Can These Chefs Create This Kid’s Unicorn Dish?


  1. Rea doesn't win that much
    Btw, 1:Pinky Pie is a trade marked name by Hasbro
    2:Pinky Pie is a pony not a Unicorn, Pegasus, or Alicorn

  2. Alex is rude
    I hate her. she just always wants to win

  3. Her: the potato skins doesn’t look like the ones I drew.

    Me: I can’t even tell if that’s even potato skins with bacon-

    Her: this pink steak is more of a pancake than a steak.

    Me:…Well..I mean..It’s not-

  4. The kid is like she's a professional chef judging other chefs' food. No hate but just being honest.

  5. Pinkie pie MLP

  6. 1:26 yup very hard to look after a fake fictional character yup very hard to look after

  7. I love sushi so much

  8. *Gordon Ramsey’s child*

  9. She's legit acting like she's a 27 yo on a legit Netflix drama like damn, you're NINE

  10. kid: just not shushi or pizza
    me: i’m officially offended

  11. Lettuce Is Just Lettuce 🥬

  12. First of all the girl did not call pizza gross she just said she did not like STRAWBERRIES ON PIZZA

  13. Did she just say she hates pizza my god…

  14. She definitely wanted Rie to win.

  15. I’m confused. Does she not like pizza or pizza with strawberries

  16. Girl:I have a UNICORN 🦄
    Sounds like something a5 year old would say.

    Also👉🏻 Asian lady:I forgot how many flours I added🤷🏻‍♀️. Me:🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. When she said chicken Alfredo I was like
    Me:” YESS OMG
    And then started drooling

  18. Girl- “Compared to a dog or cat it’s a lot of work to take care of a unicorn”

    Me- SMH 🤦‍♀️


  19. 11:58 that sound she made was so cute

  20. 3:39 – 3:40
    Her:But not pizza cause liek that's disgusting

  21. Why is everyone hating the kid? She just knows what she wants, she isn't bossy. She seems to know the premise of the show… "it is based on my drawing, which one would win?" she did her job

  22. The puns ❤️😍

  23. Me- I wish I could eat that food

    Girl- I dOnT sEe a CoOkIE On mY DraWIng

    Me- what is wrong with u she literally just gave u more than u asked for

  24. 10:41



    and your unicorn is as imaginary as an actual Pegasus

  26. I just have like a weird feeling that her parents spoiled her

    I'm sorry if anyone gets offended also this is like my 3rd time watching this

  27. why does this girl make me so mad!

  28. idk but if it was me I would’ve actually made potato skins am i the only one ==

  29. Girl: Except pizza and sushi that's disgusting..

  30. FiRsT oF aLl I wOuLd LiKe To KnOw WhO’s DiSh WaS wHo’S

  31. 7:51
    Sunset: am I joke to you?

  32. Alix: well i hope this meal isn't too unicor-ny winks
    Rie: aLriGht thEn

  33. Her: This is amazing I can’t even tell a difference it looks just like the drawing.
    Also me: I swear to god this girl be tripping tho

  34. Did she say pinkie pie

  35. I bet you they're thinking about killing this kid 11:12

  36. Why tf is this nine year old being so rude like if I would talk like that when I was nine I would get slapped

  37. Y’all should chilll she’s a kid bruh

  38. I can’t tell if this kid being racist

  39. Elbows off the table little girl

  40. This girl……..

    Is hands down being a "mature" adult 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. I like having kale sssmmooooothhhiiieeess
    Chicken alfrreeeddoooooooooo

  42. Wow my first time hearing kids saying that pizza is disgusting like wow

  43. Stop hating on this girl she is just a little girl

  44. This five year old is tweekng.

  45. This girl alex is not entertaining at all.

  46. Yay ria shout out to tasty

  47. Girl: First of All i would Like to know whos dish was whos


  48. Girl: First of All i would Like to know whos dish was whos


  49. i feel so bad for that girl who doesn't love pizza sorry but kale smoothies look like my vomit ewww and tastes the same

  50. Rie didn’t win because her cooking is too fancy

  51. Woah, woah, woah… I get that pizza is well, not disgusting, but… you know, but SUSHI!?

  52. Who 3:32

  53. " you can't tell the difference!! "

    Me: I think we need to schedule an eye doctor opointment

  54. Pinkie Pie is not a unicorn… she's a land pony.

  55. Wow how can u not like pizza

  56. Did she say pizza is disgusting…ಠ_ಠ
    Did anyone see that the 9year old girl said she hates pizza her shirt has pizza on it…☜(⌒▽⌒)☞🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. The chef on the right:jsdbhubvdshivsdhicbdebhubfvuhebhuvdbchubdchu ueuhvebdhubdehudehucbedchcuhdeedchusdchubd (I don't know English language)
    The chef on the left:thank God I speak the proper English

  58. Both of them forgot the cheese in the “tiger fur” "EDIT" anyone?

  59. rie looked offended lmao

  60. 10:09

    Ummm not really, your drawing is not the best….

  61. Her: it tastes just like leprechaun tears
    Me: how do u know what that tastes like

  62. What does biller mean.

    Answer is 🚗

  63. What is it with girls and unicorns when I was that girls age I was asking for a toy katana and nerf guns and how does she know what leprechaun tears tastes like

  64. I just turned 9 and I know unicorns don’t exist,she’s a brat, and if I was in the video I would not judge that hard I will be great full

  65. She sounded so confident

  66. Not to be mean but girlie pinky pie is a pony not a unicorn

  67. She doesn't has a unicorn or pinky pie it's just a toy

  68. No one:

    Rie or ria i don’t remember: marshmerrow

  69. 0:18 um SHE whould eat maybe- COME ONNNN IT COULD BE A BOY TOO

  70. She acts like she is a master chef judge


  71. she acts like as if she was a spoiled brat- oh wait she is!

  72. not like sushi or pizza that’s disgusting


  73. Off topic but my charger does not work and we exchange chargers it works for him so he gives mine back and I gives his back I test it and it works the he leaves the room they instantly says not charging

  74. Look how cute her unicorn is

  75. I love rie’s dish

  76. i don't think unicors and tigers go together imagine i unicorn eating tiger fur

  77. They forgot the cheese with the potato skins!

  78. When I watched it I finally get it now why people are commenting hate comments😁😂(grammar check lol)

  79. She feels like she's professional she thinks she's a master chef judge😑😂

  80. No hate but why is the girl acting like she's the boss of two and she's like "this looks nothing like my drawing" that was the most bratty part no hate tho

  81. “Lettuce is just the lettuce”


  82. But i love sushi and pizza 😓😭

  83. This girl is demanding as duck.

  84. She is going to a food critic when she grows up

  85. Nobody:

    My Little Pony Fans: How DARE you call Pinkie Pie a Unicorn!!!


  86. Unicorn do not exist

  87. some of y'all need to understand that she is a kid. 🤷‍♀️


  89. Why can’t they just give the girl a real steak or something

  90. Ed boo

  91. She is cute

  92. I feel like kid is just TRYING to act mature

  93. All you guys keep commenting about how the little girl is a brat but think about making a 9 YEAR OLD CRY because she comes from a family that is well organized. Would you go up to a girl you don’t even know and call her a brat🤨..I mean like that very amateur😑

  94. no one:

    whatever the kids name is : 🙄🥴 10:16

  95. Not to be rude but pizza is the best food but why does she not like pizza 🍕

  96. She is too mature like no offence

  97. ShE's FaNCy …….OOohhhHHHHh

  98. God, I’m not innocent. When she draws finger shape I thought… never mind

  99. Kids are stupid

  100. I like this show…it just so entertaining and inspiring..insrpiring me to cook like thatt for my kids..*i have no kids tho

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