Chicago’s Best Grilled Cheese: Lady Gregory’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

we’ve got a rule here on Chicago sex
whenever we do a cheese episode we have to feature a grilled cheese sandwich
fully gooey delicious and Jeremy on Facebook said that lady Gregory’s in
Andersonville had the ultimate grilled cheese
now Jeremy don’t go throwing around words you can’t take back all right so Marcus what made you want to bring an
Irish pub right here we really wanted to bring the Irish experience in a casual
upscale environment with some great comfort food when I think Irish food I
don’t necessarily think grilled cheese so where did the idea come to put that
on the menu well you know we have peace in Ireland –
yes yes we do for cheese’s tomato concasse bridezilla candied bacon and we
bring the tooth to the outside of the sandwich it’s decadent and fuelled
indulgence because very sensuous experience a nice okay that’s what I
want with my food I’ve been dreaming about it and been waiting for this I
cannot wait yeah I think it’s going to measure up
all right chef we are going to be preparing and the ultimate that’s right
this is our parmesan butter so we take Parmesan cheese and grind it up cheese
in the butter right so that’s the outside of namur so we’ll flip our bread
over so we have Gruyere cheddar mozzarella and breathe every handful and
put it on there career you’re going to say my right green career probably kind
of you think maybe I’m a French you know I’m either pretty agree agree yay this
is too much and I get a little cheese right and I will take it over the
griddle and that’s unreal all right let me just climb here you know sampling
when our cheese is nice and melty oh I get there this is do the same this will
give someone a heart attack we load up on the chopping we’ve got our tomato
concassé counterfeit yeah yes French dude I’m in our candied bacon cheese and
bacon you can’t go wrong no I like my favorite thanks there is it we finished
off with fried shallots and press our Louie gooey goodness together Alchemist
chances of making cheese ultimate post there you go have you had the ultimate
grouchy I have had the ultimate grilled cheese too many times
there’s so many Chivo there’s a multitude of cheeses you could put
cheese’s together they don’t work and these just look perfectly and just melt
in your mouth there’s no better grote it’s a really cool like very answer
I was blown away while making this in the kitchen
I could not believe how much cheese goes into this real meat
it’s the ultimate right the ultimate it really doesn’t get better than that
all right let’s dig in hmm right I love the French you get that crispy crunch of
the cheese on the outside with the parmesan all the different cheeses go
together so well they blend really well this is delicious this is like
perfection glad you like it why are you suppose we brought a little
taste of Ireland to Andersonville so it’s a place for everyone in the
neighborhood together and eat as much cheese as they can well I think cheers

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