Chicken Shawarma and Lebanese Bread/Chef Ahmad’s Kitchen

hello everyone welcome to Chef Ahmad’s
kitchen Channel today we’re gonna make a Lebanese homemade bread and a wonderful recipe for chicken shawarma let’s start to make the bread on a mixer we put
flour salt mix them with your hands little milk instant dry yeast and sugar mix the dough is ready I’m gonna cut it in two
pieces shape it like a ball brush it with little oil and cover it and let it rest for about
35 minutes at room temperature milk can make your bread soft so when you use
this you can wrap it easily I have two chicken fillet that I smashed before I’m going to cut it into strips like that you can use boneless chicken laps I’m using here chicken fillet you can mix between boneless chicken laps and chicken breast as you like whatever you want you can use to make the shawarma
marination we put yogurt first we are going to make the marination tomato paste salt oil squeeze of lemon juice red vinegar for shawarma peppers there is here garlic powder, cumin powder cardamom ,powder all spices, paprika
powder, black pepper, cinnamon powder and ground cloves and ginger powder I’m going to add all those spices into this marination you know if you don’t have
all those spices no problem use the ones you have just give your shawarma good marination overnight and you’re going to have a great recipe mix them together add the chicken after cutting the chicken wash your hands and the cutting board mix it well after 35 minutes look the dough how much it’s soft and beautiful we’re gonna roll it make sure
you dough is thin like that ok make the dough with your fingers like
that to not allow the dough to raise on a pan put the bread medium heat look how much is
nice after 1 minute turn it upside down press it to let the air go out and this
allow for the dough to cook more I cook better here is ready don’t overcook your dough because if you cook it more it will be hard and will not be easy to wrap now on a pan or grill heat it very well before you cook your chicken we are going to use this lebanese nice
homemade bread should be covered well very nice we gonna add tasty garlic sauce look at that beautiful grilled chicken shawarma it smells so good some cucumber pickles tomatoes Lettuce now I’m going to taste this amazing shawarma sandwich really look amazing the chicken so much soft tender the bread
very good very delicious all the combination is very good I hope you try it if you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe and like and share see you next time


  1. Machallah amazing recipe greetings from India Afghanistan

  2. Looks delicious!
    I am currently looking up recipes for a Turkish/Lebanese style barbeque, now that the sun is beginning to peek its head out here in the UK. I will definitely be adding these. Cheers brother

  3. There are no measurements given so how can we make this recipe?!!!

  4. beautiful recipe

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    India pakistan ki Middile claas Public k lye

  6. Pls upload garlic sauce recipe

  7. Mashaallah yummy ….will follow up yur recipie..thnks ..mrs kenya

  8. Mashallah, great recipe. I will definitely try it. 👍👍

  9. Lebanese food is the best in the world. You love to eat again and again. I love them all

  10. Please what brand is that griddle for the bread? I live in Us and trying to make manaeesh and shawarma 😔

  11. Good one akhi

  12. Thank you so much for making it easy for the English speaking viewers.
    By the way you do speak good English I always followed your recipes in Arabic
    In the past but did not understand it. Now it's much easier for me in English.
    Once again Thank you for the effort.

  13. شيف احمد نبي طريقه صحيه 🌙رمضان قرب

  14. Wow! I love shawarma taste good yummy!!

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  17. ممكن بهارات الشوارما بالعربي

  18. Great recipe, first time I saw someone explaining how to make the bread in an easy way.

  19. MashaAllah.shukran for the recipe and the show

  20. What spices is II spices. I looked in internet and i don't find that.

  21. Ahmed you are excellent

  22. Thank you very much for your time and efforts. Anyway if I want big amount like 15kgs of chicken what's the ratio as well can you use same spices for meat as well. Email [email protected]

  23. Good shawrmo

  24. Greetings from Philippines! Shawarma is one of the popular in our Country. But none of the sauce , bread and meay that is good taste compare to Saudi Arabia in Khobar which I love to eat. The price of Shwarma is 5 SR and 10SR and it has french friesh, meat, vegetable and 2 kinds of bread to wrap one is soft and the other one is hard they called it kobos. 5 SR is hard bread no fries and 10SR soft bread with fries. I love the soft bread which I buy it more often when I was working last 2013-2015. Now I am here in my Country I did not find Shwarma company same taste in Saudi Arabia. When you buy shawarma here there is no fries and the meat is not good as other. Good business to open here that shawarma.that good taste of meat,.sauce, soft and hard bread to choose depends on the price

  25. Can you give me some tips if I want to make more than 2pcs.of flatbread,a measurement please?thanks a lot

  26. insha'Allah brother I will make it for iftar.nice recipe
    From London

  27. Yummy make's my hungry.

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  29. Thank you so much! Not enough Lebanese restaurants in England!

  30. Shawarma is my all time fav arab dish🔥🔥❤

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  40. Lebanese people are very kind hearted and their food sooooo yummy i miss my madam

  41. Sorry my friend ,iam lebanese as you are, this is an american version of our lebanese chawarma, also the bread is not the lebanses bread at allone does not put ilk in the should not ..give false recepies..pretending that all this food is lebanese..sorry for the comment…just want to clear things up a bit…..ask any lebanese baker if they do put milik or oil in their bread making

  42. Syedi Ahmed, please share video for Hummus Tahina Garlic Cream paste., How to make red chilli paste for Shawarma?… Shukran

  43. Looks delicious. Thanks. But if like it even better if you included the recipe along with the ingredients

  44. Excellent

  45. Are you not like Jewish,cannot mix the meat and dairy?

  46. I just made shawarma 🥙 my style and was delicious.

  47. Alguien puede traducir las epecies?graciaaaas

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    السندویتیش عملته وطعمه یجننننننن 👌

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  64. Hi Chef Ahmad's, me and my husband love your shawarma recipe. The textures of the bread it so prefect its not usual bread that you can buy in the souq, as well as the ingredients you used to marinate the chicken is so delicious. I love it . this recipe will always be in my breakfast and snack list. Hope to see more video with English subtitle. Again more power and blessing to your youtube channel .

  65. Hi Chef, it me again, I just want to request if you can upload a video recipe of white color kabsa rice .like or similar taste of the famous AL BASSIA or BR restaurant the selling roasted chicken with kabsa rice. Pls. Thank you…..:)

  66. Thank you Chef.

  67. I really love your recipes. Thank you for listing the ingredients.


  68. Love your recipes love your Channel this recipe shows you making the bread which just looks extremely delicious. Please can you or anyone reading this tell me what sort of pan is that that he's using the cook the bread on top of I've never seen anything like that I'm here in United States and I can't find anything on the internet showing anything that resembles that. I'd appreciate it if somebody could tell me where I could find one

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    متابع من نيويورك

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