Can This Chef Make Candy Corn Fancy?


  1. Candy Corn macarons

  2. I love the Halloween vibe

  3. IDEA:
    Can This Chef Make Hot Pockets/Pizza/Pizza Rolls Fancy
    Which one

  4. Okay but the grape kinda looks like a bubonic plague



  6. You do look like her 😂

  7. Anyone else realize she didn’t use alcohol?

  8. I didn’t realize so many people hate candy corn. I love it 🥰

  9. Love it

  10. I have all the ingredients so I might as well try this 😂.

  11. Rie being Colette is the cutest thing, I swear

  12. Rie is the real-life Colette, come fight me

  13. Thank you Rie! I have decided to learn how to make macaroons during Christmas break

  14. Lol, no alcohol anywhere.

  15. I also like making ratatouille, watching ratatouille, being ratatouille. -Rie

  16. I thought roe was being Gordon Ramsay cause of that crossed hand thing 0:58

  17. I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t have a mouse underneath his hat 🐁

  18. Omg, I love macaroons. 😍

  19. Make it fancy RIE

  20. The grape dude looked like he had saggy tits on his back

  21. Candy corn is the fanciest candy ive seen shut up and let me cry in my bed

  22. Next time she should be a ninja and bring her lady with her , her lady is perfect for the costumes😂

  23. That’s a smart costume 🤣

  24. Rie just makes my days so much better 😂❤️

  25. Claire.

  26. Her accent is cute🥺

  27. make it fang-cy . sorry that wasn't …GRAPE

  28. best cookie and best candy!!

  29. She totally felt up grape man, lucky bastard!

  30. I love you Rie !! Let's be besties !! 🙂

  31. Who in here also likes candy corn

  32. I just found out candy corn is meant to be edible. I thought it was supposed to be like confetti like a stuffer for the candy bowls. I dont know if I want to bother trying it because waxy does not sound tasty.

  33. I want to see Rie, making Fancy EGGNOG AND GINGER COOKIES.

  34. I love her accent 👌👌👌

  35. Rie is such a nice person I would die to try thos man

  36. Please stop showing the final product in the thumbnail. We like the surprise element of Make it Fancy, the whole point is to see if Rie can actually make it fancy. Thanks

  37. I'm British and only found out what candy corn is now, lol.

  38. Candy Corm but instead of the corn bone it's a Candy Corn Bone

  39. Who else is a true fan Tasty
    👇(gifting my next 50 subscribers)

  40. Basically a Walmart version of Bon Appetite gourmet series

  41. That looks nasty 😨

  42. Am I the only that actually likes candycorn…. I think there's something wrong with me.

  43. i thought i couldn’t handle Rie being Colette and then a Linguini came out hahahahahahaahahha

  44. I love how she says "make it fancy " lol so cute

  45. You know damn well that’s not a costume for you Rie, but damn do you really look like the character with it on lol

  46. Since it’s almost Halloween can Rie make circus peanuts fancy?

  47. what does candy corn tastes like? always been curious

  48. Where's the drums rolls ??????????????

  49. amazing big hug from my channel

  50. i keep hearing "egg milk" not egg yolk

  51. Omg Aria's costume hahah

  52. I love this series, but let's be honest: Rie is not just coming up with these fancy recipes after seeing the secret ingredient for the first time. Clearly she's developing these recipes over weeks with producers and testers. It's all a lie—a glorious, entertaining lie!!

  53. Pretty shitty Bon Appetit video

  54. any of yall ever eat white rabbit? great Chinese candy.

  55. 90%: fanboying/fangirling over Rie

  56. Just an idea but I think they should not put the end result of the food in the thumbnail

  57. Why you lookin so damn triggered in the thumbnail?

  58. Katie is showing up with a pineapple costume
    Rie: a turtle
    Me: cries in Spanish

  59. Is it just me or has anyone never eaten candy corn?
    No just me?

  60. I love candy corn

  61. 1 hour ago

  62. Lol, what if the halloween edition was Make it Creepy/Spooky? XD

  63. You guys know how China people have a lisp for l how they say family famery.
    So I have a challenge for you. Say noodle with a Chinese accent

  64. That grape costume is borderline obscene.

  65. How can a human being be this adorable ? I need an answer because I couldn't figure it out. I would've said it's impossible, but then, what is this perfection ?

  66. Hallowen theme lol nice idea

  67. Who else is here just to see Rie say "Makie Fancie" ? Just me? ok

  68. Make hamburger helper fancy

  69. "I'm a tasty producer"

    Yes Rie. Yes you are.

  70. The name shouldn’t even be can rie make _ fancy bcs obviously she can. It should be “Rie makes fancy stuff”

  71. I love Rie and this series, but I think we're pushing the "make it fancy " just a little too hard. I know they're trying to make it a thing, but let it grow on its own. 7 times in a 10 min video (3 within the first 1:30 is a bit much…)

  72. Producer: Have you seen our fancy rat?

    Ride: It’s not fancy it’s creepy!

  73. Candy corn is already fancy you beach

  74. but… could u make macrons without egg whites and almond flour? bf is allergic.

  75. Make it fancy ☝️

  76. I buy a pack of candy corn every Halloween, for nostalgia sake.

  77. Rie: Make it fancy (:
    Me, every time, without fail: I would die for you,

  78. Omg it suits rie so much 😍😍😍

  79. rie: make it fancy!

  80. I love this video!

  81. Rie forgot the liquor

  82. Nobody:

    Tasty: "Okay Rie you need to wear a costume."

    Rie: dresses as a chef

    Me: "It's like Colette from Ratatouille came out of the movie and is now in front of us."

    Thank you for doing this Rie!

  83. How dare people compare Rie to some animated cooking mortal

  84. Sometimes candy corn is yummy, sometimes it’s absolutely disgusting. It depends on the day.

  85. It's like Colette from Ratatouille came out of the movie and is now in front of us.

  86. I like the purple glow in the background, adds to the mood

  87. this recipe doesn't have alcohol in it…
    who are you and what have you done to rie?

  88. It’s a turtle 🐢 I love Ryn so much 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ she’s pure

  89. Rie: Make it fancy!
    Alix: make it punny!
    Inga: make it trendy!
    Cris: make it traditional!
    Alvin: make it BIG!

    Me: make it edible 😬

  90. Ries English is so funny

  91. 9:00 OHHH if this guy had a rat on his head this would be an awesome plot twist

  92. I’m early.

  93. I love her accent so much!💖
    "Sree hondred degrees"

  94. CALL HER RIE NOT THIS CHEF give Rie the attention she deserves

  95. I would love to see another make it fancy Halloween edition!

  96. I live for these videos lmaoo

  97. yo that grape costume looks like mineta from my hero

  98. I was watching Make It Fancy, and I got interrupted by a knife ad 😂
    #MakeItFancy Inside Joke

  99. Rie using the candy corn for vampire teeth is life. It was so funny 😂😂

  100. No she can't, all she did was melt it to make candy so she didn't make candy corn fancy imo

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