Candidates Grilled By 7-Year-Old On Campaign Trail | NBC News NOW


  1. Aw

  2. Wow, she's a 100 times more smarter than the current commander in chief.

  3. Future president fo show😎

  4. Ok we need to lower the voting age!

    Where is the whole video… I wanna see how they answered her.

    The kid should conduct the next debate

  5. Her parents are losers.

  6. Exhibitionists

  7. What kind of evil people force small children into memorizing reading such lines. They don't comprehend a word and can't even wipe themselves after the bathroom.

  8. Exploit and under age child for a 24 hour news boost…………brillant.

  9. Scripted.

  10. 👍👍

  11. I guarantee that if you ask that girl if she would rather be there "grilling" politicians, or outside playing in the snow, she would pick playing.

  12. Somebody give this kid a playground 🤦

  13. Nothing beats a 7 years old supporting abortion!

  14. Something tells me there's parents out there trying to create the next Greta Thunberg.

  15. The kid sounds robotic

  16. When will she be receiving gender reassignment?

  17. Doesn't sound rehearsed at all. BS.

  18. Sjw lazy parents looking to cash in

  19. Why is it always the left forcing their children into politics? They always get so angry when their children's ideas are criticized.

  20. Future Politician☮️

  21. Do not subject your 7 year old to politics.
    This is child abuse.

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