Can you lose body fat by cooking rice with coconut oil?

Hey guys Kevin from Pursue Fitness For Life. In this article I read about resistance starch
increasing in your white rice when you cook white rice with a teaspoon of coconut oil
it reduces the calories and reduces the ability of your body to use the carbohydrates in the
white rice. And its from a doctor from Sri Lanka discovered
this. And basically saying 200 calories from a cup
of white rice is reduced by 10-15% because the resistance starch, your body can’t digest
that. And they are saying that its basically a way
to reduce your body fat and they think its going to help with American obesity and I
have to say thats not really going to do anything. When you look at it, a teaspoon of coconut
oil into the white rice, so you probably need a tablespoon for a full cup of white rice
and then you have to cook it and put it in the fridge and then reheat it. Seems like a lot of work to reduce your calories
by 10-15% Now another thing that is, they aren’t even accounting for the coconut oil. There’s calories in coconut oil. There’s fat. There are medium chain triglycerides. What happens to that, I mean its definitely
still there. There not accounting for that. There just accounting for the resistance starch
which reduces the calorie intake. So another thing you could do instead is,
just get more fibrous food. Fiber does the same thing, its not digestible
by your body. It goes through your intestines. Its not absorbed as food, its not counted
as calories. So we don’t we just increase our fiber intake
since 95% of American’s don’t get enough fiber into their diet anyway. Its recommended to have 30-35 grams of fiber. We’re only getting around 15 grams per day. So 200 grams of carbohydrates, I mean 200
calories of carbohydrates which is about 54 grams ,reduce that, your only taking in less
calories by 18-30 grams of carbohydrates which looks like this. Its that small. Its quiet unfulfilling especially if you are
a human being. If your a rat or cute little bunny, yeah,
it could fill you up if your a small little animal it could fill you up. But as a human being, its not going to do
anything. Your better off just trying to eat your fiber
intake and eat more fibrous foods through grains, or legumes and beans, all that kind
of stuff. And don’t do the extra work unless you like
coconut oil with rice for the flavor. I would actually do it for that. So really don’t be fooled by this. It doesn’t give you the green light to eat
more because its really small. Your saving yourself a small amount of food
at the end of it. Its not that big of a deal. And also too there saying it could possibly
decrease the calories by 40-60% depending on the quality of white rice, they used low-quality
white rice. So if you use higher quality they believe
it could reduce by 60%, we don’t know that yet. So people are going around saying its 40 to
60% but thats not true, they still haven’t done that yet. And not quite sure if it does the same thing
for humans yet. So people are going around doing this extra
step work when you could just get better foods into your diet that have a higher fiber content. To help you with insulin levels from spiking
and peaking and going crazy and help you with your hunger fill you up more by eating more
fibrous food. So we should be just being that instead. We shouldn’t be worried about coconut oil
and then eating more, it doesn’t give you the green light to eat more because at the
end of the day its so small the amount of calories you save from that and you may also
be doing the same amount of calories because its all about the calories in versus the calories
out. It doesn’t matter if it comes from protein,
fats, carbohydrates, or clean food or anything like that. If you don’t use and burn that amount of calories
you put into your body over an extended period of time it will turn into fat. It doesn’t matter what it comes from. It doesn’t matter if it comes from carbs or
not. They are basically saying, oh, American’s
eat too much carbs, its not that, its just that we eat too much food. I was in Asia for a while, and those guys
ate rice all the time and I did too and I lost a lot of weight and then I come back
to America and “oh my god people are so big here.” We don’t eat that much rice over here either
and we’re still big so its not the rice, its not that, its that we don’t know whats going
into our body. We think that something like this is going
to be a cure-all for our obesity, its not. We just gotta watch our portion sizes. We can’t eat more than we use in one day. Thats all that is. There’s nothing else to it. So take more responsibility into your diet. Get more fiber, see what happens. So I hope my YouTube video was instructive
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for you. So take care


  1. Agree with everything you said !

  2. He is probably one of the best looking Asian guys I have ever saw .

  3. not only is he good looking but very educational on life .iam a 37 year old man in Hawaii. iam full of admiration for this guy I watched his video on hair loss and stress iam currently on this stage in my life and his videos give me hope and motivation for a healthy happy future. I think if he over came all that and looks this great and most of all is happy than I have alot to learn from this guy .it's hard taking advice from people who have had things so easy in life .this guy is real .much love and aloha

  4. I had my doubts about this study as well. Why not just eat a little less rice. By the way is your house in the middle of a jungle? Your porch seems like a very peaceful place..

  5. Like he ??????

  6. How i can calculate the calories of this raice

  7. This guy is sooooooooo sexy

  8. The impression I get about this phenomenon of cooking and cooking rice isn’t so much about calorie restriction, but more a greater value about an insulin spike. By increasing resistance starch of rich, there is a slower release of energy into the bloodstream and less work for insulin to shunt it away. Paired with coconut oil – which does do wonders for flavor and texture or try duck fat – this will give more sustained energy for those adapted to using fat for fuel. Apparently, the same phenomenon works with Potatoes. The more times you cook and cool them repeatedly, the more resistance starch is developed, and this to is jot just about calorie reduction, but a plus for insulin spiking reduction and produces for for beneficial bacteria for the large intestine. These then make beneficial compounds that will benefit weight loss and other brain and body functions.

    If your willing to do the work, it might be a great added benefit for your diet and food variety assuring you are keeping insulin spikes low throughout the day. Out of modern popular diets springing up like Paleo and Keto, the common thread of importance seems to pointing to regulating low insulin spikes and steering away from huge swings.

    This supports sustained energy, mood, optimized hormone production, and lean muscle.

  9. As I agree with your general advice for people to add more fiber into their diet and to be wiser with what they are consuming on the whole – you appear slightly lacking and a little uneducated on the science behind resistant starch and the other benefits of it. Personally, I would like to hear your own personal experience of applying the science to your diet over a certain period of time; (calorie intake accounted for with this new addition to your diet, macro's adjusted if necessary etc etc…) instead of just your thoughts on the idea…will add more substance to your opinion…

  10. it's not the end all be all, but yes it does.

  11. What about the calories in coconut oil? This method is totally futile as coconut oil has a lot of calories.

  12. What is the nutrtion facts of this rice …answer please if you can or you only destrebut any shet without documenting ….

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