Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty


  1. So glad to see Keturah againnn! I need more of her, please. Thank you

  2. “That’s french for terrible” had me dyinggg??

  3. 4:25 I Thought dat said

    GAY SPRINKELS ????️‍??️‍??️‍?

  4. Who else is craving here

  5. 2:40 I mean, you can make tapioca pearls and put them as the rocks

  6. 7:03 Well lady, I guess you haven't met me yet then. Because I'd choose savoury or sour foods over sweets but I do love sweets though, not as much.

  7. 8:11 lady, that is way too chunky, restart man

  8. 8:30: That's also why you don't do something you're not confident in-

  9. Keturah totally deserved to win this one! Usually the kids choose the sweet dish, even if it isn't accurate to what they want.. I'm glad this girl was smart and chose the right one

  10. it feels like 90% of kids on this show always choose the diabetes plate, so Im glad Keturah won her dish was very creative and smart

  11. Yes, more I draw you cook please… And especially with Merle ?

  12. when she put rocks in her drink I was like boba then when they didn't do it i was like whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. Keturah reminds me of sardonyx from steven universe lol ?

  14. I love KETHURA????????????

  15. I reeeeeally like Keturah bring her back please!!

  16. Keturah ??? more of her please!!!

  17. More Keturah!!!

  18. Pleeaseeeeee bring Keturah back, her dish was amazing and i really think she should do more!
    I also admire Keturah a lot for not giving the kid a plate of diabetes

  19. keturah is so fun to watch?

  20. keturah and Merles faces the whole time watching maykayla eat is me when I have test

  21. I would’ve done a chocolate chilly mini cake with fire icing or a hard candy flame ?

  22. She's talking vegan is this much ??

  23. The amount of times they say fire

  24. the way she straight up shovelled plain spaghetti into her mouth

  25. This show is really fun, but I feel like they create so much waste….I would like to know what they do with all the remaining food.

  26. But are Merle and Aria dating???

  27. 20:59
    when u think u failed the test but u didn't

  28. Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

  29. I don’t understand how Kuthera can cook with all that make up and that outfit, without ruining it all. Power to ya girl!

  30. Chef : Puts A Bunch Of Sweets On.

    Me : She's Gonna Win.

  31. Non-vegan Candy:
    "Omg so much plastic!"

    Vegan Candy (all in big plastic bags):
    "I'm using all vegan candy

    Girl you're trying too hard to sound vegan… Maybe stop being an idiot

  32. I loooveee Keturah ??? hope she appears in more videos!

  33. 9:50 any other Italians cringing

  34. Tahani from the good place? No?

  35. these videos are so wholesome and i love it

  36. Keturah : I would rather cook for Gordon Ramsay Merley : seriously ??? By the way keturah have a very fun personality for a chef

  37. My name is actually Keturah

  38. Keturah just has the best energy about her! Shes super cute. I think it would be fun to see her and Alix work together.

  39. ew jolly ranchers and chocolate? that ain’t the move bud

  40. Am I the only one worried with Ketura’s nails?

  41. canyou gus put me on ther 9379638210 i am 7

  42. She’s gonna regret doing this in a few years… ?

  43. Did you win season 10 tantura

  44. I feel like it’s rigged because they keep putting non professionals with professionals and the non professionals lose

  45. The second she broke that spaghetti in half was the moment my heart broke with it.

  46. Keturah’s outfit matches the apron so well… :0

  47. i'm i the only one who thinks merle didn't listen? or like… any of the tasty producers whenever a guest chef plays against? she talks about not understanding why ketruah uses fish but… the kid… literally said… she loves… fish… or am i not understanding something?

  48. keturah so cute

  49. We need that MasterChef Chef again plz


  51. >_<

  52. I want the recipe for the vegan chocolate cake!!!! It looks so good

  53. I really dont like chocolate and sweets. Whenever I see someone cooks sweets I was going like 'okay I'm gonna skip this' and seeing merle doing that chocolate cake with all the sweet things makes me like my tooth having an ache

  54. when the kid said a lava drink I thought of bubble tea

  55. Where is Rie?!

  56. I thought they would serve a plate full of diabetes lol

  57. I'm 16 but still I want 2 chefs competing for me

  58. grenadine for a kid?

  59. i love Keturah!!

  60. When merle's dish said "diabetes" i felt that.

  61. Did anybody thing about the girl waiting for her food outside she would be bored

  62. The master chef girl is savage i don't know why i didn't like her

  63. I saw the thumbnail and I was like “Is that Keturah?” “Nah, I don’t think so… I’ll watch anyway!” To my surprise, it was Keturah! ? I wanted her to win season 10, but oh well… ?

  64. Wow I've learnt some cooking tips from them . Both dishes looked delicious . I would love to taste them .

  65. I have watched almost every episode since the start, I love this show! But I have an idea…
    You could do a 'you draw, I cook' where an adult draws a simple picture for a dish and children plan and 'cook' (under adult supervision) the dish.

  66. what's her face committed a SIN when she BROKE her spaghetti ahhhhh

  67. The girl from masterchef should never come back. She kept giving the other girl shit and being so competitive, like OVER competitive.

  68. Subscribe me ??????

  69. the way she shook the table had me dead


  71. A spicy chocolate cake would of hit the sweet and spicy part (if you've never had spicy chocolate, it has a nice kick to it while still being sweet)

  72. I laugh a lot ??

  73. Who misses alex!

  74. Hahahaha love this

  75. Keturah, is giving me major Tahani Al- Jamil vibes

  76. I did not know that girls like dragons shes a tomboy 99.9% sure☺️

  77. lmao when she stabbed the cake, and why does she hold her spoon like that to eat?? ? But the girl is respecful compared to other kids

  78. Wow surprising

  79. Keturah is so wholesome <3


  81. You best not serve me no vegan shit. This a competition Im tryna party not watch my waistline.

  82. Why did merle cut her hair !?

  83. Merle was rlly negative towards her it was kinda upsetting lol

  84. Kid: I like spaghetti and fish.

    Keturah(ily): Ok! Spaghetti and fish it is!

    Merle: oh, u said chocolate and popcorn?

  85. She took the less sweet way and still won PERIODTT??

  86. Keturah is Competitive

  87. I love keturah and her accent blows me

  88. "Bob's your uncle Fanny's your aunt Magic kay presto Boom Bish Bash Bosh"

  89. Love the way she stuffs her mouth with spaghetti ?? like every person's dream stuffing their mouth with food?

  90. Why didn’t they think of flambéing the food?

  91. Me : how much food costs if i draw smth
    Tasty : free
    Me : ok

    Me : draws Caviar, Truffles, Edible Gold, Edible Bird Nest, 1KG kobe beef steak, lobster, iberico pork, golden tomahawk

    Tasty : ah sh**

  92. No one :

    Not even a soul :

    Keturah : Look at my flames baby oh yeah

  93. I love Keturah's energy. She would be a fun person to have around.

  94. Dragons can go over 1000 age just telling yea

  95. MY BFF!! GO MAKAYLA!!!

  96. Go Makayla! Good job!

    Taylin ur bestie

  97. I love Keturah’s positivity and enthusiasm, she was really fun to watch in this competition.❤️

  98. I really enjoyed Keturah! We need more of her!


  100. I would just have it rainbow and


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