Cheeseburgers, Weed & The Seahawks: Chef’s Night Out in Seattle with Josh Henderson

There might be a lot of Seahawks talk
tonight just cuz we.>>Sea-hawks!>>We, we tend to.>>Sea-hawks!>>We like the hawks.>>We get a little
jacked up.>>We do.
>>Sea-hawks! Sea-hawks!>>We do.
>>Get a little excited.>>We hate San Francisco.>>Yeah, we do. We fucking hate them. [MUSIC]. I can’t wait.>>Oh.>>Three peat.>>I want another season. [MUSIC]. My name’s Josh Henderson
and I am the Chef and Owner of Huxley Wallace
Collective in Seattle, Washington. Well, Huxley and Wallace
are my sons, Huck and Wally and Huxley
Wallace Collective is just sort of
the parent company, if you will of,
of a lot of different. The restaurants. We have Westward, wich
is on North Lake Union. Very nautical
inspired space on the water with
a big 60 foot dock. The space is very
whimsical, kind of little bit life aquatic is kind
of our, our, was our. Inspiration in a way. That space really
is driven from a food sense by Zoe,
who’s our Chef there and has a very strong sort
of root in Greek and sort of
Mediterranean food. And so, that weaves its
way throughout the whole menu with,
it really focusing on foods that are inspired
by the Northwest waters. If you want to
call it that. And then, Quality Athletics is
gonna be our sort of version of a sports
bar in Pioneer Square. And really it
is to me about, a place that celebrates
sport as opposed to a place that
celebrates teams. We have Hollywood Tavern, where we’re at
here today. Hollywood is in the
Woodinville Wine Country about 20 minutes
from Seattle. And really our
goal here is to be kind of your classic
roadside tavern. Great cheeseburger, fried
chicken sandwich, but done really, really well. We’re gonna make the
Hollywood cheeseburger. Little bit of sea-salt. Little bit of butter
is gonna give you that caramelization too. The key to a good burger. [SOUND] Is a toasted bun,
Because the best cheeseburgers are
the ones where you squish them and they
stay there, you know, they don’t bounce back. You want them
to just sort of form around there. I had worked in restaurants all basically
throughout high school. But at the time
I was like, I didn’t really know
what I wanted to do. So I went to
music school. After music school, went
to the CIA in New York. [MUSIC]. Carmalize the onions, and
then want at the least top five cheeses in the
world, American cheese. There’s the burger. Yeah, I mean,
I lived in L.A. for about three years. I was cooking for photographers so
I’d like travel around, while they took
pictures of models or cars, I would like be
in the R.V., cook for them, travel around
the country. So I’m gonna do. I guess the cafe
kinda pasta. So we got a little bit
of celery leaves and flat leaf parsley, and I’m really just looking
for it to be saucy. I want the sauce to
be coating the pasta. I just decided that
I kinda wanted to be closer to home and
not travel as much. So, we started
Skillet in 2007 and then, kinda just. Did our thing there, and
then I sorta separated a bit from Skillet a couple
of years ago and started Huxley Wallace Collective
and, here we are. [MUSIC]. That’s it.
A little bit of pasta.>>Every time I get on a
boat, like, one of those, like, you know,
like boats for hire, I always go up
to the wheel house. Shitfaced, and
I’m like, I got this. If you want a breather,
like, I got this. Don’t worry.>>So, we started at the Hollywood tower last
night and Brian Chandler, who is the big,
sort of John Goodman, the, the goofy dude who
talked way too much. He’s a buddy of mine
who worked for Skillet. He started out as one of our cooks a long
time ago and. And then Greg Danforth
is just a friend of our family, that him and his wife are great
friends with myself and my wife and their kids. We hang out and
he’s just a good dude.>>All right,
we’re rolling.>>Game on.>>Yep.>>Chug them if
you got them.>>At the end of the
night, lets go do donuts.>>Control issues. We will go down to
Gasworks park and just burn these tires up. It’s a rental.>>Let’s go mental. I didn’t pay
the extra eight dollars for insurance. It’s all right,
we are covered. As long as I am in
the car we are covered.>>I have got a 300
dollar credit card limit.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH].>>It’s one of those.>>I’ve got you covered.>>[LAUGH].>>I got an Urban Spoon deal. So we headed
to Roux first, which is Matt Lewis’
place, and Matt Lewis started a food
truck about a year and a half after Skillet did
called Where You At, Matt, and so
his food is, you know, very New Orleans inspired
sort of Southern food, and so it’s good. He does a really,
really good job.>>That’s a Sea-hawk.>>No way.
>>Who is that?>>No,
it’s not a Sea-hawk.>>I’m gonna [INAUDIBLE].>>I’m gonna ask Matt.>>You’re so bad.>>Yeah, yeah. No, dude, it totally is. No, it is.
>>Was that, do you know that guy?>>That was.>>I think he’s one
of the Sea-hawks.>>That’s what I thought!>>You guys are just
saying that cause he’s a big black guy.>>No, no, no. I would trust him.>>He has a goatee.>>Yeah, I do too,
that’s why.>>He’s allowed to
say that, I’m not. [LAUGH].
>>He was a big boy.>>Well,
I’m a big boy too.>>As soon as he saw
the camera, he was like, “I’m fucking
out of here.”>>Is there anything in
particular that you want? That you. Dude. The rabbit saddle.>>For sure.>>I saw pictures
of that.>>We had some
fried rabbit.>>That’s
the cutest biscuit, you’re ever gonna find.>>This man has never met
a camera he doesn’t like.>>Same could be said
about a girl too.>>[LAUGH].>>We had some pig ears
with blue cheese and celery kinda done
buffalo wing style. These are the best pig
ears for sure in town. We had some sausage with
some kraut, looked like. That was pretty good. The sausage texture
was really nice. We had some deviled
eggs and some oysters. We had some
fried gizzards.>>Gizzards for you boys.>>Thanks, man.>>God damn,
this is so good.>>Yeah.>>Oh, wow.>>This is what, a
chicken nugget should be.>>I mean just get
me a mint julep. And a couple beers and it
was, service was great. Cheers guys.>>I don’t know
where to start!>>I don’t drink
out of straws, I don’t know what to do.>>[INAUDIBLE].
>>All right, thank you. The problem is with
this though is that. You wanna just like
eat everything. Wouldn’t that like.>>Three hours
more of this. Yeah, and then while
we were there, ,. Tony Bock.>>Who’s our assistant
GM over at Westward, hopped in and
he hung out with us for the remainder
of the night.>>That was amazing.
>>God dang.>>There wasn’t
one thing. That I put my mouth and
it, love, I mean->>That’s what I
wish she had said. [LAUGH].>>She never says
that to you.>>Go on, Tony. Don’t make me struggle
in front of you.>>Oh, man!>>Yeah, when we got
to The Old Sage, Brian and Dana. Who are the Chefs there,
are good friends, and they have a number of
restaurants in town, one called Spur, Tavern
Law, catering space called Coterie Room,
and then, old Sage. We could like, get really
shitty here then go to Loretta’s,
and then like.>>Fuck, yeah, I mean look at how much
good whiskey they got.>>I know.
That’s the problem too.>>This is what
it’s known for.>>The problem is
the food is so good.>>Yeah.>>They probably
have the best, one of the best
bar programs from a restaurant group
perspective. They really just
are focused on craft cocktails, and
craft brown liquors, white liquors. They do a really amazing
job and they tend to kind of steer more towards
the speakeasy style.>>I’ll give
you a Toyota.>>Totally, yeah.>>Hey.
What’s up babe. How are you.>>I’m little Brian. This is
>>Big B.>>Big Brian. For once in my
life I was little.>>Yeah, not very often. How you doing?>>What,
what do you wanna drink? Oh.
>>Yeah.>>Something delicious with whiskey.>>Well, here you go. We, we’re $50 is
the minimum that we’re spending.>>Minimum?>>We wanna,
we wanna like, break the bank
at this one.>>Wow. I can do that.>>Yeah. And the food,
we had kind of a coppa di testa is what
it, it looked like. And the technique
on it was great. It came with this
malted mustard. It was really delicious. So, you take it,
it’s like a sandwich. A little bit of this,
a little mustard. Look at that.>>Then we have
some smoked and malted baro,
I believe, with kale. And in like, a risotto style, which
was super-delicious.>>This one here
is Acaraje.>>This way.>>And it’s
an Afro-Brazilian dish. Made of fermented
black-eyed peas.>>Do you whip
it by hand? Or do you?
Yeah.>>By hand, right. By hand.
And I think the, the, the old Brazilian ladies,
they be whipping it by.>>They got
strong forearms, know what I’m saying?>>They’re just
doing it by hand. Out there, yeah. [LAUGH].>>There’s no
meat in here. This is not
chicken nugget.>>Nah.
>>That’s good.>>It’s good, though.>>This is applewood
smoked duck wings.>>All right, duck wings. Look at that, look at
that, right there.>>Oh, the bone out. Boom.
>>And that’s how you do it.
>>Look at that. It’s not like
munchy food, but it’s fucking good food.>>Pork belly with
miner’s lettuce spring onions and malt vinegar, and
a english pea polenta.>>Polenta with
just a gele is like almost
a dish on it’s own.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>You know, it’s so good. The peas were phenomenal. I could have buried my
face in a bowl of those. So we should let’s
head to Loretta’s.>>All right. Are we heading
to Loretta’s?>>We’re heading
to [INAUDIBLE].>>Don’t mock my lisp,
Josh.>>From there we
hopped in the car and went down to Loretta’s. Roscoe, Roscoe!>>Right here,
hard right.>>Hard right,
hard right!>>Hard right,
you got it, you got it.>>Just do it. Who cares about
the camera?>>Cars behind you,
gun it. [LAUGH].
>>Cock shot. [MUSIC].>>We’re okay. We’re all okay.>>Sorry.>>It either smells
like skunk or weed. I think that’s weed.>>Yeah.
I think it’s skunk.>>Can we. No, no, no.
We need to find where that’s coming from.>>[LAUGH].
>>And Loretta’s is just a little kind of a, a
northwest, a little bar. Just low ceilings,
tons of wood. Great spot. I love, I just love
the feel of the place.>>He’s a Sea-hawk,
isn’t he?>>Sea-hawks.>>The black hag.>>[INAUDIBLE]
is he six foot?>>[INAUDIBLE]
[INAUDIBLE] [CROSS-TALK].>>Sea-hawks.>>Sea-hawks.>>Sea-hawks.>>Sea-hawks.>>Sea-hawks.>>There it is [LAUGH].>>Yeah [LAUGH]
this is this bar right here, man. Look at all these amazing
people that are here, you know,
what I’m saying? It’s we have all
different shades of life right here, you know?>>Smells like
skunky weed.>>We have fucking
skunky weed. I got a fucking
roach in my pocket.>>You know,
that’s how we fucking do it here,
friend. This is fucking
Washington.>>Now you gotta
smoke weed with him.>>Oh, totally, yeah.>>So
do you think that guy plays for the Sea-hawks? Plays for the Sea-hawks? No, he doesn’t.>>No, god danggit Greg.>>And we’ve got
some cheeseburgers. It’s a great
cheeseburger. You can’t argue
with delicious. The burger is simple and
solid and compact. It’s good.>>They don’t care. They, they know that
they got a good. Thing here. Then that’s beauty.>>Dude that burger, that burger might be
the perfect burger for when you’re fucked up and
you’re, let’s say, you can get
this burger at home, I think it might be. I don’t know if he would
choose this burger over sex, but
it would be close. So Dave brought us some
joints, and, you know, here in Washington it’s
legal so we yeah, we, we smoked some joints.>>Shit. [MUSIC].>>He handed me this.>>Yeah.
>>And shoved that into my pocket.>>[LAUGH].
>>And I’m like.>>He did or you did?>>No, he did and
I’m like.>>He just gave
that to you?>>Yeah, he’s like he just threw it
in my pocket.>>Oh, my god.
>>I’m like, I love you.>>Wow.
Nice. Dude are you serious? Nice work. Jesus Christ.>>[INAUDIBLE]. We share.
>>Yeah.>>It’s funny that how pot’s legal in
Washington. Just, no one cares. It’s just, it’s like,
it’s just it’s so funny because I remember
when it wasn’t, or when it wasn’t legal,
obviously. And, I remember
being like, you know, worried
that the cops where, like, outside my door. You know,
you’re all paranoid. And, but now that it’s
legal, it’s just, it’s. It’s nice. I’ve been, I’ve been
smoking since you know, I don’t know,
since I was like, probably early
20’s off and on. So, it’s just, you know, it’s nice to have
in Washington now. Alright, we should
head to Westward. [INAUDIBLE].
>>Josh, he’s trying to leave.>>back.>>God damn it. Jesus Christ, Greg. Fucking ninjas.>>I’m gonna puke in my fucking need to
smoke a cigarette.>>But I’m gonna
put on my seatbelt.>>There you go,
way to be safe. [COUGH]. I like to live
dangerously. Brian?>>Yeah, guess what? I can’t even do that
cause I’m a sailor, dude. It’s not an->>You should eat it! Like, pedophiles
can’t smoke weed?>>Pedophiles
can’t smoke weed! [LAUGH] That’s
a proven statistic in the court of law! Pedophiles can’t
smoke weed, but they can finger
young males- .
>>Woah!>>Stop!>>Woah, woah, woah!>>Man.
>>Dude, do you not have a line? Oh, man.
>>Ready, Josh? We’re gonna go fucking
get some nacho fries. Nacho fries!>>Fall out of
the fucking car. Come on. You want to do this? [LAUGH].>>Do you want to
go [INAUDIBLE.>>No, I really don’t.>>Yep,
got back to Westward. Seemed like they were
there having a good time. I was pretty hazy when
I walked into Westward. They do.
Yeah, yeah.>>Oh, yeah, yeah.
[CROSS-TALK].>>And then,
then we decided to be the first to smoke
a j in on camera. For, for a
>>Oh, did you really?>>Yeah, yeah.
>>In the van?>>Mm-hm. Fuckin eh!
Good for you.>>Yeah.
>>Welcome to Washington, assholes.>>That’s right [LAUGH].>>I mean, folks. [LAUGH].>>We are lit.>>[LAUGH].>>Are we lit already?>>We are.>>No way!>>I think what
I want is ice.>>[LAUGH].
>>Ice in the mouth?>>Mm-hm.>>Ice it up. Yeah.
>>I have the worst like cottonmouth and
this ice is amazing.>>[LAUGH].
>>So walked in and we had planned to do
like some french fries. With a little,
kinda cheesy sauce. This is our kinda
cheese sauce or queso. This is a mix of like
american, gruyere and I think some little bit
of gouda with some. And which kind of makes
it bind to like a cheese sauce without use flower
or anything like that. Some crispy pork and and this sort of like this
sauce that we do, that’s sort of
a chili based sauce [MUSIC]. Now we just made some
sloppy french fries and people dug in and
it was good. [MUSIC]. [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC].


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