Cuban Whole-Roasted Pig with the Crispiest Skin in Miami — Dining on a Dime

– Ladies and gentlemen, we are exiting the city of Miami proper. We are headed to the city of Doral. We’re gonna try an entire roasted pig. This guy we’re about to talk to right now, Victor Alvarez has opened
La Esquina del Lechon. Probably one of the best places to have traditional Cuban Lechon which is an 80/90 pound pig that is gonna be marinated, slow-roasted for hours, and it’s gonna be crisped
up to make that skin nice and crispy. It’s gonna be served with some
plantains, rice and beans. So we’re gonna head there right now and we’re gonna see what’s going on at La Esquina del Lechon and we’re gonna try some
of this delicious pig. (gentle music) How does a guy from Venezuela end up making this Cuban style roast pork? – Well I’ve always been a pork fanatic and I love my pork in many different ways and when I travel, I’m always drawn to new ways to cook pork and new recipes for pork. I’ve always been attracted
to the food business. When I was still in college, I had a Subway shop, from Subway franchises. – You had Subway franchises in college? – At the end of my college years, yes. – Wow. So you always knew you
wanted to go into business? – I had. A lot of times people say “Oh you must have started in diapers.” – What do you think is the
secret to really doing it well? – The pork, you have to go slow. If you try to rush it you’re
either gonna burn the skin, or the muscle is gonna tense up. So you gotta go 180/200 and just be patient. – Low and slow. – Low and slow, yes. We marinate it for three days. We do our own Mojo with
garlic and salt and pepper and sour orange. And then we set it on the cage and we cook it at 6:30 in the morning and we time it so that it’s
ready for 12:45-1 o’clock. And then we serve it through the lobby. It became a little bit of a show and I wanted to give it the importance of hey, break up the meeting
you’re having on your table, check out what’s happening
here at the door. We’ll bring in a freshly cooked roasted pork that we’ve
been cooking for six hours. A lot of customers get
up and take pictures and they take pictures with the pig. So I didn’t want the guests
to miss that opportunity and now it’s a tradition 11 years later. (soft hip hop music) – Oh man, this looks
– Are you hungry? – amazing, yes. – Are you hungry for pork? – Holy (bleep). Excuse my language.
– Here’s your roasted pork en caja china style. The sides are your traditional Moro rice, yuca and we like to grind
chicharrones and put it on top. Maduros and green plantain mariquitas. – I’m dumbfounded by how beautiful this is. This is taking me no effort at all to pull this apart. This is very delicious. Very tender, very juicy, perfectly cooked pork. The primary flavor is
gonna be that bitter orange that goes into the marinade. Gonna break some of the skin for you. It’s crunchy. It snaps in your mouth. Like glassy peanut brittle, but it’s still got that
really intense pork flavor. You’ve got some grilled onions. You’re gonna have that
nice sweet bitter flavor. It’s so good. I’m gonna create my perfect bite here. I’m gonna get a little bit of skin, a little bit of meat, and then an onion. You get a contrast of
flavors and textures, super crunchy skin, juicy tender meat, that kind of sour snap of the onions. There are sauces on the table, and I’m sure these sauces are nice, I’m not trying to diss the sauces, but it doesn’t need sauce. It needs absolutely nothing. This is pork perfection at its finest right here on the table. I really don’t see how
you could improve on that. It’s so good. I mean after that, poor plantain chip, how are these gonna? I mean, delightful, but, it’s not the pork. I’m gonna take a little beverage break. Yerba Mate Soda. Why not? If this is at all like
my previous experiences with Latin American sodas, it’s gonna be really sweet, taste a little bit like bumble gum, and I’m not gonna want to finish it. So let’s find out. Yep. It does have a vague Yerba Mate, so sort of like an earthy flavor. Not really my thing. Doesn’t matter. The pork is delicious. Let’s move on to some
of these side dishes. We have these plantains. We’ve had plantains before on the show. It’s like a dense starchy banana. Very delicious. It’s got the nice
caramelization around the edges. Moving on we’ve got some yuca. A potato-like starchy root vegetable. It’s gonna be more stringy, but you could totally
make fries out of yuca like you were making french fries and it would practically
taste like the same thing. And so in this case, these are just nicely boiled. What the potatoes are to the Europeans, the yuca is to Latin America/Caribbean. It’s a starch. It’s a carbohydrate. It’s good. And this is the Moro. This is just gonna be white rice that has been cooked
with these black beans so it infuses that nice color, that nice earthy flavor into the rice. Then it’s also cooked with some pork so that’s gonna have that flavor as well. The sides, delightful, but it’s all about this pig. It’s not called La Esquina del Lechon, The Corner of the Pig, for nothing. The fact that he’s won over the die-hard Cubans in like the most Cuban city in America, to get people to come to eat
his Cuban roast pig here. The fact that he is from Venezuela and the fact that this place
is crushing it like it is, shows you that this really is the best. That tells you it’s good and I’m telling you right now, that it’s super good. It’s just incredible. I really hope you enjoyed this episode of Dining on a Dime from
La Esquina del Lechon in Doral Miami, Florida. If you’d like to watch more, please click here. I’m sorry by the way. I’m sorry about this.


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