Can This Professional Chef Survive As A Baker For A Day? • Tasty


  1. Now I just want bread

  2. Her:“Everyone loves Bread”

    Me: Um actually I find it absolutely disgusting unless it is a certain type and/or cooked a certain way

  3. Wow! Wonderful tasty food

  4. Hello Claudette Zepeda-Williams.

  5. 😲

  6. Claudette!! 💪🏼🔥

  7. Bread is evil

  8. I bake my own bread and pizza and sweets at home, and I enjoy it so much

  9. Latino gangg❤️🤘🏻

  10. Can This Professional Chef Survive A Day As A Cheese Cake maker

  11. Whoever edited this is making her sound by her responses, like a self assured ass, who does not take anything too serious and that's not cool. Unless she really is.

  12. Again, Tasty stealing content from Bon Appétit. Shameful

  13. A really good video

  14. Why does she look like she cooks candle wax for a living

  15. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't hire her 😬

  16. My dream is to own bakery and gelato shop

  17. Nice

  18. 2:39 Every Asian parent

  19. Wait….PASTRY chef. Not a chef of savory stuff. But PASTRY chef. Not to be rude, but this video may be more interesting with a chef that isn't familiar with bread as much as a pastry chef is.

  20. She’s cute

  21. DANG, Claudette lost a lot of weight!

  22. How much do you get paid on this job?

  23. Didn't knew she speaks spanish, i am from México 🇲🇽

  24. I love this video. Reminds me of the how bread is made video. It really promotes the artisanal side

  25. I ♥️ 🍞🥖

  26. Finally recollected that this man sounds like Gru

  27. Last time i work at a rib restaurant they always bully me because I’m a baker

  28. Watching this makes me feel on edge, I feel like I'm gonna get fire or some shit.

  29. I would hate to work with him.. All those snappy comments. 😐

  30. she looks like the woman from threadbanger

  31. My god. This is so eyes opening. Really. Appreciate the bakers who do all the hardworking. :))

  32. Her handjob is quite good

  33. patty cake patty cake

  34. can they switch… so mean for the guy to sarcastically tell her she is slow….
    If i am her, i will make sure he get the same when he comes to my kitchen.

    That's the reason why ppl specialise….

  35. I try to bake at least 1 loaf every week. Damn it's commitment. I love going to my local bakeries.

  36. You can't call a chef "professional" if s/he doesn't know how to bake a f*cking loaf of bread

  37. Big hands

  38. When she started to speak Spanish I just felt happy hahaha went back many times to listen to it again.

  39. “Everybody loves bread”

    Me: “…”

    Also me: “i despise bread ;-;”

  40. She's a pastry chef, for sure she knows how to do this, but with this amount of bread she's out of her comfort zone

  41. I am a new YouTuber. Love your channel. I subscribed your channel. I have my own channel too. I only have very few subscribers. Lol

  42. I thought the thumbnail said baked for a day lol

  43. Claudette looks like Corrine for Threadbanger's younger sister. loved this video cuz i LoVe bREaD ❤️

  44. This is expectation but reality it is a pain…

  45. At first i was hoping would be in this

  46. Very interesting. And funny. Makes me wanna eat warm bread with butter and appreciate it even more.

  47. Sorry. But I don’t like eating from the bared hands of any purpled haired tattooed and watch wearing brat and neither from the sweaty hairy arms of NO ONE!!! Enjoy your special under-the-nails-filth fresh-sweat flavor. 🤢 🤮

  48. I freakin love bread dude

  49. And this is why I teach my daughters to make everything from scratch. Today's youth are so entitled, they don't appreciate the value of artisanal foods. There is craft, love & dedication in every bite of those loaves. Thank you for this experience.

  50. I want to work there. 😮

  51. Now have the backer learn how to be a professional chef

  52. That poor loaf being crushed in the intro…

  53. Smosh’s day jobs copy

  54. Cooking is an art, baking is a science. Less margin of error with baking.

  55. Baking is never easy! I love to bake but especially on my channel but it's very hard to go from chef to baker

  56. Visit INDIA'S GOLDEN TEMPLE, here countless number of BREADS (ROTI) are made (handmade) everyday by VOLUNTEERS and they literally do for FREE.

  57. bread is love
    bread is life

  58. My dream job is being a confectioner i am going to start it next year on august 1.

  59. its not good to hit the mixer
    1 full minute of her hitting the mixer

  60. I'd like to see bakery boss to work in a pastry kitchen

  61. the thumbnail looks like she's trying to cut her hand

  62. Tasty videos always make me hungry 😩 I make satisfying kinetic sand videos!

  63. I did this for four years; I miss that job.

  64. I have a local bakery near my house. Wait till 4 pm and you'll have the most delicious smell in the air fill the whole block.

  65. Let’s get this bread

  66. I guess they think baking is family-related because they don't realize how popular is bread and how many varieties it has for example in East Europe. It's more like a cultural thing here. Like rice is basic food in South-East Asia, bread is just as basic for us in Europe. It's nothing sentimental and exaggerated like family thing, you know…

  67. Isn’t baking and cooking very similar.🤷🏾‍♀️

  68. ‘Most customers don’t want paper in their ciabatta’😂

  69. the owner is the real mvp of this episode, he's brilliant

  70. What a funny guy. Very supportive but he also teases her

  71. Awesome video… great insight on such a labor intensive job. I wont look at a loaf of bread from a bakery the same.

  72. Claudette, you were very good out there! Not lagging behind at all and doing your best!

  73. I love this video. Have always been interested in bakery, and this is very interesting

  74. Was I the only one that thought it was beautiful when she started talking to the other workers in Spanish?

    Bilingual and proud! I almost cried

  75. יש לו מבטא ישראלי

  76. Funny how cheap bread is and how much labour it requires

  77. I’m currently working at my grandmother and grandfathers bakery with most of my family, but I am the only baker amongst them. My grandfather and great grandfather were the bakers and my grandmother also learned. I’m a 24 year old female and the only grandchild that is also a baker. My other family members do everything else in our bakery. Working nights till the afternoon, standing the whole time and constantly doing something is not easy, but I’ve always loved baking it’s my blood. My grandfather would be proud of me.

  78. At the beginning, that basket full of bread? I want to eat those. All of those. I want to eat all the bread. Yum.

  79. Bread is love, Bread is life.

    Bread is shrek.

  80. The chef is rude and f****…..

  81. I’m sure Ran would stab you for leaving crust on your plate.

  82. In my country there's a saying that follows :
    No one stands higher than bread.

  83. The baker had such a great attitude and he was so patient and a great teacher

  84. Anyone else notice how impatient and kinda rude that romanian guy was to her? Lol. She obviously doesn’t bake much or work in a factory like that he could’ve honestly been a little nicer.

  85. Wow I love handmade bread so good

  86. What is his accent?

  87. 0:40 : " Is that Johny Sins? "
    0:42 : " Nayy ''

  88. Patiently waiting for the 'Can This Professional Baker Survive As A Chef For A Day?' episode

  89. Baking better then a cooking chef

  90. The only thing is many people buy factory bread which is made by machines. I rarely but hand made beads

  91. Great video as always

  92. Wow, enjoyed this so much. Probably one of my favourite tasty videos!

  93. My dad said sent this to me one night and told me to call him back to let him know if he looked good in this video. I thought he was lying . love you dad Victor Rivas ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  94. Not just bread, but with all of the food that we eat. From fruits, vegetables to grains. All of those come from hard labor from the process of planting, growing, picking then making, cooking. In short have respect for the food. Don’t waste it by just throwing it away. There are a lot of people who cannot afford to buy food and who are hungry.

  95. This should be a tv show called

    Masterbaker. No wait….

  96. When the fastest one didn't show up to show his skills unu

  97. There are different schools for baking and cooking for a reason, in my opinion.

  98. Im a baker at my local bakery and this video is a very good representation of what i do, i do basically all that they are showing, its a very labor intensive job and most bakers work at night

  99. Latinos doing the hard work. God Bless them

  100. I am a Sous chef at the Michelin/James beard level restaurants and baking is a whole different ballgame. It’s not THAT crazy to me because I already know the kitchen grind, but most bakers I know are starting their shifts at 2-3am and getting out at like 1pm, those hours can be brutal lol

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