Creamy garlic mushrooms on toast


  1. Hey try this but warn others about the smell of prank them haha Full recipe / write up

  2. It bothers me how few things you have on your walls…reminds me of a hospital haha

  3. Can you please please please make a black forest gateau my fav dessert by far and you did say it's one of yours lool you could maybe make a massive one

  4. My mouth is watering!! I am going to try this ASAP!!! I don't even think this needs to be breakfast thing!! Just an anytime snack!!

  5. At my work we do mushroom on toast benedict, what it is is you take your mushroom mix and blitz then thicken it with some gelatin and chill it, (this is the spread on the bread) make hollandaise and add some truffle oil to it, sauté mushrooms poach your eggs and have some pickled red onions. so go bread, spread your mushroom moose on there, put a few pickled red onions, mushrooms on top of that, lay your egg on there and cover with hollandaise and if you want drizzle some balsamic reduction and boom you're done

  6. Omg yummmmm

  7. Yes more personal favorite please =) that looked delicious and I can’t wait to try it!

  8. I really enjoyed the video even though i hate mushrooms

  9. Garlic smells amazing! I think it smells amazing any and everytime.

  10. I have a limit to how much garlic I like in a dish… but yeah, this looks really good, and I’m not a huge mushrooms person!

    Keep sharing recipes that you love! I think that would be a really cool new segment added to the rest of your channel’s lineup. Maybe even do videos for each family member and one of their favorite dishes that you make, or even a dish they love that you’ve never made at home yourself. If it’s something you’ve never made, then you can see if you can replicate it how they remember it and like it. .. that would be really cool too.

  11. flash back to my teens reading Tolkien, as his characters have second breakfasts of mushrooms, with my mouth watering, I've not heard of creamed mushrooms on toast but I will be trying this recipe for sure 🙂

  12. Looks delicious!

  13. Hi Barry! Thanks for another GREAT recipe! I'll have to try this one. I just wanted to give you a small kitchen hack: when you are slicing a loaf of bread, try turning the loaf upside down and slicing from the bottom. That way the bread won't get sqashed when you slice it.

  14. That looks SO good! Making it!

  15. You should make garlic chicken, garlic, garlic — it only requires 40 cloves of garlic!

  16. reminds me of chipped beef on toast (which also has a less family friendly name that I usually refer to it with), which is one of my favorite quick and cheap meals

  17. My fav mushroom recipe is made with Morels. We can find morels wild where I live in Kentucky, USA. They’re expensive to buy.

    Whole morels Do not slice!
    Self rising corn meal
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Dip mushrooms in flour. Make an egg wash, add salt and pepper, and dip them in this next. Then, into the corn meal. Deep fry until golden. Enjoy!

    By the way, we call them dry land fish.

  18. when ur so invested in every video that u still watch even tho u hate mushrooms

  19. A good bangers and beans recipe plz cheers

  20. Omg I would like this

  21. This looks phenomenal! I can't wait to try this.

  22. I LOVE garlic, the fiance however does not like my love of garlic.

  23. Yummy

  24. 🤤 oh yum! I’m going to make this for sure! It looks soooo good and I love garlic! I may need to add crumbled bacon into it and some melty cheese on top… maybe, yeah… mmmm

  25. This would be wonderful over a nice steak too.

  26. I already knew when I clicked this video, that there’s no way I’m ever gonna make this. Yuuuuck 😀

  27. "Toy story smelling bread"

  28. If you cut the sour dough on an angle you will get bigger and nicer slices! 🙂 Love this recipe – feel sad for mushrooms I think they're unloved.

  29. Love the smell of garlic, especially when it's frying on the pan

  30. Sleeping Chloe is one of the cutest things I've ever seen omg

  31. Only hung over from a lack of sleep, right Barry? 😅😜

  32. You mean, that's enough for ONE person, Barry. It looks way too delicious to only eat two small slices…😉

  33. Good grief, I'm sure it tastes nice but it looks like total dogshit on bread. Can tell Barry is simply a cook and not actually a chef, his presentation of things is dreadful.

  34. please be careful what you give to the doggos!! i know it must be tempting to let them try lots of the food you make but things like garlic and onion are actually poisonous to them!

  35. I think I’m the only person who absolutely loves the smell of garlic! And paired with mushrooms… Heavenly!

  36. Barry, you have got to do the sweet chilli chicken bolognese, that sounds beyond stonkin

  37. I'm sorry but I thought the sandwich was moldy when I first saw the thumbnail

  38. Yummmmmm ❤

  39. I would fry the bread in the left over juices and and mushrooms in the frying pan

  40. Please make Nougat!

    So love watching your channel. You seem to have glitter under your nose on alot of the episodes:)

  41. ;-;

  42. If you like garlic, come to the isle of wight. And try some smoked black garlic flavoured ice cream, and we have garlic beer. We even have a Festival for garlic…so you think you like garlic you've got not idea how far we go with it haha

  43. It looked so disgusting on the thumbnail xD When I looked twice… "Thats sounds amazing" yeah, I definitely have to try that!

  44. Can't wait to make this Barry

  45. Lovely recipe as always. But I would love to know why Crème fraîche ( made out of cream) is healthy option? Sorry. Did you every make homemade Crème fraîche? So easy a little cream, a little buttermilk and 24h. it's amazing.

  46. I would rather smell garlic over the smell of mushrooms cooking. LOL

  47. Hey man, when are you gonna do that giant millionaire shortbread

  48. Sounds lush and I love the smell of garlic

  49. This looks amazing!

  50. 40

  51. You need a hood over the stove with an exhaust fan to pull all those smells out of the house.

  52. looks awesome! so doing this on the weekend 🙂 thanks mate <3 xxx

  53. Im not well barry. My cat passed on wednesday and my house git flooded yesterday 😔

  54. PLEASE SHOW YOUR CHILLI PASTA RECIPE! Great video thank you ❤️

  55. Absolutely beautiful thanks Barry

  56. Is it just me or does Barry kinda look like Hal from riverdale?

  57. I have to make this. Holy moly!

  58. nicer gordam ramsay

  59. This made me so hungry!! ❤️🍄🍞

  60. I LOVE that garlic chopper doo-dad! I hope Phoebe likes it as much as you do 😀

  61. My sisters favourite Brekki meal

  62. I just tried this recipe. I don’t know why, but it takes me 5 times longer to make anything you put up. It took me a good 45 minutes from beginning prep to sitting down.

    MY GOODNESS was this one worth it! So fantastically savory. And the meatiness of the mushrooms matches up to the thyme and garlic perfectly. 10/10. Even my picky daughter loved it.

  63. This is enough for 2 people. Good sir, my belly begs to differ.

  64. Totally going to do this recipe! It looked sooo nice and I love mushrooms!

  65. trying this asap i dont care if it means my family leave me

  66. That looks sooooooooooooo good! I love mushrooms.

  67. proper french way, skip any type of cream.

    1: besides making the toasts.
    2: Just fry your mushrooms in a bit of butter along with some garlic , salt and fresh ground pepper.
    Then when that's done, quickly mix in at the end some freshly SLICED, not chopped flat leaf parsley.

    Why sliced ? the parsley will turn brown when u tear/chop it. + add them at the end also to not make it turn dark coloured.
    And then before serving squize some fresh lemon juice on top of the mushrooms, this will create a nice tangy balance between the earthy mushrooms, fatty butter and fresh parsley.

    Then add on toast, et voila, french way NO CREAM !

  68. Add a little Mustard (1/2 tsp) as well and you have banging sauce for Steak 😉

  69. Speaking of garlic, there’s a recipe for 40 clove chicken, and it’s actually surprisingly delicious! You should try it!

  70. Only thing missing for me is onions lol

  71. Plonk a poached egg on top 👌

  72. That sounds delish! I love fried mushrooms, I usually add a little tarragon into mine, I'll definitely be trying this!

  73. Don't involve your childrens farts in your foodvideo's Barry xD

  74. Finally had the chance to try this today and its totally STONKIN, i live in a block of flats so god bless the neighbors the smell in my flat was phenomenal

  75. I love the smell of garlic even if i dont know it is being used

  76. Can you do the sweet chilli chicken bolognese recipe please

  77. When you’re lookin for gadget vids and find a dope af recipe

  78. I would totally through a egg in there, can't wait to make when I get home

  79. I'm terrible at eating breakfast, because I hate most breakfast foods, and just never think to make standard recipes for the morning.

    This … this I want in me right now, and then again at 7 in the morning, and then basically any other time of day. All things I adore melded together simply. This is going into my standard repertoire, thanks Barry.

  80. I made this last night, used philli cheese instead of creme fresh and mixed it with pasta. Was delish.

  81. I hate mushrooms, but I bet my husband would love this. One to add in our little notebook of recipes i think

  82. Great video. Thanks for sharing. (A little tip; when you cut the bread, turn it over and cut it from the underside. It won't squish down so much.)

  83. just subscribed!!

  84. I'm part Italian so I love me some garlic and mushrooms 2 of my favorite things on earth now I need to go to the store get some of those ingredients and make that now looks so delicious MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I would never marry anyone who didn’t like garlic & mushrooms, Barry must’ve been very desperate

  86. the mushroom + creme is one of the best combos and then it goes really well with the sourdough too classic

  87. It looks sooo yummy Barry!!

  88. sousvid egg would definitely go well with that!!! I loved it!

  89. Oh lordy, this is the first recipe to tempt me to actually try cooking.

  90. Tried something like this from a local Italian take away shop. Wasn't expecting much, but it was delicious. Your version looked great too Barry.

  91. What is cremfresh I'm Australian and have never herd of it before.

  92. I like the smell of garlic- I use it pretty much every time I cook dinner 😂 didn't know some people don't like it

  93. Barry, I love your videos. Can you do something lactose free… I am super lactose intolerant and am trying to find yummy things to eat. Everything has some dairy in it. It's so hard mate!

  94. Why thia creme is so thick

  95. That actually looks really good shame I can't eat it.. lmao.😅

  96. You wouldn't risk burning your garlic and fresh thyme if you put the mushrooms in first. Garlic and fresh herbs come later in the cooking process. Before the cream though.

  97. I could eat that without the bread! Too yum!

  98. got to load it with double cream man so much better

  99. Making this tonight gunna put some chicken in it and served it with rice can't wait

  100. Can I use lemon juice instead of red vine vinegar?

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