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Guys we are in Zee tower located in media
city right in front of Melt and Roast multi cuisine restaurant. Let’s go get in and check
out what team Melt and Roast has got for us. Welcome to Melt and Roast kitchen, today we
have a different form of cooking. We are not here to introduce the chef, we are here to
introduce someone very important than the Chef. How a restaurant is run, obviously from
the owner and today the owner from this restaurant Melt and Roast is gonna share a recipe from
her hometown, none other than. Here Your good name? I’m Sophie, Sophie ma’am how
are you? Very good. I don’t have to explain I don’t have to ask a specific question that
I always ask the chefs, how long have you been in this industry. Obviously it would
be more than any emerging chefs out there, to all the women out there hats off all the
moms out there they have been in this industry I would say of cooking right from a very very
young age, and I would say 30+ years? No, that is a secret I will not tell okay, if
I tell my experience then I will become an old lady. What is the recipe of the day? Today
I am going to show you Mother’s Chicken Stew, Mother’s Chicken Stew from her hometown that
is Kerala, it is a very small place in Ernakulam district. From Ernakulam, there we go, Chicken
stew. We put a little coconut oil here, I think 2tbsp of coconut oil, not 2 tbsp because nowadays youngsters and they don’t like too much of oil. Okay
Then we use whole spices, in this we are putting cloves and green cardamom and also cinnamon.
Why we are using whole cardamom is because stew is something which is white in colour
so if we are using masala powder then the colour will change and then we put ginger
and also garlic. 3-4 of them,but then if you are making vegetable stew we don’t use garlic
but in chicken we use garlic because it is good for digestion and the flavor is strong
and then we put onion 1 whole. Then we put onion and fry it but we don’t fry the onion
too much because the colour of the onion becomes brown and can get into the stew, it shouldn’t
be dark brown it should be light and then we put green chilli and we also put some curry leaves
chilli, 2 whole green chilli and some curry leaves.
And then this halfway only we sort it, not too much. Once again reminding don’t overdo
it. Some water or you can even put milk also, you know when we take the milk out of the
coconut we take it 3 times, so normally we take out 3 times milk from the coconut and
the first milk is the best quality, it is sweet and thick and then we add little water
and take the second milk and third milk sometimes we take it is not compulsory but we don’t
want to miss out any part of the coconut, that is the authenticity of a recipe that
is being shared that is 3 types of coconut milk is used from the same coconut. Over here
itself there are 3 types of coconut milk as she has explained, 3 variants over here and
I don’t have to explain more about it.We would obviously be witnessing it here. This is just
like in the olden times like how our parents or mothers were there and they always used
every bit of any ingredient that we use. Coconut also is grown at home and we have got coconut
milk which is taken at home with hand only. After putting the water then we add the third
milk, that is the last milk. This milk can be boiled, like in case of the first milk
we can’t boil it. That I’ll tell when I put the first milk, I’ll tell you that one. Third
milk we can put it, we can boil it and then I add the chicken pieces. Stew is mostly known
as slow cooking method, very true. That is what I am going to do now. When we cook it
in the coconut milk what happens is that the taste of the milk and all what we have done
it will be induced into the chicken and stew is very blank. You know there’s not a strong
taste it is slightly sweetish, the colour will be white. Stew goes with appam, porotta.
So that’s why we have to be very careful, now after putting the third milk, that is
what I said, this milk can be boiled the third milk can be boiled. So now when we add the
third milk we have to cover this and keep it for 10-15 minutes. I could have done only
in the water, the chicken but then the chicken will not taste as good as the milk. Fine.
Because the milk need to induced into the chicken pieces and then we also need to add
the salt at this stage. Fine. Salt as per required, then one more thing is there, in
the stew we put potato and carrots. Is this boiled? This is boiled, you can put raw also,
if you’re putting raw you’ll see, the chicken takes more time than the vegetables, so what
you can do is you can wait for sometime and then add the vegetables or you can use cooked
vegetables right. I’m here going to use cooked vegetables. So it’s always better to use raw
vegetables actually. Cover this with the lid and cook for 10-15 mins. Let’s go
So 15 mins done. This is the first texture, now we are going to put the second milk. Second
milk into action, why are you showing us this recipe? This recipe is very very special to
me because this is my Mother’s recipe. Ammachi means? My mother was an excellent chef or
cook whatever you want to say. When I was growing actually I was not interested in cooking.
No interest in cooking and look who we got here now. Owner of a restaurant Melt and Roast.
Then I started looking back and then I started realising that the quality of the food which
they use, the raw material, they are all organic, I mean they are all grown in the farm and
the efforts which she puts, you know like if it was me I would have put a little coconut
milk and made it. But I remember that when she made this stew she gave lot of pain into
it, the time taken to make, to cook or the ingredients which she made is not like okay
you get everything in the market and you put everything and boil it and keep it. So the
difference I realised from my mother and my children, they were soo fascinated with her
cooking her food, then I was forced to learn. And then when I started giving to my friends
and all they started appreciating and they said wow this is soo tasty, so that inspired
me, that motivated me. And then I realised and I started cooking a lot. Food is something
soo fascinating, it’s an art, it’s a science. Okay now the chicken is almost cooked, so
what we are going to add is now the vegetables. So normally we can do 2 types as I already
mentioned, we can put raw vegetables then that we add after half cooking the chicken,
but in this I kept it cooked so we can add now. We need to nicely mix it. You know the
potato has starch in it which gives nice flavour to the curry and the carrot is slightly mild
sweet and of course carrot is very healthy you know that and chicken is full of protein.
So you know like knowingly or unknowingly in olden times my parents used to balance
the food very well. So carbohydrates and protein they used to give to us without you know like
doing all these scientific things they ensured that we are healthy and third milk when you
add you have to be extremely careful. Once you put the third milk you have to stir continuously
and you cannot allow it to boil too much. Now what you’re seeing the boiling is not
because of the third milk it is the first and second milk, because if you put the first
milk and if you allow it to boil too much there is a possibility that it can curdle.
So you can warm it up nicely but then you have to balance the temperature. And also
this the time you put little pepper and then you can also put green cardamom powder. This
gives lot of flavour. And then now you can remove, this is cooked well and is all ready
to serve. Ammachi’s(mother’s) chicken stew. I need some
appam! We have got some kallappam for you. Amazing dish Very well made stew. I am craving to have
it now. I am out of words. Let’s go and taste this dish, and the last bit, now you take
2-3 curry leaves which is the secret of it and a little bit of coconut oil and mix it
like this just 3/4th not much. You can do it like this nicely and then you can put it.
Not soo much Like a garnish? Garnish yes and this is the final court of it. The aroma
the texture the taste everything 100/100. Believe me audience please do try to make
this at home and witness what is gonna happen. Thank you Zubinology over and out. Do subscribe Share and Like this video
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