Cook your food in 5 mins while travelling|Carrot Rice| Lunch box recipe |recette de riz aux carottes

Hi friends, Today’s video is about cooking
your own food while travelling. I am going to show you carrot rice recipe. It just takes only 5 minutes and you can save
your time and energy searching for restaurants. So here we go.. Heat a pan and add 2 spoons of oil. You can use any cooking oil. Now add a pinch of cumin and mustard seeds. Leave it in the pan until they crackle. Now add 1 chopped onion and one green chilli
saute it until it is golden. Now add grated carrots. You can use 4 to 5 carrots. Saute it for 2 to 3 minutes. All the water content in the carrot should
be absorbed by the heat. Now add a half spoon of Turmeric powder and
One spoon of coriander powder. Mix and fry it for 2 minutes. Now add little bit of salt. Mix everything well and leave it for 2 more
mins. Now you can mix this with Rice or you can
use it as a sidedish for Chapathi. You can pack this as your lunch while travelling. It is very healthy and it is packed full of
Protein, Vitamin A and C which will keep you fully charged to enjoy your vacation time. You need not search for a hotel and spend
your money. It is easy and can be cooked in 2 mins.

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