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hi, welcome to the Agung Kuntianthari Channel channel which is definitely delicious on this video, we will battle we will battle against game that is cooking mama game So what is the mama cooking game like, can the recipe at cooking mama be cooked in the real world? and according to reality? Who knows ? for those of you who don’t know the game cooking mama can check like this so don’t forget to click subscribe and like first let’s start friends first we prepare the same ingredients with cooking mama namely onions and meat only two ingredients, ok .. I will start first so I’ll peel the onion leftover onions yesterday so this is just peeling and slicing the slices okey, I’m first cooking mama but like cooking mama has started fast I don’t want to lose Okay, he’s done and I’m not done yet then, we will saute the onion then I steal starting again this is like this we will try it wa, why are the onions in cooking mama already brown I have not brown, OMG … I will try to increase the fire Okay, cooking mama is done if I’m finished, it feels less than optimal so I’ll continue cooking it whatever, better than mama this is the first time, I’m just the same as cooking mama sauteed onion is not that easy it looks like it’s brown now next step we will prepare first we prepare minced meat at cooking mama there is a part of chopping or grinding meat but because I don’t have the device, so we skip so we directly knead okey, this is poured Come on, quickly keep being kneaded like this if you join cooking mama just kneading the origin like this the marinade won’t enter only kucik kucik OMG OK, it’s playing and finally I got bored and I will knead it manually obviously I’m more better than you mama After that…. oh he, in the cooking game mama doesn’t use pepper and salt so this dividend I will use pepper and salt then I knead back and now it’s time, throw the batter OMG We throw it, and it looks like everything’s broken so I’ll just form it like this just made like this if thrown all the onions spurt and messy messy annoyed I became … ok, one more and cooking mama is finished it was clear he had finished, thrown like that Forgive me so, I made this video at least I can still can still eat the results of my cooking not like you cooking mama continue Kuta will start to fry the steak then we press like this press seems to be less than optimal continue I press press again I am not sure to throw like in the game because it sticks out then the batter seems less tight and will break easily sure me .. we shake shake first continue I just use a spoon but it seems less exciting, if it’s not thrown like cooking mama whatever, cooking mama is done and I’m still with my steak ok, this is the result of the practice of imitating cooking mama ok guys ruined I’m emotional Here comes the steak how to sell it at your restaurant cooking mama without salt, without pepper and finally I decided to cook it properly like this should … so, we confirm first already attached to each other then fried or baked like this let stand a few moments do not immediately kocrek kocrek then throw … kocrek kocrek (goyang wajan) why are you like cooking mama then press make sure the bottom is cooked just reversed if you cook mommy, then I will make a little trouble then go back Well, wait a minute at least there is something I can eat from this cooking mama game play in just a few minutes the original is quite old need more energy this seems to be ripe now it’s time to arrange it on a plate and in the mama cooking game she doesn’t make the sauce but here we will make the sauce too so just buy barbeque sauce at the supermarket then add the remaining onion there’s leftover onions, so just use them stir fry briefly kept on the plate added boiled carrots then beans we will add corn later so this is complete Unlike cooking mama, make it a little but I still like you playing game cooking mama then add the fries This is it add a little corn sweet corn.. no one believes this is a recipe from the game cooking mama believe me this is a recipe from cooking mama guys just made the right way we cook in reality This is it salisbury steak in the game cooking mama thank you for watching this crazy video so, don’t forget you click on like, share and comment Thank you for watching see you in the next video bye, I want to try first … see you


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