Cooking Bisque: Sharing Lobster Secrets

♪♪ Hey guys, hi. Welcome back to my cooking
show. As many of you know, I am the
proud father of a world famous lobster
bisque. And if you’ve ever wanted to
know my secret, I am so excited to announce, that today we’re pulling out
the big guns. [heavy breathing] Wow. Also, I’m going to share my
secrets with you. ♪Lobster bisque,♪ ♪lobster bisque.♪ ♪Lobster bisque,♪ ♪lobster bisque.♪ ♪lob-lob-lob-lob-lob♪ ♪It’s food.♪ The first thing you need to do
is prepare mentally. This isn’t like making a
soufflé, or sending a rocket to the
moon. It’s complicated. And it’s a spiritual journey. It all starts with 27 minutes
of meditation. Jeremy:We don’t have the
Time is all we have, Jeremy. Time is a wheel..of parmesan. Jeremy:We’ll just edit this
out in post.
Make a note of that.Yum. I’m sinking into the
a-bisque. The selection of your lobster
is absolutely essential. You think the 2016 election
was divisive? You should see the lobster
tank. After some initial vetting, I do a one-on-one interview
with the lobster, to make sure he or she is
worthy. Now, how do you remain calm
when you’re in a pinch? Do you find it offensive when
someone calls you a shrimp? Of all of your friends, who would you say has a butter
face. Would you consider yourself
charitable or shellfish? Would you say that you are
claw-strophobic? An amateur might think that a
very sharp knife is more dangerous. Not true! A dull knife is actually more
dangerous, because you’ll probably get
so frustrated, you’ll stab someone. Jeremy:Cut.Next step, determine exactly
how hungry you are. Are you a hungry, hungry
hippo? Are you hungry like the wolf? Now take that number and
multiply it by ounces. Jeremy:None of those things
are numbers.
I’ll give you a number. I could do with about 10 ounces
less of your bad attitude. Jeremy:Uh, could we pan to
the left a little?
To the left, then the pan
wouldn’t be on the stove anymore! Could you quit it with the
terrible ideas? The most important tool for
your lobster bisque is your whisk. Whisk it like its hot. Whisk it like its hot. It’s all in the wrist. Jeremy:You need to tell themwhat ingredients you put in
I don’t know what I put in
there. Jeremy:What do you mean?Ignorance is bisque. Jeremy:Are you serious right
Look at my face, Jeremy. Is this my serious face? Jeremy:We need a recipe,it’s the only reason we got
Okay, I see. For the recipe– Jeremy:Thank you.Go to the store, in the soup
aisle, pick any lobster bisque, and
mix it in a pan. Voilà. Jeremy:Come on!Happy Bisque-ing! No lobsters were harmed until
after the filming of this show. Thanks for watching that
sketch. Remember to like, subscribe,
and comment below. And I wrote a children’s book
I’d like to read to you. Spaghetti in a box. Spaghetti with a fox. Spaghetti on a train. Spaghetti on a plane.That’s just “Green Eggs and
No, spaghetti with ham, and–


  1. These have got to be by far my favorite studio C sketches. Bisque man you give me 10 out of 10 ounces of laughter everytime!

  2. a dull knife is way more dangerous cause of your angry issues

  3. Even if this is underrated it's awesome

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    Please come to Ontario!!!!! Please please please

  5. One time my brother messaged James about bisque, and James replied "yes".
    Still gives me life to this day….

  6. “I don’t know what I put in there” What? “Ignorance is bisque!!”

  7. “Go to the store go to the soup isle and pick any lobster bisque and mix it in a pan!!” “Vuala” “ Happy Bisqueing”

  8. Yes!! Bisque…… is….. BACK!!

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  10. are you clawstorphobic

  11. i love the part where he says "I could use about 10oz. lesson your bad attitude"

  12. We're pulling out the big guns…. Balance restored

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  15. Are you a hungry hungry hippo?
    I love Studio C sooooooo much 😀

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  17. That was the funniest thing ever more bisque please

  18. I showed my mom the part about how dull knifes are more dangerous (both of us love camping and whitling (terrible spelling) and if you didn't know whitling is using a knife (most commonly a pocketknife) to carve something like wood. And I got a pocketknife for my birthday) she found it very funny ?

  19. Does every time you guys make this sketch James have to shave his beard

  20. It’s been wayyyy too long since I’ve watch you all! I’m so excited to see all the familiar faces still here:)

  21. I love lobster bisque! They are some of my favorite sketches!

  22. "Time, is all we have, Jeremy" ?

  23. I can't believe I just watched 126 videos of studio c, in one day! And I've just discovered this channel yesterday. I have way too much free time…

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  25. (Actually a dull knife is more dangerous… they’re secretly teaching us stuff)


  27. I'm a hungry, hungry hippo, Y'all! Remember the whisk makes the bisque.

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    In each episode that had The Lobster Bisque Character.
    Bonus: Add a Pun.

    Like or comment if ya done It. ?

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  42. James: Look at my face Jeremy. Is this my serious face?
    Me: Laughing so hard I die a little.?

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  46. I’m serious, theses video’s are my favorites.

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  49. I'll give you a number, I could do 10 ounces less of that bad attitude. BURN?

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  51. I am James Perry's biggest fan! He's got my favorite kind of random humour.

  52. Make more videos like this

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  54. Time to bring out the big guns
    pulls out a real gun

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  66. Studio C should do a bisque recipe book! It should also include other things, like group photos/bios, character backgrounds, and funny stories. They could call it, LOBSTER BISQUE! ….and other things.

  67. lol so funny!!!! love you guys!

  68. I went to Red Lobster a few months ago for my birthday, and they had a sign that said "We are currently creating a new ecosystem for our lobsters to comfortably live in" This doesn't make sense if they're going to boil them.

  69. That opening though

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  85. This isnt like making a souffle or sending a rocket to the moon…. IT'S COMPLICATED!!!

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    and he is funny


  94. Me:this is not that funny
    Also Me:(Eating Cereal)
    0:35 comes on
    Me:AHH#[email protected]&*$;(Chokes)

  95. How did studio c come up with this character

  96. I once LICKED a WHISK, and got BISQUE on my RIST, it was a big RISK for me because my cat HISSED at me and ate the BISQUE. (Not really, I’m just good at rhyming)

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