CHICKEN ROAST without oven (Pakistani/Indian style)

Assalam o alaikm today i have a very delicious recipe for you and looks very eye catching and mouth watering when ever we have party or we invite someone on lunch or dinner ,we always wish that our dinning table looks like a restaurant,s table or better than that for that we need an eye catching and mouth watering dish that become center point on the table so this recipe is the same you,ll be very appreciated if you serve it as i do ,in sha Allah its taste is also great so lets note down the ingredients we need for it for this we need 1 whole chicken it weight approx 1 -1/4 kg or 1.25 kg make deep gashes in it or tell your butcher to do that for you make gashes on thighs,legs and breast it will help to absorb spices nicely In spices we need 1 cup (250 mg) yogurt lemon juice 2 tbsp whole spice pwd 1 tsp full coriander pwd 1 tsp full salt 1-1/2 tsp or to taste tikka or tandori masala (any brand) 2 tsp crushed red pepper 1 tsp red chili pwd 1 tsp kashmiri red chili pwd or paprika pwd 1 tsp turmeric 1/2 tsp,cumin pwd 3/4 tsp,black pepper pwd 1/2 tsp ginger/garlic paste 2 tsp full it is called nausader or meat tenderizer or you can marinate chicken over night but it makes chicken soft and tender from inside . i am using this only 1/4 tsp so what we do first. I give you an advice for your convenience that mix all spices in the yogurt and make a marinate then rub it on chicken by this each and every spice evenly absorb in the chicken add G/G paste lemon juice tandori or tikka masala coriander pwd black pepper,turmeric and cumin pwds crushed red chilies powdered red chilies and paprika whole spice pwd salt and meat tenderizer mix all things together nicely it is ready now rub it on chicken you will find it more for chicken but it will be used while frying and serving as well so it is enough or chicken apply marinate in the stomach cavity as well to make it evenly spicy from inside out so it is marinated now cover it with a plate and keep it in the fridge for 3,4 hours I have some vegetables here for just garnishing 1 carrot sliced or chopped as you like 1 green onion cut in to 1 inch pieces 1 capsicum 1 cup or quarter cabbage roughly chopped i will saute them in oil or butter and sprinkle salt and pepper when cool down ,its that simple now i take a big piece of foil and take out the chicken from the fridge now remove excessive amount of marinate for further use this will be used while frying and garnishing so i put the chicken on the foil paper pack or seal it nicely now i made a steamer to steam the chicken i put a wire rack which we use for hot pans in the center and put a steamer plate on it and pour water cover the lid and wait for a boil put chicken on the steamer cover the lid and cook it on med low flame for 45 to 50 mins I will check the water level after every 10 mins and i will add boiling water in it if required do not add tap water in it as it will decrease the temperature of the steamer so add boiling water every time you want to add so steam 45 mins then we will fry it add 1 tsp butter with 1 tbsp oil in a frying pan and add all veggies in it and saute them on high fame for just 1 to 2 mins add all vegetables together so these are done keep it in a bowl and set a side to cool completely then add salt and pepper do not add salt and pepper in hot veggies I steam it for about 45 to 50 mins it released some water so fry it now i will show you some thing that this is the left over marinate dry out this liquid in a separate sauce pan ,that,s why i said keep left over marinate for further use it is very hot so keep it with 2 tongs and put in the hot oil carefully be careful because it will splutter in the oil and give it a nice golden color from both sides chicken is cooked completely,i will show you see,chicken is completely tender and soft we only need color on it so fry just for 2 mins and you can serve it without frying as steamed chicken if you want it healthier do not fry just steam it and do not remove marinate from it now fry in from both sides mean while dry out the juices in another sauce pan to make a thick sauce or dip so i cook this left over marinate and juices from the steamed chicken in a sauce pan and make a sauce for it serve it in a separate bowl or apply it on the chicken so i will apply it on the chicken with a brush turn it to the other side again apply the sauce turn it again last time you can see the color ,chicken is moist and juicy fry it just 2 ,3 minutes more and then put it in the serving platter mean while i will garnish the platter for serving so i will arrange it in my platter ,you can see how beautiful it looks now i will apply more sauce on it to make it juicier from in side out if you make it in the oven,no need to do that ,put your chicken in the baking tray with all marination and roast it up to 1 hour on 180 degree celcius now a will serve remaining as a dip in a bowl my yummilicious CHICKEN ROAST is ready to serve you can also serve it with paratha or naan or serve it with rice as i do you can enjoy it with any thing you like very tasty recipe a bit difficult ,a bit lengthy but it worth your work and time try and give me your feed backs if you like my videos press like button below and subscribe my channel for more also check my face book page where i have many written recipes for you share your views and suggestions in you comments and remember me in your prayers ALLAH hafiz


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