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afternoon gates there’s the Christmas spam dance I’ve
not done this bum dance for a while so far barring a bar for Christmas so just
wait say thanks to everybody for subscribing to me so I got myself that
sorry about all tea shop what do you think of it Merry Christmas
so I’ve got my tart Pope I’m gonna do some Christmas cooking I’m gonna have
some turkey breast some pegs in blankets roast potatoes
I’m sorry boiled potatoes some carrots and Brussels sprouts but it’s fabulous
just to say thanks to everybody for watching me will for the gills so thanks
guys I’ll give you a look where I am and almost people all know where I am
but this is for new subscribers so I want to thank everybody and see Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year when it comes that so probably my wife’s
idea for 2018 my next value will be Killam Guam’s
I’m hoping it’s snowing I’m hoping I get tons of snow up there but that’s what
I’m going next it should be just a fun new year so
thanks guys there’s my top setup my usual
configuration I like to do and I’m just back down the beach
I like it down here so I just keep coming back it’s really nice yeah so the most budget like that feels
remote when you’re here and sometimes it’s just good to get out isn’t so I’ll
give you a look at the beach I’ll take my hat off kiss anybody sees me and
thinks I’m someone can I calm which which I am so there’s the beach it’s the
usual one two three sex people on the beach so let’s get the Kirk England will get
much on put back on because i was connecte shelley and all as december but
it really isn’t that cold but I spoil it for you think it is I’m not saying it’s
warm but it’s not cold so get it so I’m using the trans yeah but yeah rather
than using their necks pop there’s the actual myth bumble bowel and using that
I’m going to ear I’m going to use the actual gust of attachment for what you
do you’re stuck emptier like so and then attaches and it comes through there so this is an actual coffee one this
isn’t the actual real one the real ones like sixty pounds but
that’s one does the same job doesn’t and then they’re gas that goes onto the car
and then use later so we’ll get that luck there we go kick me gasps so I’m going
to use the kit that comes with their 25 the Catalan I’ve nicely used the gas
part of this much to be honest we’ll add the potatoes on have added
insulting pepper sea salt and some pepper is the Cecil causes of some black pepper so we’ll get that one come to Gaston because it was not very high for their
the war to boil the kill and then we’ll get the Brussels sprouts and the before
them should cook a vital ascent for one of the lads a fair joins watch and it
was all this exponents for the Trangia it wasn’t like made opponents for
America so I’m just going to use their frying
pot to keep their Brussels sprouts okay so that’ll pie take 10 minutes to cook
that it’s a little bit over the veggies ready
we’ll take that off or place it the hill I don’t put my lid on just to keep her
from a coolant done next we’ll get that you dare touch kion
and we’ll get their pigs in blankets up on them and I can tell so there they go so come that Lake down just tell us what summit you’ll get a turkey on and get to
coquí’s on ya eggs and blankets sorry Toki’s are a duffel brand used to work
in a factory the mid Kelly’s and preswick so tough give that stick my copy that on
so we’ll give that 10 to 15 minutes to cook I need to get a lead for the Trangia I’m
just going to use the pot one actually does fuck doesn’t that yeah it’s perfect
well that’s some Inari it’s homemade slain healer looking out over the trees
can’t beat shelling here couldn’t you know sort of like sand just be no it’s vertical I would see their talkies
ready I pan played it very slowly and I added the bottle onto so should be nice
and moist hopefully they’re pigs in blankets are ready so what I’m going to
do is I’m going to take them off and we add their potatoes in the back one just
for another column Alex so there we go guys that was my crust was done already
I’ve got some gravy get all my gravy on yeah how does that look who does that look but as always it’s
all nice so always thank everybody for watching
throughout the year and I hope you have a great Christmas and I could eight new
year thanks guys thank you when he would tuck into that so a little bit all guys he’s such well
they’re taught was as always leave no maths leave no trace so thank you I’m
heading home that way thanks guys Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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