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Okay so we’re at Chef Tony’s today with
Christine, whose – have you never had dim sum? I’ve had dim sum. But she’s here to try the tripe. This is a new dim sum restaurant, newer, in the west end
on the Stony Plain Road. It used to be Tropika used to be. So we’re gonna
check it out, there’s a menu we have to select from because the dim sum people are
not around in their carts. There’s even I think, pictures for
you. Yeah. Yeah well there’s English which is good. Oh no no there’s a whole
magazine. I’m the only white person here. There’s sign of a good restaurant, Yeah! And then there’s
pictures for like you, so that you don’t – if you want to see what it is. For me? Thanks!
Okay so we’re gonna take a look. Okay so all our food is here. There
may be a little much for the two of us. Maybe not! So we’ve had a little bit.
You had this beef roll. Yeah. What do you think of it? It was good. Yeah and now we
have some sticky race that’s normally in wrap but this one’s not, and then
shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork, spare ribs in the corner. It just keeps going. And tripe – that’s the big hot ticket. And the classic white green
onion cake that we had to get. My kids love that too. Okay we’re going to eat now!


  1. Live in Edmonton

  2. Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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