wow Yes So I know you guys love looking at our old photos So today miss monkey is going to react to my old photos. aaaa… I don’t know why why I agreed to do this oh? It is all all in good love all right first photo first photo Have you seen the face i’m making here Are you making fun of my face thats umm Well first of all your hair is pretty darn good back then Thank you You look like the before shot of a bad infomercial. You look like a turtle without a shell It’s like your neck said not today What are you wearing your glasses? I’m long zooming in and then you actually make a screenshot of it and then turn into a wallpaper your teeth are actually better back Then I really really like you to talk then I drank a lot of soda back in the day Don’t drink Soda kids or else you’re gonna Look like him. Don’t drink soda or else. You’re gonna look like this Do you wanna look like that probably not your glasses didn’t even fit your head man. Here’s another one What are you doing? What are you wearing? Is that a tracksuit . It was a velour tracksuit and one of those long doctor strange coats Okay, bro. You look like fat Dr.. Strange With glasses that don’t even fit your head and like really dark short hair And your neck this is what it looks like okay, so I didn’t exercise, and I wasn’t watching my diet Should’nt you know it by now. Let’s take care of your body at my age I already know what not to eat and what to eat. I was like 23 or 24 in that photo Oh, wow, that’s a long time ago. My friend. That’s like 40 years ago Would you put in that Zipper Spare twinkies? This is a bad idea. This is a bad idea I was happy look at my face, look how happy I was about what I mean, I’m still happy I’m very happy. I I know why he was happy because he never looked in the mirror haha stop Tbh man tbh. Are you ready for this one? Your legs are so hairy shave your leg man. Oh, oh, I understand why you look like that. Because it has a picture of someone slipping I was being funny what’s going on here your arms are like smaller than your head. You’re like a T-Rex here *BURP* that was a chunky one What I was a challenge what I so, I used to wear really baggy clothes Why? Because I felt more comfortable in my baggy clothes, and I like the blue. I like blue now.where are you going? I still wear blue? It’s just a different kind of blue now. It’s a nicer blue It’s like an out-of-shape blue Tell me no, I don’t understand my mama chose you she chose me because of my personality and my drive and It’s not always about looks I know it’s not about looks But did you buy a lottery ticket after she met you or something like looking at that photo and looking at you now? I know she time travelled Mama looks so pretty. Oh my goodness. I look pretty to don’t I What are you doing with your head and your face? Honestly, I don’t understand why you wore those glasses the mama looks amazing. She looks, so pretty She’s always been very beautiful. Yeah, those were level one glasses You’re a level one guy And how did you land on a level ten woman? I had personality I had charm I know watch feeding the beast It’s beautiful a beautiful story how if she marries the beast not because of his looks because they actually had something in common into this Understanding this is like beauty and the beast beautiful, Emma Watson over here Married a beast Hmm. Don’t touch me Both a little scared Thank you for that beautiful rendition of beauty and the beast Okay, so moral of the story. You look like a beast an enormous one Moral of the story you can’t judge a book by. It’s cover. I know Don’t judge a book by it’s cover I would have married you, but I would read a lot of books before I bought you there’s got to be more books out there Another one come on. There’s okay? Here’s another one. I want to show you Look look at mama look at her sweater. look at that necklace and look at that shirt, and she look like waldo and a smurf Was that a lot of friends drunk? Thanks for watching everybody like down below if you you like our video and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little thing will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio Board [bye]?


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