Chef Rick Bayless Explains the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

I love my Kalamazoo grill Why? Because it’s so well built And it’s so versatile I can use it to cook with gas, or wood or
charcoal And the secret to it really Is this Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer If I want to cook with gas I just leave it
empty And you can see all those perforations in
there That ensures that the heat is distributed
evenly And it’s powerful heat Because every one of the burners delivers
25,000 BTUs They’re very heavy each one weighs about fourteen
pounds And they’re cast from lead free brass Now when I want to cook with charcoal or wood I simply load up the drawer Then close it And turn the gas on high That’ll catch really fast And then once the charcoal or wood is burning
really hot I have the opportunity to turn off that gas Or if I feel like I need a little bit of supplemental
heat I can leave it on One of the things that I love about Kalamazoo Is the attention to detail As the ash is falling off the wood or charcoal The burners have a ledge that will shed that
ash And then the ash will collect in a bin at
the very bottom I’m impressed by the craftsmanship of Kalamazoo I mean when you look at the welds and the
finish You can tell that there are people in Michigan That are taking real pride in their work In fact you even know their names Each grill comes signed by the craftsmen who
built it for you Without doubt Kalamazoo is a one of a kind Professional quality piece of cooking equipment


  1. We're not in Kansas anymore, are we?

    Not your typical 'Home Depot BBQ" at $15,000, WOW!

  2. Hahaha so because it has a fucking charcoal draw the cunt is 15 grand? 😂😂😂 what the fuck! Hahahaha what dumb cunts are buying this???

  3. almost 13K!!!!!. am I reading this correctly?

  4. $23k are you effing joking ?! F that. Wtf.

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