in there you got to fill it up a little more yeah pickles been in there for quite a little while you’ve got the hammer right now and let’s pull it out it’s actually cracked look at this can you feel it it’s got like a crack right along it right there this is gonna be explosive here we go three two one that one sounded like glass shattering this one is the most popular items you guys suggested it’s a piece a piece a pizza sorry no more cheesy jokes get it cuz it says cheese P I’m not looking forward to this one this is gonna go everywhere three two one that was it hey guys it looks like a topographical map of Utah bad jokes dad jokes for those of you who are pizza lovers this might be hard to watch so that’s just like just a part of it and you can already tell the difference like it’s rock solid way we’re gonna go with a whole piece of pizza in there oh man it’s sizzling the moment it touches it the whole consistency of it just completely changes there’s no longer feel like a piece of pizza is feels like a slab of rock listen that sound crazy all right time to smash it here we go okay before we go this last one it is just shattered come here look at this like the cheese actually shattered on it like I can kind of pick it up a little bit it looks crazy like it the whole thing is just kind of broken apart I’m gonna give it one final smash right now it’s just a big one here we go three two don’t want to break the plate one yeah that was cool have you ever seen those commercials where they trying to make eating a burger look like the hottest thing on the entire planet well right now we’re not gonna do that there’s gonna be the exact opposite of that like after this no one is gonna eat this burger so this here has got icicles and all the way around it now and this side you can kind of like scoop it off it looks like snow almost so right now the camel glasses are going back on about to fill up again and then burgers going down here we go the moment of truth but to pop the burger into the liquid nitrogen oh man it’s going everywhere okay so the burgers in I gotta keep it together so gotta push it down too quickly what’s happening I can’t see it my glasses on you peed in my vision means I’m like everything’s still yellow can’t tell what burgers hat anymore having a crazy reaction this one by far the craziest hopefully the burger will freeze this was the most difficult oh because there’s so many layers to what’s going on like the burger just has a ton of different layers and so I don’t know if it’s been able to freeze through every single layer so I’m gonna keep this one in here longer than I normally would well the cheese is definitely no longer melted that’s for sure in case you guys ever wanted to know this is the secret recipe for the krabby patty y’all didn’t even know liquid nitrogen was the key all along it’s literally cracking all right here we go three two one [Applause] like a magic trick man it’s gone well the chunk of it over here it’s like so cold it’s so hot right now it’s that makes no sense but if you touch this you can feel it even through these gloves like it’s like a burn on your finger really guys eggs you know I don’t like messy videos it’s gonna be so bad doing this for you here we go three oh no two one I’m good touch me at all right cool next one let’s go here we go I gotta say I’m very grateful that I still have a face at the moment because that’s lit and you saw that stuff shoot out everywhere and that were to touch my skin that would burn my skin and my skin would instantly die all’s well that ends well the coolest thing is that when it fell in there it actually cracked and look at it it’s like the opposite of scrambled eggs so guys we’re gonna put a full one in mm-hmm so you guys gonna put a full one in there now just so we know we’re like the whole egg will actually look like alright so the full egg actually cracked while it was inside so I don’t know what kind of effect that will have we’re gonna do this one first and then next we’re gonna do this mutant a the craziest thing about this one is that it cracked but the shell stayed intact but only the egg whites actually came out of the egg but the show is still fully intact there we go three two one [Music] oh my gosh literally powder rising we’re going for egg number two right now here we go guys the mutant egg three two one it’s literally just powder so I don’t think I’ve ever seen eggs preparing in this particular fashion before you guys suggested Twinkies I suggest I do it likes old bay so let’s see what happens you guys I’m not excited about this one this is gonna be juicy here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] this experiment has been so full of surprises like the ones you would expect to dis explode everywhere have done nothing and then the ones that just came out of no one’s Assoc why would the Sochi go everywhere but the Twinkie with filling inside of it was not it’s actually stuck to the gist tale it’s just I don’t know just let everyone say goodbye to the Twinkie here we go making the the plunge whoa oh okay my tongues that’s stuck to it I’ve got to use a different Twinkie this thing is just messed up I’m just gonna feel I kind of like plop it in very safely want to go far away from it here we go three two one here we go oh the Twinkies just like floating along the surface all right so it’s kind of sinking in a little bit and try to like rotate it flip it upside down would be like ideal okay there we go yeah the first time we did this nothing happened this time after it’s been frozen here we go about to smash it and then eat it but first I need your help if you want to be featured in my next video comment down below what my brother and I should do in sumo suits yes we’re gonna be rockin sumo suits also the keeper of the week is Devin if you want to be the key for the week all gets new just check out the description and down below that way you can be featured in my next video but right now here we go about to smash it and then we’re gonna be eating it here we go three two one [Music] all right here we go hope there’s a chunk right here ah here we go 3 2 1 dog the bravery yeah brain freeze brain freeze oh man


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