Cooking with Zara – Sugar Cookies

Today we’re making Sugar Cookies Yippee! 230 grams of butter Bit heavy Now, a cup of sugar A half a teaspoon of salt Cream for 3 minutes Until it’s light and fluffy It’s stuck! Yay! It’s mixing! Look! It’s light and fluffy 1 egg yolk Back to the mixer Add a whole egg Oh no 2 teaspoons of vanilla Add the egg and vanilla Mix until combined 2 cups of flour Mix at low speed Don’t overmix it! Mix in flour until combined It’s like play doh Divide it into two Put it in the fridge for an hour Preheat the oven to 180 Line your cookie sheet with paper Dust your table with flour Roll out your dough Roll, Roll, Roll It’s time to cut the cookies Today, we’re using a star Look how cute it is Put your cookie on the baking sheet Put it there Look! I did it! And now it’s ready for the oven 10 minutes in the oven While your cookies cool We’re going to make icing Look! I eat it! Now the cookies are cool It’s icing time Put your sprinkles on All finished Mmmm delicious

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