Chefs losing jobs because of Junghyun? [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.03.23]

(How’s Pink Junghyun doing?) Pink Junghyun is plating her food now too. The rockfish. This is like restaurant food. Even professional chefs couldn’t do this. (Surrounded by rice cakes) The broth. (Dried bonito and anchovy broth) (Puts it into a different bowl) The canola herbs! – I must cook the herbs. / – She forgot something too. Let’s just cook it in this. It has to look pretty even though we’re late. (Adds it to the pasta water) That’s a great move. Making use of the boiling water. That’s it. 5 minutes left! – Not long to go. / – I’m going to copy what I ate at the restaurant last time. Parmesan cheese! Cheese grater. – Where did it go? / – Less than 5 minutes now. How do chefs actually cook like this? This makes no sense. (She grates the parmesan cheese) With a little olive oil. She melts the cheese in the frying pan. Did she melt the cheese? Yes. I saw the chefs do that recently. Isn’t the dish becoming too random now? (Aren’t your words too random?) Oh, al dente. I can tell it’s cooked al dente. I just need to cook it in the sauce now. (Oysters, shrimp, and pasta) 3 minutes remaining. Only 3 minutes left. How does the sauce taste? I’m sure she’ll say it’s good. This is incredible. Wow. (She says it’s good) Of course it’s good cooked with seafood. (Wait!) (This?) This is awesome. (Applause) (The seafood pasta is complete) This is awesome. Just need to add pepper now. How much time left? This is salt! – There’s no time. / – Where’s the pepper? Here it is. They did this in slow motion. (Cracking pepper as she runs) It’s not over till it’s over. (Adds the melted cheese on the rockfish) That’s what she’s done with the cheese. Finished? Finished! (Too short) She has to ding the bell. She can’t reach! She can’t reach! She can’t reach! (Here we go) (Cooking complete) Time, time! (How much time is left?) (She finished with 2 minutes and 40 seconds to spare!) (Unbelievable) 2 minutes and 40 seconds to spare? Chef Wonil. Amateur cooks shouldn’t be this good, right? This is bad news. How will we make a living? Wow! 2 minutes left. Awesome. (So proud) Awesome. I did it. Oops. I didn’t add the bead-shaped rice cakes. Oops. I didn’t add the bead-shaped rice cakes. She forgot it! (Commotion) – She forgot the rice cakes. / – She forgot. Again! Goodness, the rice cakes. Goodness, I’m sorry. Bead-shaped rice cakes. There we go. (Rice cakes) Bead-shaped rice cakes. Okay, again. Finished again. – Still with 2 minutes left. / – 2 minutes 20 seconds. Pink Junghyun is done. Now it’s Gray Junghyun. Now I just need the egg to boil. (Busy boiling) The egg. (Funny yet sad) Junghyun’s not talking as much. Yes. It means she’s nervous. That’s right. I can do this, I can do this. Less than 4 minutes left now. 3 minutes. (Taking out the egg after 2 minutes) Hurry up and cool. (What is the egg’s fate?) Is it soft-boiled? Did you want it hard-boiled or soft-boiled? It was supposed to be hard-boiled. It’s only soft-boiled! Oh no! Soft-boiled! It can’t be helped. You’re supposed to pretend like it was meant to happen. You’re right! Soft-boiled is good too. Soft-boiled is trendy these days. Don’t forget my poached egg topped rice. Gray Junghyun has 2 minutes remaining. She’s adding the final touch. It’s the final touch. (She dices up the cooked whites) I love eggs in spicy rice cake sauce. – Nice, nice. / – That’s what I’m after. Spread it all over. Should I add the yolk like a sauce? The egg yolk. That looks better. That’s even better. Even better. (It’s good but…) This is much better. (The time…) Does she have time for this? I know. – It’s almost over. 5… / – Done. 4, 3, 2, 1. (Did she make it?) Did she succeed? (Gray Junghyun succeeds with 1 second to spare!) Let’s give her a round of applause. (Unbelievable) Congratulations. Standing ovation from me. It’s too fancy to be called street food. It’s a fancy street food. She’s great with variations since she’s a good cook. (Seafood pasta and bead-shaped rockfish soup) I think the Retro Gaga is more my style. I want to eat this one. This one looks so good. Her application is amazing. Her application is really good. (Rice cake sauce rice pizza, bacon sausage hotdog)


  1. She’s so pretty and talented

  2. That looks so good! 😳

  3. So efficient.

  4. Wife material definitely and what's left is having a lovely children

  5. Awesome show

  6. She should open her own restaurant

  7. Awww she is finally won

  8. sorry to interrupt but where's ilwoo

  9. I love Junghyun and Yuri in the show.. I hope they stay for long time ❤

  10. Where is the full episode

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