Can These Chefs Create a Kid’s Fantasy Dish?

hi my name’s and I am seven years old and today I’m gonna have to have my cool hi there I’m Hannah and I’m Matthew nice to meet you so we have a question for you if you were a monster what would you eat look any deeper little meat buzzes gonna be a ball I don’t know what I can do for that if we pose our eyeballs what’s the spaghetti is worms look I am a mother I don’t have time for guessing games you just got to tell me what you want and I will serve it up what would it be though of the noodles be it’s something green grass yes okay this sauce is gonna be pizza hey Connie pinky pinky pink sauce pink I could do some kind of like penne alla vodka but I’m not gonna serve alcohol to a kiss you draw this for us no goo I got the bowl it’s gonna be grass with the green looks great on the picture but I don’t think that actually applies to good food have you ever tried graphs in real life before I’ve eaten grass I used to eat grass and sand when I was a kid would you have been my friend if you saw me eating grass and sand oh she’s the cutest fricking kid I’ve ever seen and what color eyes are they no pink guys I chose the job I’m up good monsters eat eyeballs it’s pink your favorite color yes I can tell you got pink pink it is the sauce go on top of the eyeballs is a bad surprise there are so many games with this kid oh yeah okay please let it not be like another eyeball inside of an eyeball okay so this is beautiful do you think that Hannah and I can make this for you yes okay thank you I need it so here’s my plan I know Matthew is going to go savory so I’m gonna make a green ice cream spaghetti with red cake truffles coated in pink candy melts with some decoration on top to make them look like eyeballs and then for her pink sauce I’m just gonna do a very simple strawberry syrup okay so here is my plan I’m gonna make a ring of classic spaghetti with marinara sauce and then I’m going to make eyeball meatballs with cheese in the center and olives for the pupils and then I’m gonna put some herbs as the grass awesome Parmesan cheese and some sort of pink alfredo sauce in the center for contrast I’m starting with a fresh box of take em right off the bat I’m a little bit of a mess and I’m a little bit nervous so I’m following these instructions doing a great job perfectly done box starting with some olive oil and some butter in my pot to cook my onions and garlic you’d like Shafi I’m ma mère see I hate adding food coloring to stuff like that’s my kind of anti mom stance I’m gonna get these into the oven and turn on the ice cream Hannah mentioned ice cream I was floored there’s no way I would have told them to do that Hannah is ambitious right now I’m just kind of like sauteing the onions until they get kind of caramelized and soft and then I’m gonna add in tomato paste to do a technique kind of called pin saj and that’s not had like some nuance to the marinara sauce I’m listening to Matthew give us step by step of his recipe and it’s like all these long words I don’t understand he’s like Martha Stewart my sauce is a nuanced strawberry compote water mix a little water I don’t know how much so I’m just gonna add it okay so I’m gonna start mixing my meatballs to make the eyeball meatballs so I have three pounds of ground beef here I’m going to add different spices and some bread crumbs and some eggs I’m gonna add ricotta it’s like my secret ingredients so I’m gonna try something truly evil instead of using green food coloring I’m gonna see if I can color the ice cream with the kale adding kale to ice cream is an A+ mom move but I’m not sure if an Iowa like this yeah maybe this is big parenting fun hashtag k-y scream hashtag tricking my kids so now I’m gonna add a little bit of these sauteed onion for the eyeballs here a tiny little mozzarella ball that I’m gonna put into the meatballs so off to the oven I go and while those bake I’m gonna start boiling my pasta and this pasta is gonna cook for about 10 minutes I’m gonna add herbs and my tomato paste and tomato sauce to my onion I’ve made marinara sauce and meatballs literally thousands of times in my life but I don’t know if it’ll taste like spaghetti she’s used to so another trick I saw on the internet you take an empty can and you hook holes in it with a hammer and nails and then you put your ice cream in and you can push it through and it makes spaghetti it looks very easy on the video oh okay looks good so now I’m gonna add the herbs and the like pureed tomatoes to make a sauce so I’m adding a little bit of chili flakes not too much and some parsley dried basil some more two bay leaves and then this will just simmer so usually we take pops you mix a tub of frosting but I think I’m gonna get some cream cheese out of the fridge too and you like the mixture of cream cheese and frosting okay so this is nice and mixed in and then I have these pink candy melt to coat the outside your meatballs smell incredible thank you I have a nice crowd you wanna try it yeah I gotta see what I’m up against [Music] there okay the olives are gonna kind of be like the pupils of the eye it couldn’t have come out better I don’t like all is that I don’t want them but on links in my thing I’m just doing some various sized cake pops so the candy melt that I use to dip these cake pops is just not working for me it’s not smooth it’s lumpy it’s too thick I am struggling so hard to get some around a meatball shaped cake pop I’m making like you know Roux right now and a roux is roughly about equal parts fat and flour so I just took raw beets and pureed it let’s start with that amount and I can kind of add more as I go but oh right that’s cool so I’m piping the pupils on the cake pops and it’s going well I’m getting kind of like the outline of the iris and then the pupil and then I step back and look at it holistically and it did not turn out the way I thought they look like oops Oh [Music] honest opinion Matthew more boob or less boob I mean I haven’t seen too many blue with in my life so I’m going to chop some herbs chives parsley and basil to put the grass on top I’m going to put some sauce in the pan pasta and some cheese Wow make a little bit of like a well in the center okay so for decorating this second round of cake pops I just coated it in white chocolate that I mixed a bunch of coconut oil into they stayed nice and round they’re not all lumpy and then I have these little pink rock candies and I’m gonna make them like the iris of the eye so it’s a pink eye it’s just not a Boop this makes me feel happy look at that so second round of eyeballs are looking amazing everything I learned from my mistakes is now turning into a success so now I’m putting on the eyeball meatballs I’m going to pour this beet Alfredo into the well of my little eyeball grass nest and then I’ll put a little bit of Parmesan cheese over the top I’m done I know I cooked the best food I could today I just hope it’s something that Ania will love so this is my whole can let’s see oh god I’m not strong you know okay well it’s definitely working it’s just very hard to do so I see Hannah she’s like hacking away at this can and I’m like there has to be a better way I gotta help her out I thought you were struggling with the can thing if you use this I think you can leave the ice cream out better and I won’t have to struggle with my jar in the can okay this is amazing thank you so let’s see how this ricer works Oh Shh yeah I can’t believe how well that worked seriously it was like night and day it was so easy and so amazing tada it was a journey we finally got done and I think we did a good job good job at this point I’ve just gone through an entire emotional rollercoaster I took her drawing that was very literal and I made a very abstract interpretation all I know is that I did not put cakepop boobs on this plate so I’m feeling great about my dish I have the perfect spaghetti the marinara sauce is the meatballs that turned out perfectly I think Anaya is gonna be impressed with how it looks like her dish but how it still reminds her of all gone that looks like something that Amman to me yes that’s what I was going for [Music] it keeps good if you think my mom and my dad was spaghetti she said it reminds her of how her mom and her grandmother made it I can’t do better than that hmm good you like yogurt oh I think I know what this is it’s cheese hmm probably apart is the gate to my sister baby cries the pink sauce when I got my drawing that’s high speed well then what’s this pink stuff it’s hard and show us this the back stops a little hard and now when I’m trying to spaghetti this is ice cream ice cream do you immediately said vanilla so didn’t notice the tail hi boss you think it’ll cook but I want to find out what the pink stuff is the pink stuff is crunchy its jack life worth they were caught in the candy and I said if we were punished us up with a cupcake I’m a dead put the fire mr. black frosty so she tasted everything seems like she liked all of it so going into this deciding round I think either one is fair game and I don’t an ayah I heard you say you liked both dishes a lot which way it is kind of like you had your dinner and then you had your dessert so which one was your favorite okay spaghetti yeah with me I mean I’m not surprised he deserved it I’m glad you liked it but we’re glad you enjoyed fall oh my god death match you choose your prize oh my god Anaya Wow hannah and her ice cream I tried it was delicious she did a great job the end of day I’m really glad that I came out on top if you want to win you keep your eyes on the prize or I mean I guess a bowl full of eyes on the prize [Music] you [Music]


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