Creepy Things We Found In The Final Fantasy Games

The Final Fantasy franchise isn’t all Chocobo
racing and Blitzball tournaments. In fact, it can be straight up creepy sometimes. From a demonic mommy to a nonsensical fever
dream that may or may not take place during our hero’s dying moments, these are some of
the creepiest things we’ve ever encountered in the Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 7 was a revolutionary game,
often held with absolute reverence for its storytelling, balance, and gorgeous visuals. Looking at it now, it is absolutely a PS1
game, so the remake/reimagining of FF7 is a hot ticket for a lot of gamers. Cartoony visuals and all, one scene that stands
out from Final Fantasy 7 as one of the creepiest the series has ever offered happens early
in the game — when you find the blood trail in Shinra Tower. Your party awakens in holding cells. The doors: open. The guards: dead. The floor: stained with blood. As the ominous music kicks in, your party
decides to follow the streaks that lead up to the top of the tower. It’s one of the most tense scenes ever put
into a Final Fantasy game, and the fact that the Shinra corporation seemed like an unstoppable
force only minutes ago adds to the creepiness. What — or who — is powerful enough to
do this? Well … “Good to see you… Cloud.” Final Fantasy has always had a good mix of
goofy and terrifying enemies; just look at the differences between series staples Malboro
— a horrifying Eldritch monster that can wipe your entire party with a single attack
— and Cactuar. On the terrifying end of the spectrum, few
enemies can match Final Fantasy 4’s Calcabrina battle. Those dead eyes. Those herky-jerky movements. That creepy circus music. The uncanny valley aspect of living dolls
has been freaking people out for decades, and the fight against the Calca and Brina
dolls brings it all together. Even worse, if you take too long fighting
the small dolls, they transform into a giant, even more terrifying doll called the Calcabrina. Take too long beating that, and the Calcabrina
splits back into the smaller dolls — fully healed, of course. At that point, you’ll either be killed or
you’ll be huddled in the corner, rocking back and forth in Calcabrina-induced horror. And don’t even get us started on Calcabrina’s
cameo in FF14. Just, yeesh. Final Fantasy 7 is full of all sorts of weirdness,
but this scene might be the one that takes the cake. When you invade Shinra Tower to rescue Aerith,
you find that she is being experimented on by a Shinra mad scientist, Hojo. He wants to use Aerith as a research specimen,
but apparently thinks the research into her Cetra-genetics will take longer than she will
live. Of course, he has a great mad scientist idea
to fix that. He wants Aerith to give birth to a child that
can live longer than that lifespan, so he plans on having her mate with Red XIII. You see, Red XIII’s species is known for their
extraordinary longevity. They are also known for looking like coyotes. You and your friends are just trying to enjoy
a little JRPG, then you have to watch as Hojo releases a coyote into Aerith’s cell and encourages
them to start mating. Just gross. The “Squall is dead” fan theory is tough to
unsee once you’ve explored it a bit. It even has its own website. It practically has to be true! At the end of the first disc of Final Fantasy
8, you attempt an assassination of the Sorceress Edea in the middle of a parade. Just after you defeat her, she conjures up
a gigantic icicle and fires it through the protagonist, Squall. Yes — through. When you start the second disc, Squall wakes
up from his impaling-icicle-induced coma and continues his adventure. The theory suggests that the icicle actually
kills Squall, and the remaining entirety of Final Fantasy 8 is a bizarre hallucination
or vision that he experiences during his dying moments. If you believe this theory, some of the strange
dialogue and plot choices make sense, and it helps clear up some of the oddness of that
bizarre ending. There’s no indication that this canonically
is what happens in Final Fantasy 8, but there’s a lot of evidence. If you asked the internet, the creepiest thing
in all of Final Fantasy 10 is Tidus’ laugh. “AH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH…” While that is something that might keep you
up at night, nothing in the game quite compares to Anima. Anima is a summon you essentially steal away
from the central antagonist, Seymour. Anima is also a massive, chained, demonic
manifestation of Seymour’s mother. In FF10, summons are referred to as Aeons,
which are essentially dreams brought to life. Most summons in the game are regular creatures,
seemingly carefree and relatively good-natured. Not Anima. Anima is pure rage, held in place with massive
chains. Her only attack is to essentially wink at
the enemy, until her ultimate attack charges and she breaks her chains, pulverizing the
enemy in a storm of dark magic. When you learn more of Anima’s story, you
realize that Seymour locked her away to try to break the cycle of death in Spira. She joins your fight against him in order
to try to stand up against her son and stop his evil. No wonder she’s so pissed. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more SVG videos about your favorite
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  3. What's the spookiest thing you've found in a non-horror video game?

  4. Aeris. Aeris with a sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I can't for the life of me figure out why people keep calling her 'Aerith.' In every version of the game I ever played it was Aeris.

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