Chef Enrique Olvera On Mexican Culinary Traditions

I’ve never felt like I’m a traditionalist in the food world. I believe in a Mexico that is much more contemporary. When I walk in the streets of Mexico City, that’s what I see. That’s how I eat at home most of the time, and that’s what we trying to do here at Pujol. Yes, I mean we’re in love with our cuisine. But we believe that the best is in the future. In that we are very American. A lot of Mexicans think the best is in the past, and you see them — when they talk to you it’s like “oh this city has been going on for thousands of years.” And to me, yes, that is important if it makes you a better city now. We’re invested in the present, and happy about the future, and proud about our past.

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  1. Q algien m ayude qiero trabajar en su restaurante

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