Chef Wang teaches you: “Dry Braised Prawn”, a traditional Chinese dish, the taste is so good!

hello everyone, my name is Wang Gang Today I will share with you a traditional dish: Dry Braised Prawns Prepare fresh shrimps 500g Use scissors trim off all the prawn leg, feet, antennae and rastrum for use Because if you leave them on probable they could be over fired when you cooking And reduce the taste and appearance of the dish First, pick out the prawn line (the gut of prawn) with a toothpick Then cut a line on the back of prawn The purpose is to help the seasonings go inside of the prawn easier Next step let’s prepare the minor ingredient Prepare ginger 20 grams, and cut it into slices Prepare small green onion cut into long pieces Next step, let’s prepare the sauce 1g of white pepper powder 15g of suger Light soy sauce 25g Chinese cooking wine 35g Stir the sauce well Next, start cooking First, wash the wok Then heat up the wok After heating up the wok, add vegetable oil 20g and heat up to 180 degrees Celsius After the temperature reaches 180 degrees Celsius add the prawns Use medium heat to fry the prawn (the total fry process is about 5 minutes) The purpose of this step is make the shell crispy and delicious Fry another side of prawn when the oil becomes red (Prawn oil) When there is a lot of prawn oil, add 30g of Chinese cooking wine The purpose of this step is to remove the fishy smell of prawns Stir fry a few times, add the ginger and green onion Continue using low heat to fry few times, make the aroma of ginger and onion come out When the aroma comes out, add the sauce we just made And then using low heat to braise about 5 minutes The purpose of this step is make the taste go into the prawn When the sauce becomes thick and sticking on the prawn, the dish is ready to serve! A delicious traditional Chinese dish “Dry Braised Prawns” is finished!


  1. Hello everyone, I decided to run my international channel as a no voice channel in the future, but you can always turn on the CC to see the instruction. If you guys like it, please give it a thumb up and share with your friends!

  2. Today's dish is "Dry Braised Prawn", here are the technical summary:
    1. If you want this dish tasty, you must fry the shrimp oil out, when the oil becomes red and bubbly.
    2. No salt needed for this dish, the main taste is from soy sauce and sugar.
    3. The braised process have to use low heat, in order to get the best taste.

  3. 就跟看外國的影片一樣,大家不會在意語言,只要有字幕看得懂就好了。

  4. Parabéns chef Wang gang?? belo prato de camarões ??

  5. 剛哥也international了

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