Chef José Andrés Upstaged Donald Trump At World Series Game 5


  1. $76k given from the book? That’s pretty disappointing. That’s like a single 30 second ad on the Late show.

  2. Thank you 🙏🏻 Hurricane help. 🇵🇷🇺🇸🙏🏻

  3. When someone is getting booed by the Washington elites in there section of the crowd at the world series that's my kind of man.I'm a anarchist and hate all politicians and elites and I keep seeing all these people I hate hate trump so he's alright In my book hope he throws more of a monkey wrench in the system.

  4. I can't wait till Crapburt cries like a baby back bitch when President Trump wins the 2020 Elections.

  5. " That's like getting kicked in the nuts by an apple pie" 😂

  6. José is a reminder to us all that…the Colbeard needs to come back.

  7. an entire stadium boo him makes feel less alone.

  8. 🇺🇸🏁🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  9. This will be written in history books and baseball cards!

  10. We love chef Jose here in DC. He's just a genuine and kind man, who is a staple in the DC food scene. I've never met him in person, but friends who have say is funny and easy to talk to. Go Jose!

  11. an entire stadium boo him makes feel less alone.


  13. Late show audience wasn't messing around. That was beautiful.

  14. The Orange Man Bad Channel.

  15. GET THE CUFFS !!

  16. So what? Boring at best.

  17. Karma is a bitch.

  18. I LOVED THIS !!!! This is a AMERICAN GAME an TRUMP IS NOT A AMERICAN HE IS A COMMUNIST !!! HE GOT WHAT HI DESERVES !!!! Buckle up cause it is gonna get worse actually better when he is LOCKED UP !!!! Show those taxes to show the HIDDEN MONEY !!!!!

  19. A real President, can throw a Baseball.

  20. It was almost November. Of course the place was full of snowflakes

  21. Next, he'll find out the Bloods aren't wearing MAGA hats, either.

  22. When Pence went to ballgame in Indiana, he was booed and people threw shit at him. Then he becomes Vice President. Indiana hates his guts. And now, the whole world does.

  23. All BS aside doesn't Ms. Trump look like a Transvestite? Im serious

  24. My faith in my fellow Americans is slowly healing.

  25. 🆘 Stephen Colbert you’re a liberal California morally bankrupt jerk. I never watch your show and never will and you’ll never be a Johnny Carson. So stay in California the liberal morons in LA LA land deserve you. 👎

  26. 🆘 Stephen Colbert you’re a liberal California morally bankrupt jerk. I never watch your show and never will and you’ll never be a Johnny Carson. So stay in California the liberal morons in LA LA land deserve you. 👎

  27. I wonder if he thought all that red in the crowd was MAGA hats?

  28. Trump has invited the team to the White House.

    Please join millions of baseball fans urging the Nationals to maintain their honor and refuse the invitation.

  29. People are saying…wow that was a perfect booed

  30. Lock Him Up😂👏👏

  31. "The President of the United States got booed while watching the national pastime."

    What do you mean? Booing the pResident IS the national pastime!

  32. Trump lied about being invited to throw the 1st pitch. It makes sense to give it to someone else, since Trump can only throw tantrums

  33. Someone please make some BOO Tshirts in orange letters!!

  34. He lost the popular vote and it’s refreshing to finally hear it 🤙❤️

  35. And it's all your fault 4 eyes

  36. Jon Batiste detracts from your show.

  37. Chef Jose Andres- I salute you. You are a compassionate respectable man. You have my utmost respect

  38. CHILDREN you can BOO and POUT all you want! BUT HE is still
    TRUMP 2020!!!!❤❤❤

  39. The fans booooos was what Trump needed to let him know If you refuse to take a part and throw out the first ball. Trump does not follow any traditional ruled. Stay home you do not belong in the stands . He claimed N.Y. Officials treated him bad. Who want a Rich Tax Mooching Rebel Leach who Own businesses in other Countries as a N. Y. Resident .again Boo Hoo. Hoo

  40. Stadium spectators: "LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!"
    Studio audience: "LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!"
    I think much of the U.S. (and a fair part of the Western World) world would agree with them.

  41. I'm in the Bahamas currently living in a shelter and the World Central Kitchen dudes come all the time to feed us. I just clicked on this video to watch trump get boo'd but now I know the guy who's responsible for feeding me through these hard times. Thank you José!

  42. You have to love Melanias frown in her facial expression

  43. A great American event! Lock him up!

  44. Chef Jose, a better American Patriot than WEAK WHINY Bonespurs!

  45. CONald j trump, the American Judas!

  46. Its hard to throw a baseball with two hands.

  47. You sow hate and reap same. You reap what you sow.

  48. The only Nobel prize that José Andrés is going yo get is the Nobel pizza price. José Andrés is a so auto-called inmigrant when hi id a completly and full of rights Spain-euro citizen. Shame on you fat José Andrés, yo can't lie to me. How much you try to insult Mr. President Trump, doesnt mean you are relevant. Un deed I think you are spunk José

  49. The book is out of stock on Amazon!

  50. From cheering to booing lol 😂

  51. Andres made sandwiches every day for federal employees during the 2019 government shutdown. God Bless Andres and his WCK efforts!

  52. can you do a show without Donald Trump …I guess Not? Rating continues to shrink without the Donald..sad show.

  53. trump should arrest all hbo hosts and reform hollywood to avoid criticizing republicans.

  54. @

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  56. He did go out again. Last night at a UFC event in NYC, the audience boo’d him and not a few were giving him the finger as well. (Captured on multiple mobile devices.) I feel really sorry for his Secret Service detail.

  57. TDS…….

  58. I'd like to punch Colbert in his smug face….I can't stand him

  59. Lock him up!!!!!😜🍻🇺🇸

  60. It was a great BOO!

  61. He really thought everyone would be cheering for him. And ask him to throw the first pitch. Thank you 'true' Americans. When I thought it was getting dark, I saw light..Thank you folks you did GREAT!!

  62. Right on Nats fans

  63. Every single President is booed at the World Series. This isnt even news. You haters just look pathetic. 2020 is an easy landslide.

  64. The Nationals might be my new favorite National League team, for having the Orange Asshat and Jose Andres on the same night

  65. I wonder how much Andres pays his illegal kitchen help.

  66. Puerto Rico still needs help!!! It is being suppressed !!!

  67. I love that this chef is helping the people at the Bahamas. Meanwhile Adolf Twitler calls them dangerous gangsters

  68. At the Minneapolis TRUMPANZZE NAZI/FASCIST/KKKER RALLY, one of the hand picked supporters on the stage behind trump, the front line,to the right of trump & behind him, the man with the gray goatee held his left hand under his left eye & gave trump "THE RIGID DIGIT."

    It is clearly visible on the visual recording of the start of trump babbling.

  69. Pres. Trump 2020! Colbert blows.

  70. F$&@ robots. Y’all will be lost forever because you’ll always be followers never leaders.


  72. In 1957 the US invented the internet.  Since then they had little understanding of
    how powerful it is for people to being able to communicate directly with one

    After the social revolution of the ‘60’s the US government
    has been on campaign of dumbing down the education system of this country.

    When Mosaic has released, the first internet browser to
    transmit text and images on a page along with hyperlinks, the US congress tried
    to scare US citizen away from using the internet sighting “… the dangers of
    internet addiction…”  The murderous duos
    responsible for the Columbine massacre were falsely portrayed in the movie of
    being sensitive nerds and internet hacks.

    While the US government tried simultaneously to scare US
    citizens from the internet and look for ways to control this new tool Russia
    embraced this technology and encouraged its best minds to master the

    This demonstration of the Russians being able to influence
    US elections is troubling.  Especially if
    the Republican Party is too afraid of losing their seats to do their sworn duty
    to defend the constitution of these United States.

    It now appears Rudy Giuliani has always
    been corrupt.  Prosecuting is mob bosses’
    rivals while keeping his Don’s interests free of investigations and prosecution.

    Now that we have a criminal businessman bought and paid for
    by the Russians in White House with access to all of our government and
    military secret internet vaults and servers. 
    What access does Putin have to US troop movements, election electronic counting
    systems, and US finical trading markets.

    Russians have put their fingerprints on the tainted American
    election process as a demonstration of what they can do.  tRump’s presidential win is the Russian show
    of force.

  73. Stephen Colbert is the man!

  74. That fat bastard finally got a decent dose of reality……

  75. The Nats wore MAGA hats at the white house when they came to visit after the series. They also gave Trump a Nats jersey and thanked him for keeping America safe and great. Won't see that in the media industrial complex. Shove it Colbert, you p*ssy. Trump 2020 as much as it hurts you. 😉

  76. Remember when Colbert cried like a whiney little bitch when Trump WON? PRICELESS. He's still whining

  77. I bought a book for you guys, best wishes from Canada.

  78. I ordered from Amazon, and then they said my order was cancelled!! I don’t understand. I’m Canadian, and just wanted to help!!

  79. Congratulations on the $76,442 :DDD

  80. Just bought the book 📚

  81. He got " Booed ", musta done things of wrong , any takers as to whom will spank his ass again ?

  82. Where can I get this book in the UK? I'm sure it'd be a best seller over here!!!

  83. who is the guy at :22 right below tRump? Looks like Steve Carells cousin

  84. Best boo, best look on his face, best moment of his fake term.

  85. I’m ordering that book now from Amazon and making a donation.


  87. So now are we going to hear from dummies that the entire stadium is Democrat? My family are mostly registered repukes and even they are embarrassed by blindly voting for whatever pile of crap is offered up. Stupid lemmings. The system is broken, always has been in our lifetime. Applause to registered independents.

  88. Thank you Jon for that little Bennie and the Jets quote 😀

  89. Trumps next stop to search for praise is good ole racist alabama.
    They allegedly are going all out to give him cheers, and drown the boos..I hope the same people who booed him, and chanted lock him up, attend the LSU vs. Alabama game on saturday November 9th 2019.

  90. God bless the president of the United States of America Mr Donald j Trump and keep Mr President safe from this devil's puppets 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  91. Taste of his own medicine there

  92. Love it… trump remember, the world hates you…

  93. At 0:23 when Milania realizes she needs to smile is me every day of my life

  94. Chef Andres is truly a wonderful human being. I hope he wins. Even if he doesn't… He is a hero to millions of people.

  95. Smithers are they booing?
    No sir they're saying boourns.

  96. Trump got good for in Washington. Who would have guessed. Keep dreaming, corrupt creepy Joe, fake Indian Warren, Commie Bernie, woman basher Booker, Buttman the unelectable, all can't beat Trump. Tulsi a chance but Hillary has said no because Tulsi won't keep her Epstein secret.

  97. Islam are right about women

  98. How much did the Dems raise for Haiti?

  99. Obama loved by a foreign country. Trump, hated in his own town. Just think about that for a sec….

  100. You're ratings are plummeting LOL. Always taking cheap blows on Trump and filling your country with hate for him. He'll win again… you can't brainwash the people of America… just the haters.

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