Chicken and Potato Fried Rice, a delicious quick meal 鸡肉土豆炒饭

hi everyone today we’re going to make
chicken and potato fried rice I had pork and potato fried rice back in Chengdu a
long time ago I loved it I’ve been making it at home since then
and want to share with you guys today of course you can use pork too first
we’re gonna season the chicken with salt white pepper powder starch and some oil to make great fried rice you need to
use like a day or two old leftover rice so when you make your rice just put
less water make it harder and then we’re gonna break them up before we cook them
first let’s add some oil and stir fry the chicken after two minutes we’re going to take
out the chicken and set aside now we’re gonna add a little bit more
oil and white part of green onions and chopped garlic we’re going to stir fry
potatoes we’re gonna cook about three to four
minutes now we add a little bit salt now we’re gonna add the rice cook about another two (to) three minutes add a little bit more salt now we’re going to add the chicken
back last we’re going to add the green onions add a little bit salt our rice is ready very homey and
delicious chicken and potato fried rice it has rice potatos and chicken it can be a quick lunch or dinner hope you guys are going to enjoy it thank you so much for
watching see you next time


  1. First

  2. Thank you for this English version!
    I'm gonna make this!!

  3. So yummy 😍

  4. Hello looks great! Can't wait to make, Cheers Ling from Bay Area.

  5. Dear could u please show how do u cook the rice? Cuz I do not know how to cook this kind of rice and I love it.
    God bless u my dear
    Wonderful job👏👏👏👏🙏

  6. Thank you Ling for the great recipe, I love your One piece dress, it suits you perfectly, adorably cutee :3

  7. very good well done…

  8. thank u soo much sister ..

  9. Wish i had a Chinese wife like you ❤❤❤👄💘

  10. Thank you.

  11. How did you cut the potato?

  12. Nice recipe again. Thank you!

  13. Thank you for the recipes, you are the perfect example 🌹

  14. Can you teach us the noodles they have in Panda Express please, thanks!

  15. Is there any chicken organ soup recipe? Or any other (healthy) recipe that uses chicken giblets (heart, liver, gizzard)

  16. Looks very delicious. I too make home cooked Chinese foods. Someday I will try this recipe. The only thing I never use is adding salt during stir fry as my body does not respond well to it. Yes I have subscribed to your channel.

  17. We need Ling fashion channel 🙂

  18. rule number one: always season your food before garnishing.

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