Can a gas (propane) grill power an engine? Let’s try it!

Can we get a gasoline engine to run of a propane? I’ve had a lot of requests to see Let’s see if we can make this happen. So that’s what we’re gonna do today We’re not gonna use a whole lot of supplies. We’re not gonna use a special regulator set up for a gasoline engine Instead, we’re gonna use parts from a barbecue grill, a little bit of duct tape And maybe even a Swiss Army knife if we have too. So, let’s get the testing underway and see if this is gonna work So, I’m going to be using this predator generator for today’s test. I’m also going to use the see-through engine If we can get the engine to run. This is a generator produces 4,000 watts of energy So, what I’m going to do is see if I can get this running and then we’re gonna see if we can apply a load to it. We’re also going to be measuring the engine temperature I have some old video footage of this engine running on gasoline And we can compare past Performance with how this thing does on propane Just like we’ve done in the past We can use this device called a “Kill A Watt” device to measure volts, amps and watts During our testing just to see how the engines performing if you’re an emergency situation You have a generator, but you’re out of gasoline. Could you just use your propane tank off of your grill? What we’re going to do today is find out. This came off of a gas grill that had just two burners. So, we’re gonna go ahead and set this up to see if we can get this engine to run. As you can see there’s not a gasoline tank on this engine. There isn’t any sort of gasoline that can get to this engine. It’s going to be ran purely on propane. The first thing we want to do is remove the air breather so we can set up our gas supply. When I turn the gas valves on We’ll have gas coming out of both of these So, what I’m do is attach two rubber hoses to each of these and then route these to the carburetor So air enters the engine right in this area So, I’m do is go ahead and route the two hoses to sit just in front of this as the engine is spinning over Its going to draw in the propane So just go over the set up real quick This is our propane tank This is the setup that came off with a grill leading into the carburetor This is the area where I’ll control the gas flow with these two knobs Hopefully, I only have to use one side and not both But if we need more fuel more gas, we’ve got two different sides we could push gas with Getting an engine to run on propane actually worked very well I was really surprised at how easy it was to set this up and to get the engine to run and run smoothly Carrying a really decent load And in all of this. What I discovered was propane makes a beautiful blue flame We saw that in a see-through engine Also, it did the engine did not run any hotter than it did With regular gasoline and the engine just performed very well. Now this would not work very well in an application Such as a go-kart or where the load is gonna constantly fluctuate. What I discovered with the generator I had to establish the load and then refine the fuel flow In order to make sure the engine had enough fuel to get the job done. Anyway, I have a lot of fun doing these videos what other ideas do you have? I read just about every comment and reply as well. Thanks so much watching the video And I look forward to see you next time.


  1. I didn't doubt it would work. I've seen propane powered forklifts enough in Europe anyway… Also they run cars on LPG ( liquefied petroleum gas) also known as Propane.

  2. I would like to see if it runs cheaper than gasoline, great job.

  3. Folks, this was just a Test that worked ok in Emergency but if you are going to do this for Permanent useage, buy yourself a Gas Demand Regulator off EBay or Amazon for about $50-75 dollars-will make your Unit much more Safe to Operate…

  4. I love your videos! One thing I'll mention is that when I hold my phone sideways the subtitled notes you put on are cut off a little. If you have the ability to move them higher it would really help. Just something to consider. Keep it up! Subscribed!

  5. you say it wouldn't run in a go kart?

    heck we have Kits here which turns normal petrol vehicles to LPG and they run smooth (pickup, vans and stuff) only thing as far as i know is LPG can't​ take a lot of load as compared to petrol

  6. Try natural gas.

  7. Aussies have it down pat, since the 80s we have had LPG (propane) cars, both dual fuel with unleaded and straight LPG, mainly taxis but some civilian cars.

    Even the government liked it, to give a $2000 rebate on new LPG kits in cars or for a new LPG car.

  8. i did that to my mtd push mower long before you made this video,

  9. I was impressed with the propane in place of gasoline ,clean blue flame .Carbon did not seem to be an issue ,and plenty of performance.I ran my 4 stroke lawn mower on 33% Waxworks smoke-less citronella torch fuel and 67% regular gasoline.It run very well and smelt of Citronella out the exhaust.I took the spark out after 45 minutes of lawn mowing.The spark plug had very little carbon and a slight oil residue .i wiped the plug with a rag the old carbon seems to be softened somewhat.There was 3 to 5 secs of mild engine run on ,when i turned the mower off.I brought the petrol amount to 75% the running on ,stopped.The torch oil was medium run distillates 210 deg F flash point.,Auto ignite range 401 to 420 F. With 99.87 hydrocarbons i believe it has a lot energy in it .It seems different to Coleman fuel .
    This torch oil might be worth experimenting with ?.

  10. I work in CNG Cummins engines . It is interesting

  11. Video idea what happens if you put too much 2 stroke oil in 2 stroke engine after test show crankshaft cilinder and spark plug

  12. Over 3 milion cars in Poland running on LPG 😉

  13. With electric start, it took alot of revolutions to start, what about a rope start system?

  14. Can u make a simple gasifier/ wood gas system to run your engine and see the colour of it flame, please?

  15. i ran a push mower for 3 summers on 1 pound propane bottles and a gutted torch head with a hose ran from the torch head to a hole drilled in the top of the air cleaner lid. worked great just marked the knob on the torch to where it ran good so it made it easy to start every time.

  16. I’d like to see a video in which he tries this on a 2 stroke engine (however 2 stroke oil supply will be a challenge). Thumbs up!

  17. is it my ear, or is it the music insert song sound like 1 from Scotty kilmer

  18. You guys thinks it’s new in Pakistan we get pipeline gas which we straight use in gaskit (landi renzo)
    And then to the carburettor

  19. I tried this some time before also on generator and it worked just fine.
    Biggest issue is that you are removing air filter and then engine is exposed to dust, so guys, when trying something like this, keep that in mind.

  20. I have been wanting to try this on a riding mower if you get it set up right I think it would work pretty well. What do you think?

  21. I actually have a weed eater that runs on propane. Bought it at home depot around 6 years back. Can't think of the manufacturer. Works beautiful. Just a bit hard to start. I give it a small blast of ether and it starts first pull.

  22. They sell a conversion kit with an automatic regulator and an aluminum collar that slips over the air cleaner studs. Its fairly expensive and some models require cutting the frame. All you need is a cheap $15.00 30 psi adjustable regulator, either connect it to the pcv hose on the carb or drill and tap a hole in front of air cleaner for a hose nipple. It will start quicker with the pcv nipple though as the gas doesn’t have to go through the air filter. The engine will run cleaner and last longer on propane as there is no gas washing of the cylinder.

  23. I was seriously about to ask for this

  24. Love your videos!!

  25. I made a longer comment on your gas-vapor vid; as a small engine mechanic I used to start stubborn engines using acetylene gas from an unlit torch tip. Acetylene is not nearly as explosive as propane, and I could dial in the mixture with the torch valve.Worked great for diagnosing an engine problem and saved a lot of rope pulling!

  26. That was great thanks. I just wonder how long them valve's would last if a person keept running it.

  27. This is just like we in europe doin….. LPG swapped gasoline engines in cars that are running a propane butane mix is nothing unusual. The engines are runnin very clean and smooth, if the settings are good. The system is shutting off the gasoline fuel injectors after the engine has warmed up and turning on the gas injectors… there are systems that inject liquid gas, some has a dryer that heat up the liquid gas and dry it.

  28. Can you make your fuel-injected Ryobi generator run on propane?

  29. police cars once ran on propane once in Lee County Fl. they stop it because there was a accident. but it was cheaper to run and cleaner

  30. Many forklifts have propane gas fuel so people inside a warehouse won't suffocate on gasoline fumes or diesel fumes.

  31. Im about to cook something and I was thinking about to run an engine with charcoal lighter

    You should try

  32. Isnt this the same as running LPG? Liquid propane gas that turns to gas with a heater powered by the watercooling circuit… I think its the same think just this one is pretty crude

  33. Have you tried water with electrolysis?

  34. Hahahah In 🇮🇳 india I used this technique a lot of time when we went for a picnic and our petrol tank somehow leaked and in the middle of the terrain our one of our bike stopped . I am a medical student here in india though we study university level physics for 12th grade just to clear a entrance exam called Neet and Aiims (aiims is tougher than neet) and yeah you won't believe we modified that bike witha smalll lpg tank hund in one of the handle baar and connected the carb of bike through a pipe and after a fine tune if worked supper awesome…..
    After the camping we decided not to repair it and keep that as a memory of our good times

  35. Rig a go kart with propane tanks and rip through an off road course

    What could possibly go wrong

  36. interesting, in Australia the thread on fuel gas valves is left hand. looks like right hand in us

  37. Turbo on a 2 stroke ?

  38. Propane it'll work on her it will run don't worry

  39. Super easy . Heck I can take wood and make it run a engine

  40. Very surprised about the temperature

  41. Powers a fork lift. You add fire to anything it works. Sounds like our planet already. -_- or your gas vapors. Just selling the same useless videos using commenters ideas not paying them while you get there money. Thanks Mr Trump.

  42. I did that with my grandmas wheelchair. Used her oxygen tank, with a double shot. Worked great

  43. You need a diaphragm so it goes in when it needs it not creating pressers

  44. Yes you can… The trick is getting it regulated under load and staying stable once the load is lifted.

  45. I owned a JI Case 940 LP tractor. Always started right up, engine oil stayed clean & very dependable workin machine, fuel was 1/3rd the cost of diesel but only lasted about 60% as long as the others.

  46. I have heard of people harvesting methane using a homemade biogas digester and cooking with the methane. Could you run an engine on methane????

  47. Great video!
    Continue this video with natural gas?????

  48. So heres the thing, a lot of forklifts that run on propane do so because its clean enough to run in a buliding all day and not hurt anyone (like s car or truck would). A lot of these truck have whats called a "dual fuel system" witch means you switch between gasoline and propane via shut valves and 2 carburetors. You can also find many motors that are in forklifts in many cars for example hyster is known to use GM vortec motors such as 2.4 (2400 vortec) or a 4.3 in bigger trucks and Nissan, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, and newer TCM's use a nissan k21 or k25 as long as

  49. you can buy a small generator that runs solely on propane but the high water content in propane becomes a problem in extreme winter environments. the moisture builds up in the engine crankcase and pushes out the oil seals or worse yet freezes and then pushes seals out. also happens with gasoline engines but is not as common. i've seen pallets of used propane generators used by contractors and they all were almost new but leaking oil terribly. also i replaced the oil seal on my boss's honda eu100i because it was full of moisture and had been forced out.

  50. or corse it can, why would anybody even ask that?

  51. Liquid nitrogen cooled motor?

  52. My V8 Land Rover runs on LPG. It drops a little power and you need to re-time it, but it's fine and much cleaner, too. You see that when you change the oil.

  53. Hank Hill would approve! XD

  54. 5 sec why wouldn't it…

  55. Anyone else hear the Scotty Kilmer guitar riff?

  56. That 5 gallon bottle will. Not last long but my get you out of a bine

  57. I use mapp/propane gas from my blow torch instead of those ether starter sprays. Just aim the unlit nozzle into the carb intake, it works every time.

  58. LPG powered engines are popular in southeast asia fyi

  59. In Europe it is common to install LPG system on gasoline cars. In Ukraine I bet about 60% of gasoline cars runs on LPG. It's almost 3 times cheaper and has many advantages. I think in US it is illegal.

  60. This is a great demonstration and I'm not surprised at all. A lot of cars in third world countries run on Propane and Natural gas because it's way cheaper than gasoline and diesel. It just lowers the power of the engine and needs regular checking, but other than that there's no difference (the smell of the exhaust is awful though).

  61. Yes,my Furman generator is setup for both gasoline and propane.

  62. This man would be absolutely fine in the zombie apocalypse

  63. Possible to clean carbon buildup out of a gasoline engine running said engine on propane?

  64. Hank hill would be proud

  65. Alot of forklifts run on propane, and some commercial pickup trucks, its quite interesting actually, cause theres two ways that a propane engine works, one with liquid fuel, and the other with a gas fuel, obviously the liquid fuel will run more powerfully, but consume more gas than the gas engine. (I once looked it up, cause of my job, i had to drive a propane powered forklift and i was curious how it worked)

  66. can hydro fuel cell runs engine? and is propane and gasoline what will be low cost?

  67. Someone needs to make a one way tool to use drill to start engines didn't break wrist nut came loose flywheel came off destroyed ignition &crank on go cart had to junk it could've been killed .

  68. Is it safe? Can I do it at home?

  69. well I'm at the wrong grill video

  70. Some people in my country run cars on propane… they get in big trouble if they get caught

  71. Hey! Amazing video and set up! Always entertained by your thoroughness, and creativity! Found a type-o in your captioning today. Right at 3:19 in the video, your caption should read 62 Hz (RPM slightly "TOO" high). Anyways, keep up the great work, and happy new year!

  72. My suggestion is put the gas tank back on and the propane and run both at the same time and see if you get better fuel burn of the gasoline which interns increases run time or in a gasoline engine in a car would it intern make better fuel mileage if just a little bit of added propane to the air intake or hydrogen because around here it's only $14 / 20 pounder a propane tank refill would adding a little bit of propane off-gassing into the air intake increase fuel mileage

  73. I used to sell tri-fuel generators. They could run on gasoline, natural gas, or propane. Many farm tractors have been running on propane for many years. Propane has less heat value per unit volume, but propane has a higher relative octane rating (about 112, as I recall). Gaseous fuels burn very clean. Propane was very cheap years ago, but has now become quite expensive. That was a good test. A propane carburetor would be a better deal than the two hoses, but the test worked.

  74. Of course it will.

  75. How about making a Pegasus unit ? These were old hot water tanks, etc, that were set up to incompletely burn wood scraps, manure, or other refuse to produce carbon MONOXIDE, which was then piped to automobile engines to run cars, trucks and Taxis – mostly in France during WWII when the Germans confiscated all the other fuels.
    There was a book produced in 1975, by the same title, which talked about them, and had pictures.
    Really cumbersome and smelly vehicles, but they worked.

  76. Duck tape can do anything.

  77. Where you able to aquire a diesel engine yet? Im still wondering if it will run on mineral oil. Thanks

  78. Nice demo.

  79. I expected this to work — I learned to drive in a car that could run on either gasoline or propane, and aside from having less power on propane, it was hard to tell the difference. What I didn't expect was that you could just rig up a throttle body injector with leftover, non-engine parts.

  80. Must u mount the generator on the lawnmower?

  81. Can u use the 2 stroke bike motor threw a series of pullies or gears move the rv?

  82. Will it run kerosene

  83. This channel is legit.

  84. Brilliant videos as always

  85. " Can a generator run on propane"
    Project farm's generator " Gulp. ."
    Fellow Lawn movers – "Rolf, 😆 lololol"

  86. The fuel dial worked out great. I used a ball valve with my lawn mower and it was an little difficult finding the right mixture to get it started but worked great when it did.

  87. Actually with the right setup, this thing will run well on a gokart, the tuk-tuks and diesel public transport busses where I live uses CNG, they also produce less emmisions then regular gasoline or diesel

  88. OMG why ain't we running a car bro

  89. Get the go kart going on propane 🤘🤘🤘

  90. Let see what happens when you put transmission fluid in a engine

  91. Propane powered RV. Think about it.

  92. Im not sure if youve ever tried using hydrogen, but i know there are many different kits for vehicles. Have you ever considered that?

  93. I converted my old Audi to propane with lpg mixer(witch is acualy the same thing and its after the air filter) and runs perfectly. Here in Europe lpg is very cheap compare to regular gasoline.

  94. Our forklift runs of a "special" gas (a gas not gasoline xD) but it actually runs quite well on Propane

  95. Not gonna watch but I say yes!!

  96. I have Sportsman generator come equipped from the factory set up for propane or natural gas I like it one 15 pound tank equals 5 gallons of gas last two days gasoline generator runs 12 to 14 hours hours on 5 gallons of gas really come in handy had it about six months we have frequent power outages where I live I recommend a propane generator 100%

  97. Is there a chance of you doing a video on making hydrogen and burning it in a generator

  98. I have a wood chipper that has a gas tank that leaks like a sieve. Looks like I'm going to have to convert to propane to save money. Wood chippers don't move around so it should be simple.

  99. Awsome! I was amazed at how clean it burns in that generator did you buy this for the test or have you had it for a while? Looks brand new

  100. I would have sucked the propane through the air filter to keep the air filter in place.

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