Chef Marcus Samuelsson Helps Cater a 700-Person Lebanese Wedding — No Passport Required

– Hi everybody.
– Hey Marcus. Welcome to our kitchen.
– Hey, how are you? Thank you for being here. Flattered to meet you.
– Hi, how are you? – Hi Marcus, how are you?
– This is Nahdie Shukr. – How are you Nahdie?
– Fine, how are you? – Her son’s wedding is tomorrow. – Congratulations.
– Yeah, yeah yeah. – That’s awesome.
– Gonna be a big wedding. – Are you excited?
– Yeah. – Oh good.
– He’s her oldest. – What’s his name?
– His name Mustafa. – Mustafa, and, so I heard, like, a couple of people are
coming to the wedding? – Yeah, oh, no couple, maybe 700. – 700, Oh my it’s a big one. – We’re making kibbeh which is on the menu tomorrow
for Mustafa’s wedding. – Oh nice, raw meat? – Yeah, raw meat. – I’m from Ethiopia and we have a very similar dish called
kitfo, it’s also raw meat. Please teach me how to make this. – She’s going to walk
you right through it. – So what do we have here, what’s in this? – Wheat.
– Yes. So this is the base?
– Yeah. This is rosemary.
– Cumin, rosemary, mmmm. – And this is uh,
– Chili pepper. – Yeah, we mix it, we like – Nice. – [Marcus] Are you
nervous for the wedding? – [Nahdie] No, no, I’m so excited. – I can pour for you.
– Okay. – Oh you dump the meat in there, nice. So this is beef right? – Yeah, this is beef.
– Oh. – Halal beef, 100%.
– 100%. – [Nahdie] All these people
in Dearborn eat halal. – Halal, right?
– Halal meat. – Kibbeh is almost like a, I would say Lebanese raw beef tartare. First of all, eating raw meat, the meat is the cleanest,
freshest already. And you know there’s a certain
style that you have to do it. – Yeah, I need some more water. Thank you. No more salt? – No, no this is beautiful. This is so nice. This is fantastic. – Thank you.
– This is really, really good. And you know what I love
about Middle Eastern food, it’s very flavorful, it’s not super spicy, it’s just so much flavor. Nice, beautiful. (relaxing music) – More pepper.
– It’s beautiful. A little heat, a little jalapeno. Nice. Well done. – Thank you. I want to invite you for
my son’s wedding tomorrow. – Thank you very much. I see you at the wedding tomorrow. Thank you so much and congratulations. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – All of you guys are more than welcome. – [Joe] Tonight what’s happening
is my nephew’s wedding. It’s a big wedding. It’s over 700 people
we’re serving tonight. Everybody ready?
– Yeah. – Okay. Everybody got towels, gloves on? – Yes sir.
– Okay let’s get to work. I’m the owner of Byblos Banquet Hall. I’ve been in Dearborn
since ’79, my hometown. I was born in Lebanon. I came to America, I was 13 years old. We started our family business, originally in the gas station business. But since my childhood I love cooking. I like it so much I started
cooking at home and learning. We do 100% halal food. We do all kind of weddings and, and the majority of the events, they come and they love our food, they like the Middle Eastern food. Alright let’s do the hummus. I have a policy when we serve the food, I don’t allow nobody to
talk unless we have to. So we can concentrate on
the looks of the plate, and the quality is gonna come
out in front of the guests. – Hummus we like to call
the bride of the table, so if you don’t have hummus at a wedding, it’s kind of like not having a bride. – [Joe] Alright, make sure
you put the pomegranates on the baba ganoush. Wash this, put the strainer,
put them in the cold water. Have them ready for me over there. Okay, we gotta make a
little bit of the tabbouleh. The tabbouleh contains chopped
parsley, diced tomatoes, and we got some chopped
onion, green onion. On top of that we use homemade
dry mint, crushed wheat. Tabbouleh has to have 100% olive oil and I get a lot of my
olive oil from overseas. This is the lemon juice here. And at the end, you add
a little salt to it. But you don’t add a lot
because the lemon juice that gives it kind of soury, salty taste. Get two, two. And the boxed diced tomatoes. – It’s getting close to go time. (romantic music)

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