Ceramic Non Stick Smokeless Stovetop Grill

You love to barbecue! But carrying all that clutter’s a pain! And it’s even worse
when it starts to rain. Well now you can bring
your grilling indoors. Hey, Spike Mendelsohn here with my Gotham Steel Stove Top cooker. The easiest, fastest way
to get that barbecue flavor right onto your stove top. It’s made with Ti-Cerama, super strong titanium
and super slick ceramic, so nothing sticks. Not even this ooey-gooey cheese! And nothing scratches it! Use metal utensils anytime you want. Plus, this unique water basin
keeps smoke to a minimum, ’cause hot oils and
fats drip into the water and not on the heat. And less fat means healthier food! Now, barbecue chicken to perfection. Just look at those grill marks! And the burned sauce
wipes right off with ease! Or grill cheeseburgers faster
and juicier than ever before. The secret is out combo
cooking technology, using direct heat from the flame and hot steam from the
water in a one-two punch to cook food faster and ensure the most tender juicy results. So now you can grill and
steam delicate salmon and never worry about skin sticking. Or make delicious grilled veggies. Even large flames won’t
damage the Ti-Cerama surface. The kids will love these
grilled cheese sandwiches with panini marks. So delicious! Plus, it’s large enough to make steak fajitas for six people! Just heat up the shells for an amazing Mexican fiesta! Want sweets? Try this grilled dessert pizza with chocolate, marshmallows
and raspberries, yum! And cleanup’s always easy
’cause it’s dishwasher safe! – I can use any utensil
I want, it doesn’t stick. There’s no mess and it
cleans up in seconds.

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